Don't waste time, money on cursive -- Mike Cunningham

Don't waste time, money on cursive -- Mike Cunningham


When I read Wednesday's article about the proposed bill mandating that cursive be taught in all state-funded schools -- at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars -- I had to check to see if it was April 1.

Every hour of classroom time and dollar of school funding is precious, and teaching a skill that few of us use and no employer asks for today is not a worthwhile use of them. My cursive repertoire is limited to two words that appear at the bottom of letters, and I’ve never needed more than that.

Apparently, this bill is mostly a Republican effort. One would hope for better from a party that claims to stand against overbearing government mandates and needless spending of taxpayer money.

As for the argument that studies show writing in cursive fosters neurological connections in students' brains, a quick web search will find you a paper somewhere making this claim for almost any activity. I can name a few things that foster neurological connections: math, science, computer coding, foreign languages and other skills that will actually be assets to the next generation.

Mike Cunningham, Madison


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