I was appalled to read the story "Removing blacks from jury upheld" in Saturday's State Journal. Wisconsin’s Second District Court of Appeals has held that eliminating black people from juries because they have been victims of racial profiling was “race-neutral.”

If racial profiling were race-neutral, it wouldn’t be called racial profiling, would it? People of color, especially black people, are profiled by race. By deciding it is permissible to dismiss any juror who has been racially profiled, the court is allowing discrimination against the defendant in this case by denying him a jury of his peers. The court is allowing discrimination against blacks by keeping them off juries if they have been discriminated against through racial profiling.

This double bind reflects a court whose majority appears to have slept through at least the last decade. Thanks to Judge Paul Reilly for his dissent. I hope this case is appealed.

Louise Robbins, Madison

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