Is an alternate opinion acceptable in Madison? If so, I disagree with the author of Friday's letter to the editor "Wallpaper should be hurtful to all." The letter objected to the monkey wallpaper at the Madison Club.

Animals dressed in human garb, including cats, dogs, monkeys and mice, historically have been used more often to anthropomorphize animals than to mock humans. That they have sometimes been used to mock is deplorable. But should not the intention of the artist who created the wallpaper or the club that installed it be considered? We should be sensitive to the feelings of others, but we should also be sensible about it.

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Fearing to offend, we may so sanitize society as to inhibit all expression. Excessive reactions of this sort by the liberal element in this country have aroused the worst elements of conservatism. A few monkeys at the Madison Club is nothing compared to what we now have at the White House.

As a moderate, I blame liberals as much as conservatives for that.

Margo Redmond, Madison

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