Don't let climate crisis paralyze us -- Carol Phelps

Don't let climate crisis paralyze us -- Carol Phelps


The danger of people realizing we have a climate crisis on our hands is that it is easy to become immobilized with fear, uncertainty and a sense of helplessness.

The natural human response to danger is flight, fight or freeze. Becoming paralyzed or running, either in despair or denial, does not help anyone or anything. We need to fight -- but what? If we fight each other in partisan mudslinging, we will lose, because our enemies are physics and ourselves.

It's our own habits and complacency and confused priorities that have gotten us into this mess. But that's part of the good news. We can change old habits, shake off our complacency, and reorient our priorities.

Save the planet and our children's future first, everything else can go in the "this would be nice to have" category. We can do this. We just need to believe in ourselves, get off our rear ends, and do it.

Carol Phelps, Middleton

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