The author of Monday's letter to the editor "Abortion is nation's continuous sin" has every right to his religious beliefs under the U.S. Constitution. So do other Catholics. This includes the belief that abortion is a sin because it kills an unborn baby.

But I am not a Catholic, and according to the Constitution, I have equal rights to my religious beliefs. In my religion, the soul enters the body with the first breath, and leaves with the last exhalation. An unborn fetus that has not yet taken its first breath is part of the mother in all ways, and is not a separate person with separate rights.

I understand the author feels strongly about his Catholic beliefs. But this does not give him the right to force his religious beliefs on me. I cannot stop the author's attempts to convert others to his religious beliefs. I can, however, ask my representatives in Congress and the Wisconsin Legislature not to make these religious beliefs the law of the land. To do so would impose one set of religious beliefs on the rest of us.

Enshrining religious beliefs into law makes a mockery of the Constitution, under which I have equal rights to my own independent beliefs.

Melanie Foxcroft, Middleton 

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