Some of our politicians are pushing for toll roads in Wisconsin. 


Our roads need repairs, but the last thing we need is toll roads. They are just another scam to get your money. The toll roads will be under construction constantly (as a way to convince you to pay more), so you won't be flying from point A to point B. 

They will probably be sold and resold to private corporations, and the tolls will always be rising. For example, Indiana's tollway belongs to an Australian corporation. Then you'll be forced to buy a toll pass. If you don't, you'll be waiting to pay at the one open "cash" booth for 5 minutes. They'll punish you. 

Take a trip from the Wisconsin border to Chicago on I-90 and you'll see how much in tolls it will cost you just to drive on the road. You'll be in shock. Only a few cents from each dollar with actually go to the roads.

Don't fall for it. 

Jerzy Matian, Mauston