I disagree with the Aug. 6 letter to the editor "Lawmakers must get serious about guns."

The AR-15 is a valued and valid recreational tool in the shooting sports. It is available in a wide number of calibers capable of cleanly harvesting a variety of game with the proper bullet weight and construction. At the target range, it is even more enjoyable because it can easily be tailored for anyone to shoot comfortably and accurately.

It is clear to me that because this author and many others do not participate in the shooting sports, they would be happy to criminalize ownership for everyone because of crimes by deranged individuals.

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I used to deride golf. I educated myself and played. I now have a different opinion of it and the people who play. Have the decency to learn about who and what you are demonizing. Uneducated, uninformed and inflammatory rhetoric is what we really don’t need.

Theresa Jensen-Hendricks, Baraboo

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