I have proudly worn the uniform of the Madison Police Department for 24 years.

I am proud of the work we have been able to do to keep our city one of the safest in the nation. Our department has had a commitment to our community and the values of our community for decades. We have always devoted ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation. I have lived in and around Madison for most of my life. I love this city.

That's why it pains me to read the constant bashing of our department by elected officials. It seems that it is in vogue to lash out at law enforcement and to attempt to "reform" what is quite clearly not broken.

I voted for Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. I share her views on many issues. I want the city to continue to be a welcoming place for all people. I am just so very disappointed that she has chosen to join the ranks of those who criticize one of America's best police departments without bothering to learn the facts.

I guess I should have expected it, but I had hoped that she would be different. I love it here. I expect better.

Scott Favour, Madison

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