Regarding Trudy Rubin's column on Wednesday, "Trump broke taboos that held anti-Semitism at bay," let’s start with the obvious: Racism regained and increased its ugly foothold in this country during the Obama administration. To even attempt to refute this is willful ignorance.

Trudy Rubin: Trump makes it kosher for anti-Semitism to reenter the American mainstream

Rubin cites "the president’s encouragement of mayhem." Are you kidding me? That’s a liberal spin. Has Rubin seen the videos of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hateful, violence-inciting rhetoric? She makes President Donald Trump look like a saint.

In case the left isn’t aware (as their noses seem to be stuck in the liberal-entrenched mainstream media), not all Americans are in favor of globalism and unrestrained illegal immigration. We’re also not bigoted racists.

Rubin also had the audacity to bring up a refusal by Trump to criticize a Ku Klux Klan leader. If you want to know who the real African-American oppressors are, take a look at the policy history of Democrats over the decades.

The problem with the left is they are overly persuaded by Trump’s personality (which, admittedly, is at times appalling) rather than his policies. And they refuse to acknowledge or condemn those of the left who are race-baiting, hate-mongering, intolerant jerks and an absolute blight on this nation.

Pete Zenz, Middleton

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