Democrats will raise all our taxes -- Joe Tripalin

Democrats will raise all our taxes -- Joe Tripalin


The State Journal recently republished the Chicago Tribune editorial "Democratic hopefuls tout big spending." 

The Tribune editorial spoke about the Democratic candidates running for president and their open discussions about massive spending for any number of new programs. The editorial indicated correctly that any one of these proposals would drive up the red ink in Washington. What the editorial didn't talk about was taxes.

Many of the candidates are saying they are going to tax the billionaires and millionaires to pay for these programs. Don't believe them. You could tax the rich at 100% and not have enough money to pay for the programs. They are going to have to tax the middle class to pay for these initiatives, along with driving up the red ink in the budget.

I was just in Rome and talking to a taxi driver who said he pays a crushing 64% in taxes. That is what we will be payint if the Democrats get to enact their socialist plans.

Joe Tripalin, McFarland


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