Marc Thiessen’s column in the Feb. 2 State Journal, "Schultz calls out Democrats for becoming radical," tried to make the argument that the Democratic Party has lurched to the left with its national policy proposals.

Thiessen tried to make the case that the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz could jump into the presidential race as a independent because, as a moderate Democrat, Schultz's party has evolved too radically. Thiessen is clearly hoping Schultz’s run will fracture the Democratic Party, enabling President Donald Trump to hollow out a victory in 2020.

But both Thiessen and Schultz mischaracterize or misunderstand this new Democratic Party. For instance, they both seem to believe that most Americans do not want "Medicare for all." But polling shows 70 percent of all Americans, including 52 percent of Republicans, do favor it.

Furthermore, 60 percent of Americans favor tuition-free colleges. Proper taxation would fund these. This is now mainstream thinking.

Thiessen tries to infer that firebrand U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is the new face of the Democratic Party. With that logic, Republican Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, with his white supremacist views is properly representative of his party.

Both Thiessen and Schultz are out of touch with where most Americans have moved to. They just don’t know it.

Mark Quinn, Madison

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