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Democrats deny equal education for all -- Robert Rittmann

Democrats deny equal education for all -- Robert Rittmann

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"Educrats" always hurt the very minority students they claim to care about the most.

When taxpaying parents demand accountability and confront the public schools with their failure of a one-size-fits-all, top-down education model, they should be embarrassed and shamed. But they're not. Instead, they get their little daubers up and double down on failure.

Only when educrats recognize and admit their failure will they be willing to change and fund school choice and vouchers.

Liberals have fought hard to keep poor minority Americans in lousy, failing schools. While conservatives support alternatives that enable poor Americans to get an equal opportunity education, liberals want poor kids trapped in failing schools. Giving minorities the option to flee takes political power from the pockets of the teachers unions, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party.

The teachers union handmaidens are like the people who stood in the doors of Southern schoolhouses years ago. Segregationists Gov. George Wallace, Lester "Ax Handle" Maddox, and Bull Connor with his police dogs -- all "good" Democrats -- blocked those entrances. Now Democrats are blocking the exits toward an equal opportunity educational opportunity.

Denying minorities a chance to an equal opportunity education is just plain evil.

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairie


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