Defense of Trump shows lack of morals -- Ali Bram

Defense of Trump shows lack of morals -- Ali Bram


The behavior of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, on the Oct. "Meet the Press" was pathetic. The fear and panic in his voice was palpable.

Is he afraid that if he doesn't publicly support the president, then Donald Trump will throw him under the bus just like Trump has done to other party and Cabinet members? If President Trump has done nothing illegal, he can easily prove it by releasing records and save taxpayer the costs of Senate hearings.

Yet Trump has prevented American citizens from seeing everything from his school grades and tax returns to his business dealings and presidential records. What business would hire and retain an employee who refuses to disclose appropriate, accurate records demonstrating proof of qualification, reliability and honesty?

Amid impeachment inquiry, Ron Johnson defends Donald Trump, blasts FBI, CIA

We are then left to wonder why Sen. Johnson and others defend Trump's outrageous behavior. Is it fear of being exposed for their own nefarious activities, or simply because they are of the same ilk: profane, immoral, racist, jingoistic, unqualified and chronic liars?

Ironically, it is the defense of Trump that is the most telling and diminishing.

Ali Bram, Madison

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