Writing in cursive must be taught in schools. Currently, not all schools include cursive in their curriculum.

In the day and age of computers and smartphones, we have a strong emphasis on typing and printing, and less attention is paid to the art of writing on paper. But scientists have found that writing by hand helps reading acquisition in children. Even when children are taught and encouraged to write on paper, the art of writing in cursive is greatly ignored. Writing in cursive helps enhance brain function and improves comprehension.

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The act of typing, or even giving voice commands to a computer or phone, can never be a substitute for writing by hand. Furthermore, children must be taught to write in cursive to fully experience the art of writing and also for proper neurological development.

In Wisconsin, a group of lawmakers is supporting legislation to require schools to teach cursive. It is encouraging to see strong bipartisan support for incorporating cursive into educational curriculum. Such legislation must be considered for the best interest of the students.

Tawsif Anam, Madison

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