Crash may cause Iran to implode -- Thomas Miller

Crash may cause Iran to implode -- Thomas Miller


A bad week for Iran keeps on getting worse.

In some respects, the downing of the Ukrainian jet, possibly by Iranian missiles, may be worse than the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Gen. Soleimani will be sorely missed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. But many people in the United States and around the world knew little or nothing of Soleimani and what he did and stood for. On the other hand, most people understand what it means when a passenger airliner goes down. The first thought is: "What happened and why?"

When an airplane crashes, the “why” is answered by an investigation and recovery of the black boxes. It's not clear how much Iran is cooperating with the investigation, and whether the black boxes will be shared with other investigators.

Iran continues to deny shooting down the plane, saying it plane went down because of mechanical problems.

Iran's denial is demonstrating its institutional lack of transparency and accountability. If Iran continues to deny responsibility, it will lose even more credibility and will look foolish and feckless. Coupled with its horrible economy, Iran may well implode from within.

Thomas Miller, Madison


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