Our federal government needs a new set of checks and balances.

It was believed the checks and balances set out in our Constitution among the legislative, executive and judicial branches would be enough to keep the federal government from becoming overbearing. The Founders could not envision today’s form of federal bureaucracy.

The part of the Constitution which has given Congress the power to suggest amendments to control the states also gives that power to the states to hold a convention to recommend amendments to move the federal government back to its enumerated powers.

Some legislators have stated a fear of holding a Convention of States -- that it would become a “runaway convention.” As described in Article V of our Constitution, and in subsequent court cases, that would be impossible. A greater risk would be that the federal government would stop the states from holding a convention for the purpose of limiting the scope and jurisdiction of the federal government, imposing fiscal restraints, and establishing term limits on federal officials.

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We must not let fear stop us from doing what is right. See Conventionofstates.com.

The states are the ultimate and final check and balance on an oppressive federal government.

David Certa, Shullsburg

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