I’m not sure it’s right to say the Mueller investigation has been a waste of time. But it does seem like it is going to hurt Democrats’ chances in 2020 more than help.

Large groups of people on the right are just dying to feel persecuted. Consider evangelicals: They are the strangest of bedfellows with President Donald Trump, but peas in a pod when it comes to thriving on being mocked by coastal (or Madison) liberals. Some people (including Trump, no doubt) consider their inability to persecute others by calling them hateful and racist names a form of persecution itself.

As presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has said, “There’s still an attitude in some parts of the party that what we have to do is find the final proof that Trump’s a bad guy and show it to everybody.” But as he rightly recognizes, nobody needs hand-holding with that at this point.

The 2020 election will probably come down to enthusiasm and mobilization, and in those regards the persecution card will be the strongest in Trump’s hand.

Eric Sherman, Madison

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