Because conservation and conservatives are derived from the word conserve, you might think conservatives would embrace conservation with open arms. Alas, you’d be wrong.

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency was created by a Republican president (Richard Nixon), hardcore conservatives have done everything in their power to repeal or cripple rules and regulations passed by the EPA.

Since the radical right takeover of the Republican Party, party leaders have emphasized conserving corporate profits over conserving our earth, air and water. At both the state and federal levels, Republicans have taken the Orwellian approach of enacting laws that are the exact opposite of what their name implies. They pass “clean air” and “clean water” bills allowing more pollution to be dumped into our environment. They have passed laws to prevent government workers from even talking about human-caused climate change and have ignored calls to penalize polluters.

The United Nations is reporting that changes to our environment caused by humans will lead to the extinction of over 1 million species of plants and animals. Sadly, the Republicans' scorched-earth policy toward environmental regulation is indeed creating a scorched earth.

John Hallinan, Stoughton

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