Climate change is social justice issue of our time -- Will Busse

Climate change is social justice issue of our time -- Will Busse


The national conversation about race has caused many Americans to examine their roles in maintaining systemic inequality. From today’s perspective, it’s easy to judge our nation’s history of slavery and wonder in disbelief how such a dehumanizing system was tolerated by so many for so long.

But the human tendency to minimize the negative impact of our choices on others persists, and future generations may make similar judgments about us today.

Experts have warned us for decades about the threat of climate change, and the evidence is increasingly before our eyes -- historic flooding, temperature records broken, unprecedented melting of arctic ice sheets, and the thawing of permafrost that accelerates warming.

We don’t have to live this way. A price on pollution will drastically reduce carbon emissions while spurring innovation for clean energy. Climate change has exacerbated inequality around the globe by disproportionately affecting disadvantaged populations who are more vulnerable to food shortages and damage to infrastructure caused by extreme weather.

Addressing this problem is the social justice issue of our time. Let’s wake up and do our part to build a future that offers more opportunities for all.

Will Busse, Fitchburg


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