This is the vision statement of the UW Office of Educational Opportunity: "We live the Wisconsin Idea by incubating new educational opportunities, sharing what we learn along the way, and supporting efforts to close opportunity gaps and eliminate achievement gaps."

Sounds great. Some taxpaying parents in Wisconsin prefer to choose schools for their kids rather than let the government choose for them.

In opposing charter schools, Madison school Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham has claimed that "our schools will be serving students so well that there isn’t a need." Well, that is how it is supposed to work, not by preventing the competition from competing, as the State Journal reported in its Sunday story "Charters still divisive."

“If we are ever going to get equity we are going to have to focus on outcomes over institutional self-interests,” stated Office of Educational Opportunity Director Gary Bennett. 

Data released by the Department of Public Instruction shows students in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs are outperforming their peers on the ACT. "Higher scores. Lower cost. The continued growth of the programs is good for students and taxpayers in Wisconsin," says Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin.

What is the lesson the Madison School Board seems to be teaching parents in their community?

Jim Maas, Madison 

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