Companies spend millions of dollars for advertisements on every type of media. Regardless of the accuracy of the claims they make, these companies know they work to influence the average citizen and sell their products.

Advertisements sell us politicians in the same way. Groups called super PACs spend millions on ads. Many of these ads leave out the whole truth to mislead and influence us all.

Communities throughout the United States have passed referendums protesting the way these political action committees and their big money control our politicians, laws and the American voter.

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Nearly 130 communities in Wisconsin already have passed such referendums. A majority of Wisconsin’s population now wants an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling by the five conservative judges of the U.S. Supreme Court allowing unlimited money for political ads. Four judges voted against the ruling.

We need to continue this fight in every community, every county, every city and every state. Resolutions to repeal the Citizens United ruling pass by an average of around 80 percent of the votes. We must continue to protest the way large corporations and ultra-rich individuals control our supposedly free society and our votes.

Kurt Zemke, Rice Lake

Capital W: Plug in to Wisconsin politics

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