Chris Rickert tried to rise to the defense of Christianity in his column on Tuesday, "Morlino imperils faith’s good name." But as far as Roman Catholicism is concerned, that's a lost cause and has been for centuries.

But let’s not dwell on the past, with its multiple Crusades, the Inquisition, pogroms, literal witch hunts, torching of astronomers as part of its general anti-intellectualism, the concordat that enabled Nazi Germany to pursue its atrocities with zero moral outrage from Rome.

Let’s instead look more to today. What do we find?

Sure, the rampant pederasty and its subsequent cover up got all the headlines in the United States (and more recently in Australia), but what about the enforced peonage of unwed mothers in Ireland? Baby sales in Spain? Money laundering via the Vatican Bank? Rampant AIDS in Africa because of Catholicism’s irrational opposition to condoms? Endemic barrios and favelas in Latin America due to overpopulation? General denigration of women as not fully human?

Of the two great evil, corrupt, greedy, misogynistic, authoritarian, dehumanizing organizations that have spread their tentacles from Italy over the rest of civilization, why is it that only the less pernicious one, the Mafia, has the bad reputation?

Richard S. Russell, Madison

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