Monday's letter to the editor "Morlino discourages young Catholics" was sad to read because it points out many people, young and older, do not understand the role of a bishop.

He is here to lead his flock, not according to his way but by what Jesus taught. As bishop he will be held accountable by God. Jesus showed love and mercy to all sinners, but also told them to go and sin no more.

Gay people and lesbians should be treated with love and respect. When you love someone and carry the responsibility of a teacher, sometimes you must show with your actions they are not on the right path.

We are all sinners, but when we seek God's forgiveness and change our ways, God forgets our sin and helps us to overcome our sins. If we don't try to get away from sin, we are rejecting God and his help.

What Jesus taught was a sin when he was on earth is still a sin today, no matter what we think. Many people tried to change what Jesus taught, and yet he did not change his teachings. We may fail but must work to change our lives.

God bless our bishop. 

Dale Lawinger, Mineral Point