Last Saturday's letter to the editor "Roads are for cars, not bicycles" claims cyclists are impeding his access to the road, and that most cyclists "are going nowhere, to do nothing," while motorists are making important trips to work and school. I'd like to remind folks of a few facts.

Roads are for cars, not bicycles -- George Sutton

First, most cyclists own cars, so they pay their share toward our roads. In fact, avid cyclists such as myself pay more than their share, because a 35-pound bike is far gentler on the road than a multi-ton vehicle.

Second, I don't know where the writer gets the idea that cyclists are "going nowhere." How would the author know -- has he ever talked to a cyclist? Aside from folks taking pleasure rides, mostly outside of work hours, cyclists are going the same places as motorists.

Finally, the climate is changing as a direct result of pollution from fossil fuels. Trips by car are a major contributor to this ongoing disaster. Instead of grumbling that cyclists add an extra minute to your commute, you should thank them for not emitting 8,887 grams of carbon per gallon of gas like a car.

Ben Seigel, Madison

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