On a recent Sunday, former Vice President Joe Biden visited Agrace.

In 2015 Agrace sent him a letter about a volunteer who was donating 1,000 hours in honor of Biden’s son, who had just died of cancer. When Biden's book tour brought him to Madison, he visited Agrace to meet our generous volunteer.

He connected with almost everyone whose path he crossed. What was supposed to be a 30-minute visit lasted almost an hour and a half. As he was preparing to leave, a young girl quietly approached and asked if he would visit Dean, her best friend's dad. Dean was losing his battle with cancer.

As the former vice president walked into Dean's room, a bright smile took over Dean's face. He was nearing death, but clearly knew who he was meeting. Shortly after, Dean passed away.

In her grief, Dean's wife wrote: "What an honor to meet Joe Biden! Dean was an admirer and a lifelong political junkie. We were so pleased he was kind enough to pause for us. We are deeply grateful to Agrace. You truly walk the walk. We will always remember.”

In this joyous season, Biden reminded us of the powerful impact of humble gestures.

Lynne Sexten, Madison president/CEO, Agrace Hospice and Palliative Care