Bernie Sanders' backers should still vote -- Dennis Anderson

Bernie Sanders' backers should still vote -- Dennis Anderson


The Jan. 21 letter to the editor "Sanders must be the 2020 nominee" warned that if Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee for president “millions of people will boycott the national electoral process ... thus handing President Donald Trump another four years.”

The result, according to the letter writer, will ensure “our inexorable slide toward political and environmental breakdown.” I offer that if Sanders supporters fail to show up and vote in November that “inexorable slide” is on their heads.

I agree that the reelection of Donald Trump in November would bode ill for the environment, along with access to health care, respect for and trust in the United States around the world, racial and religious tolerance, and Americans’ trust in their own public institutions. The suggestion that millions will boycott the election, thereby refusing to participate in their own governance through the electoral process, is a likely guarantee of both those policy outcomes and that “political breakdown.”

A third-grader may take the ball and go home if the third-grader doesn't get his or her way on the playground. That same behavior in an adult is something I find no less juvenile, and troubling in the extreme.

Dennis Anderson, Madison


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