Wow! Just when I thought I heard it all from the city of the perpetually offended (Madison), the latest incident floors me.

This Sunday's gay Pride Parade to promote "tolerance" and "inclusiveness" excludes one of the most progressive police departments in the nation from participating.

As Monday's State Journal story reports, parade organizers say that "police forces as a whole perpetuate homophobia and racism and make many in the community feel unsafe at Pride events." Talk about stereotyping. No irony here, huh?

This at a time when is full of stories such as: "Madison police arrest 21-year-old for allegedly robbing cab driver on Sunday," "Man arrested in Downtown shooting incident early Friday morning, Madison police say" and "Madison man arrested for alleged battery, disorderly conduct at Downtown bar."

This reminds me of a very old saying directed at those "anti-police" groups: Next time you're getting mugged, call a hippie.

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac

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