Ali Muldrow needs a lesson in how to make a proper apology. And judging by its headline Wednesday, "Muldrow apologizes for her remarks," so does the State Journal.

If you have done or said something inappropriate, you need to apologize for what you said or did. As in, "I'm sorry that I said that, it was wrong." You do not say something as weaselly as "I am sorry for the hurt that my words caused," as if the words were to blame for the offense instead of the speaker of the words. It's like saying, "I'm sorry your feelings got hurt." The implication being that you are not sorry you said it.

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But Muldrow went even farther. She basically said she wasn't sorry for what she said, and then tried to make the pitch that comparing the police to Nazis and their juvenile jails to concentration camps was not meant to be an insult.

I suppose she would call that "constructive criticism."

Patrick O'Loughlin, Madison

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