Affordable housing needs public transit -- Ali Bram

Affordable housing needs public transit -- Ali Bram


Dane County Board Chairwoman Sharon Corrigan said in the Nov. 8 Wisconsin State Journal: “Families can’t succeed if they can’t find housing, and we all pay a price when families aren’t succeeding.”

It's also true that families can’t succeed if they don’t have public transportation that will take them to and from their affordable housing to education, health care, food, medicine, city services and the very jobs that make it possible for them to have any housing at all.

Fitchburg or Cottage Grove don't have public transportation. 

The true price of building high-density, low-cost housing, without first addressing public transportation, comes in the form of more police, thefts, violence and death. And in that regard, Corrigan is correct -- we all pay the price.

Once again we see the mindset of: "Let’s just build a bunch of high-density, cheap housing somewhere out in the boonies, and then we can all feel benevolent."

The only winner in that scheme is the developer.

Ali Bram, Madison


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