I write to encourage everyone in Madison to accept the lord Jesus Christ as their savior.

I say this because I believe a person's good works in employment and at home will not save him. To enter into eternal life, a person must by faith accept Christ Jesus as their savior, repent their sins, get baptized, then he will receive the gift of the holy spirit. After being baptized, he can learn to walk daily in the spirit by keeping God's 10 commandments through his faith in Christ's teachings, and the power of his resurrection.

A person must have an obedient faith in Christ to enter into the kingdom of God. People can serve God and their fellow man very well in their daily lives, but to see the kingdom of God, they must also believe that Christ died for their sins and was raised three days later for their justification.

So I encourage every person in Madison to accept the lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Rock Peterson, Madison

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