Today we thank our letter writers -- all 1,150 of them last year -- for their contributions
Today we thank our letter writers -- all 1,150 of them last year -- for their contributions

Today we thank our letter writers -- all 1,150 of them last year -- for their contributions


Our newspaper wouldn’t be the same — nor offer nearly as much information and commentary — if it weren’t for the more than 1,750 letters to the editor we publish each year.

The State Journal received more than 10,000 submissions from readers during 2018. Of those, we were able to publish about 1,750 from 1,150 different writers.

So about 1 in 6 letters makes it into print and online. The key to getting published is to keep your submission to 200 or fewer words. Get to your point quickly. Tell us something we haven’t heard before.

Also important is to include your address and phone number for verification purposes when you email your view to, or to Letters to the Editor / Wisconsin State Journal / P.O. Box 8058 / Madison, WI 53708.

Even in the digital age, old-fashioned letters to the editor can have a big impact on our community conversation. That’s because tens of thousands of readers will potentially see what you write to the newspaper, both in print and online. And then your views can be shared on social media.

Many political and community leaders read the State Journal’s letters to the editor. We know that because so many of them call us and react when they or their organizations are mentioned.

The formula really hasn’t changed much since the State Journal began publishing 180 years ago in Madison. Besides sharing the latest news about your city, state and world, we also let our many readers have their say.

Sometimes letters to the editor prompt news articles because they express concerns we didn’t otherwise know about. Sometimes they lead to responses, both pro and con, that help move our community discussion forward.

If you wrote a letter to the editor that was published during the last year, we honor your contribution today by publishing your name online below and across three pages of today’s printed newspaper. Thank you. And please continue to send your views to our Editorial Page.

Politically, Madison leans heavily to the left. So liberal views tend to dominate the letters section. Yet Wisconsin is more middle of the road. To try to provide more diversity of opinion, we strongly encourage centrists and conservatives to write us more often — or anyone with a take that runs against a prevailing view.

Our letters editor isn’t looking for views he agrees with. He gives preference to publishing opinions that disagree with the positions of our editorial board.

We like to keep the debate civil on the pages of our newspaper. So you won’t have to worry about being interrupted or subjected to name-calling. That said, some letters pack a wallop, while others seek consensus. We allow a lively exchange of ideas, and only edit submissions for length, clarity and accuracy.

From Dennis Ace of Middleton to John Zillmer of Madison — and to every writer in between — thank you again for contributing to the newspaper. And please continue to send us your views in the new year.

If you’ve never written a letter to the editor, give it a try. It’s fun to see your name in print. And you might just change some very influential minds about which direction your community, state or nation should go.


Dennis Ace, Middleton

Dolores Ace, Mount Horeb

Glory Adams, Eau Claire

Eileen A. Adank, Sauk City

Arif Ahmad, Verona

David Ahrens, Madison

Masood Akhtar, Middleton

Rod Albers, Mount Horeb

Wayne Alden, McFarland

Mark K. Allen, Madison

Jane M. Allen-Jauch, Madison

Patricia Almond, Carson City, Nevada

Anne Altshuler, Madison

Charles Anderson, Glidden

Craig L. Anderson, Gays Mills

Dennis Anderson, Madison

James R. Anderson, Sauk City

Joyce Anderson, Madison

Ken Anderson, Oregon

Lee D. Anderson, Middleton

Michael R. Anderson, Madison

Brody Andes, Verona

Rachel Angel, Oregon

Cari Anne, Verona

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

Dennis B. Appleton, Madison

Judy Archibald, Verona

Tom Arendt, Fitchburg

Harry Argue, Middleton

Linda Argue, Middleton

Barbara Arnold, Madison

Joan Arnold, Rudolph

Sela Atkinson, Madison

Stephen Austin, Madison

Kenneth Axe, Stoughton

Jan Axelson, Madison

Anna Mae Axness, Portage


Barbara Babcock, Madison

Anne Baer, Madison

Zachary Baeseman, Waupaca

Ann Baggot, Madison

Manuel Bahr, Mineral Point

Gail Bailey, Jefferson

John Baker, Sun Prarie

Preston Baker, Cottage Grove

Denise Baldwin, Watertown

Tom Balistreri, Madison

Benjamin Balk, Sun Prairie

Ford Ballantyne III, Verona

Larry Ballwahn, Wilton

Betty Banks, Madison

Robert Barger, Columbus

Elizabeth Barrett, Madison

Thomas Bartell, Verona

Steve Bartz, Janesville

Bob Bates, Madison

Ken Bates, Markesan

Samuel Bates, Madison

Chuck Bauer, Madison

William F. Bauer, Fitchburg

Betsy Bazur-Leidy, Madison

Bruce Beck, Madison

Darcy Becker, Madison

John Becker, Madison

Denise Beckfield, Verona and San Diego, California

Paul Beckfield, Verona

Janice Beers, Madison

Joan Ellis Beglinger, Cross Plains

Margaret Benbow, Madison

William R. Benedict, Madison

David Benforado, Shorewood Hills

Daniel Bennett, Madison

Dylan Bennett, Shorewood

Terese Berceau, Madison

Richard Berg, Middleton

Ron Berger, McFarland

Barbara Bergsma, Avoca

Joanna Berke, Madison

Dawn Berney, executive director, Jewish Social Services of Madison

Steve Bernhardt, Cuba City

Brian Berninger, Sun Prairie

Frank Berryman, Madison

Bill Bessire, Sun Prairie

Keith Best, Waukesha

Paula Bezark, Madison

Ritu Bhatnagar, Madison

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Madison

Ron Biendseil, Middleton

Gene Bier, Milton

Tracey Bietz, Madison

Fawn Bilgere, Madison

John Bill, Madison

James Billings, Madison

Joel Black, Blue Mounds

Jim Blair, Madison

Stephen Blake, Oxford

David Blaska, Madison

Juliann Bliefnick, Dane County Jail

Charles Block, UW-La Crosse

Dick Bloomenkranz, Verona

Linda Bochert, Middleton

Patricia A. Bode, Mazomanie

Gail Boehm, Mauston

Leonard Bohlman, Waterloo

Jim Bolitho, town of Middleton

John Bollig, Madison

Melvin Boone, Oneida

Joy Booth, Madison

Andy Boryczka, Madison

Richard Bosanko, Bristol

Sandra Bouchard, Janesville

David Bouril, Lodi

Ken Bowar, Rochester, Minn.

Mary Bowman, Madison

The Rev. Winton Boyd, Dane Sanctuary Steering Committee

Dennis Boyer, Dodgeville

Adam Brabender, Madison

Dorothy Brar, Middleton

Jennifer Bratburd, Madison

Mike Braun, Oshkosh

Al Breunig, Verona

Mike Bridwell, Madison

Joseph Britt, Sun Prairie

Joey Brockert, Madison

Jeffrey L. Brooks, Madison

Jim Brooks, Evansville

Roger Brooks, Madison

Richard Brouillard, Waterloo

Brian Brown, Hill Point

S. Lynn Brown, Madison

Bradley Brunker, Mazomanie

Martha Brusegar, Middleton

Anthony Brylski, Madison

Karen Brynd, Windsor

Marlene Buechel, Verona

Jac D. Bulk, La Crosse

Chico Buller, Sun Prairie

Barbara Burczyk, Deerfield

Peter Burke, Madison

Jeff Burkhart, Madison

Richard M. Burnham, Madison

Steve Busalacchi, Madison

Will Busse, Fitchburg

Judith Butek, Janesville

Elizabeth Butler, Madison

Bradley Butterfield, La Crosse

Nathan Butzlaff, McFarland


Joe Cabibbo, Stoughton

Eric Cabot, Madison

Jeremiah Cahill, Madison

Kevin R. Calkins, Baraboo

Chris Calvey, Madison

Gerald Campbell, Madison

Denny Caneff, Duluth, Minnesota

Colton Cannon, Madison

Joanne Cantor, Monona

Alan Capelle, Oregon

Dennis Carlson, Fitchburg

Kent Carnell, Middleton

James L. Carney, Madison

Grace Carpenter, Madison

Tess Carr, Lodi

Jeff Carroll, Madison

Tom Carroll, Madison

Vince Caruso, Madison

Bill Carver, Spring Green

David Certa, Shullsburg

Phillip Certain, Madison

Arnold Chandler, Madison

David Cheney, Madison

Naomi Chesler, Madison

Brent Christianson, Madison

Larry Classen, Madison

Joseph Gibbs Clauder, Madison

Cory Clifcorn, Waunakee

Linda Clifford, Madison

Mike Clipson, Fitchburg

David W. Cole, Baraboo

Roger Cole, Merrimac

Dean Colello, Mount Horeb

Ann Collins, Madison

Mark Collins, Madison

Michael Collins, Madison

Paul Collins, Stoughton

Richard Concklin, Madison

Mark Condon, Madison

Colin Conn, Madison

Paul O’ Connell, Verona

Mary Conroy, Madison

Sarah Coombs, Madison

Dan Cornwell, Madison

Sharon Corrigan, Middleton

John Costello, McFarland

Beth Cox, Oregon

Mark Crawford, Madison

Robert Crawford, Sun Prairie

Donna Cribben, Lowell

Jerry Cribben, Lowell

Steve Crowley, Sun Prairie

Kathy Cruice, Madison

Ricardo Cruz, Middleton

George Cullen, Madison

Paul Cummings, Dodgeville

Nancy Curley, Poynette

William Curley, Poynette

Marijane Curry, Madison

Doug Curtis, Gleason


Bill Dagnon, Baraboo

Dr. Huong DangVu, Shorewood

John Danielson, Madison

Jerry Darda, Madison

Claire Darmstadter, Sun Prairie High School

Peter Davis, Madison

Sally Ann Davis, Madison

Trisha Day, Oregon

Paula Dent, Madison

Anika Derby, Madison

Maribeth DeRocher, Waunakee

Liz Detamore, Madison

Joe DiPiazza, Cottage Grove

Louise Doescher, Merrill

Don Dolphin, Madison

Tom Dorner, Baraboo

Evan Dove, Verona

Jed Downs, Cross Plains

Joan Downs, Madison

Bob Drane, Madison

Sally Drew, Association of Career Employees

Eve Drury, Middleton

Dick Dubielzig, Madison

John Duemler, Madison

Michelle Dunphy, Madison

Mike Dupor, Madison

Judith Durley, Cambridge

Kevin Dwyer, Madison


Bryon Eagon, Madison

Glen Ecklund, Madison

Jim Edmonds, Evansville

Stephanie Edwards, Madison

Peter Egan, Stoughton

Arthur Eggert, Sun Prairie

Tom Eggert, Madison

Linda Eisele, Madison

Tim Eisele, Madison

Louise Elbaum, Madison

Joe Elder, Madison

Mary Ellestad, Madison

Ruth Ellickson, Madison

Henry C. Ellingson, town of Lodi

Edward J. Elskamp, Middleton

Kim Enders, Muscoda

Maureen Engelberger, Madison

Ann Engelman, Fort Atkinson

Finn Enke, Madison

Kristin Erdmann, Blanchardville

Gregory Erickson, Dodgeville

Larry Eriksson, Madison

Pat Eulberg, Marshall

Bill Evans, Stoughton

Thom Evans, Monona


Michael Faas, Windsor

Kathleen Falk, Madison

Diane Farsetta, Madison

Astrid Faust, Waunakee

Scott Faust, Sun Prairie

Scott Favour, Mount Horeb

Marilyn Fayram, Madison

Douglas Fearing, Madison

LuAnne Feik, Madison

Ellis Felker, Muscoda

Howard Fenton, Madison

Pauline Fergerson, Sun Prairie

Cameron Field, Madison

Kay Fijalkiewicz, Stoughton

Jeffrey Fillian, Fitchburg

John Finkler, Middleton

Gwen Finnegan, Baraboo

Teri Finnerty, Sun Prarie

Bill Fiore, Madison

Susan Fiore, Verona

Paul Fishkin, Madison

James Fitzpatrick, Fort Atkinson

Julie Fitzpatrick, Madison

Tom Fitzpatrick, La Crosse

Paula Fitzsimmons, Madison

Steve Fitzsimmons, Madison

Tom Flanagan, Oxford

Patrick Flannery, Madison

Marshall Flax, Madison

Frank Fleres, Madison

Michael Flores, Madison

Rev. Jerry Folk, Madison

Bill Folz, Madison

Mary Foote, Madison

Jeff Ford, Madison

James Fouts, Stoughton

Melanie Foxcroft, Madison

Thomas Franke, Stoughton

Ross Freshwater, Milwaukee

Eileen Frey, Madison

Richard Friday, Madison

Chuck Friedrichs, Madison

Charles Frisk, Green Bay

Wendy Fritz, Sun Prairie

Margaret Fuguitt, Madison

Kathleen Fullin, Madison

Curt Fuszard, Middleton

Mona Fuszard, Madison


Stacy Gallagher, Madison

Marianna Garey, Monona

Casey Garhart, Madison

Bert Garvin, WEC Energy Group

Amy Garvoille, Madison

Ed Garvoille, Madison

Roberta Gassman, Madison

Lorrne D. Gates, Stoughton

Thomas Gebhart, Madison

Al Gedicks, La Crosse

Erin Gee, Middleton

Steve Gehrmann, Madison

Steven Genheimer, Madison

John Gern, Madison

Eunice Gibson, Madison

Patricia M. Giesfeldt, Cottage Grove

Carol Gillen, Madison

Dan Gillette, Baraboo

Nazan Gillie, Madison

Donald Girton, Fort Atkinson

Thomas Gitter, Madison

Peggy Glassford, Lake Mills

Michyle S. Glen, Fall River

Graydon Glesfeldt, Cottage Grove

Dave Glomp, Madison

Shelly Gnewikow, Stoughton

Jorgen Goderstad, Black Earth

Aaron Goff, Madison

Steve Goldberg, Madison

Sue Goldstein, Madison

Laura Good, Madison

Dave Gorak, La Valle

Warren J. Gordon, Madison

Gary Gorman, Oregon

Stephen S. Gosch, Madison

Dale Goytowski, Waunakee

Dave Graczyk, Madison

Stephen Graham, Madison

Daniel Grant, Middleton

Jim Graves, Albany

Laura Green, Madison

Karen Greenler, Edgerton

Robin Greenler, Stoughton

Dick Greffin, Cross Plains

Matthew Gregg, Dodgeville

Tom Grogan, Madison

Ned Grossnickle, Mosinee

JoAnn Gruber-Hagen, Madison

Gary Gundlach, Wauzeka


Tim Haering, Altamonte Springs, Florida

Patrick Hagen, Platteville

George Hagenauer, Ypsilanti

Robert A. Hall, Madison

John Hallinan, Stoughton

Don Halverson, Stoughton

Vicki Halverson, Edgerton

Mark S. Hamel, town of Fulton

John Hamilton, Madison

Jerry Hancock, Madison

Camille Haney, Monona

Alex Hanifl, La Crosse

Marc F. Hansen, Fitchburg

Terry Hansen, Oak Creek

Dave Hanson, Middleton

Paul Hanson, Big Bend

Randy Hanson, Blue Mounds

Patrick Hardyman, Blanchardville

Tim Harrington, Madison

Harry Harris, Madison

William Hartje, Evansville

Dennis Hartman, Madison

Bob Hartwig, Madison

Pamela Hartwig, Elkhorn

Linda Harvey, Lake Mills

Kurt Hase, Wausau

Dianne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Wayne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Hatheway Minton Hasler, Middleton

Loren Hatleberg, Waunakee

Pat Hauswald, Friendship

Betty Havlik, Hillsboro

Randy Hawley, Oregon

Kathleen Hayes, Janesville

Lydia Haynes, Mount Horeb

Earl Hazeltine, Mount Horeb

Mark Hazelwood, Sauk City

Earl Hazetlne, Mount Horeb

Chuck Heidner, Green Bay

Tom Heine, Madison

Valerie Heinzen, Madison

Etan Heller, Madison

Rodney Heller, Cottage Grove

Matt Hellmann, Fitchburg

Sallie Helmer, Ripon

Lila Hemlin, Madison

Dave Hendrickson, Seymour

Ellen Henningsen, Madison

Michael Herring, Madison

Linda Herscher, Birchwood

Paul Higginbotham, Madison

Don Hilbig, Beloit

Linda Hilker, Cross Plains

Tom Hirsch, Madison

Edith Hlliard, Madison

Deborah Hobbins, Madison

Vickie Hodge, Arkdale

Erik Hofmeister, Fitchburg

Howard Holmburg, Sun Prairie

Susan Holmes, Baraboo

Deborah Holt, Madison

Amy Holterman, Milton

Larry Holterman, Milton

Kathleen Hoppe, Stoughton

Peter Hoppmann, Madison

Charles Hoslet, Madison

Kermit Hovey, Middleton

Gary Howards, Oregon

Edward J. Huck, Oregon

Jeanne Huebner, Delavan

Ed Hughes, Madison

Carol Van Hulle, Madison

Gregory Humphrey, Madison

Drew Hunkins, Madison

Bob Hunt, Lodi

Randi Huntsman, Madison

Ed Hutchins, Stoughton


Brenda Ingersoll, Deerfield

Sally Isige, Madison

J Michael Jabs, DeForest

Alfred Jackson, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colton Jackson, Madison

Karen Jackson, Madison

Lang Jacobson, Eau Claire

Fred Jaeckle, Madison

Torrey Jaeckle, Madison

Linda Jallings, Madison

Bev Jambois, Sun Prairie

Bruce Jamison, Madison

Brad Javenkoski, Middleton

Jim Jenkins, Madison

Dave Jenneke, McFarland

Norm Jensen, Madison

Norman Jensen, Madison

Mark Jenssen, Madison

Col. Charlotte Jerney, Verona

Brenda Johnson, Camp Douglas

Dan Johnson, Middleton

Don Johnson, Madison

Eric A. Johnson, Madison

Linda M. Johnson, Waunakee

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac

Ron Johnson, Lodi

Ruth Gifford Johnson, Madison

Jodi Johnston, Fitchburg

Bill Jones, Sun Prairie

Nikki Jones, Dane County supervisor

Terry Jones, Deerfield

Shelby Jovel, Madison

Jerome Joyce, Madison


Bruce Kahn, Madison

Cathryn Kaiser, Mineral Point

Jerald Kaminski, Deerfield

Howard Kanetzke, Madison

Lucetta Kanetzke, Madison

Arlene Kanno, Wisconsin Dells

Hiroshi Kanno, Wisconsin Dells

Elaine Karls, Monroe

Robert Kasieta, Madison

Irwin Kass, Madison

Lisa Kass, Madison

Page Kassner, Verona

Margaret Kaufman, Madison

Ron Kaufman, Marshall

Michael Kauper, Middleton

Susan Kavulich, Middleton

Kelly Kazynski, Waunakee

Sandra Keck, Beaver Dam

Nick Kelly, Baraboo

Joan D. Kemble, Madison

Amanda Kemnitz, Madison

Lynn Ketchum, Madison

Faye Kiefer, Madison

Earl Kielley, Madison

Sue Kies, Platteville

Richard Kilmer, Madison

Bruce Kimball, McFarland

Malcolm Mandela King, Madison

Pat Kippert, Sun Prairie

Donald E. Kirschner, Middleton

Josephine Kischer, Platteville

Bryce Kitzman, Janesville

Wayne Kjar, Madison

John Klabough, Cross Plains

Steven Klafka, Madison

Jim Kleinhans, Whitewater

Penelope Jo Kleinhans-Alwin, Whitewater

Tom Klement, McFarland

JoAnne Kloppenburg, Madison

Janice Knapp-Cordes, Madison

Patti Knoche, Madison Police Department

Allen Knop, Madison

Dan Knox, Albany

David Koene, Madison

Gerald Koerner, Ridgeway

Andrew Kohrs, Fitchburg

Eric Korbitz, Whitefish Bay

Jeff Kortsch, Oconomowoc

Lou Kowieski, Oconomowoc

Thomas Krajewski, Onalaska

Beth Kramer, Baraboo

Jim Kramer, Neillsville

Terry Kramer, Baraboo

Karie Krantz, Madison

Jackie Kranz, Oregon

Virginia Kravik, Madison Police Department

Jean Krieg, Madison

Gary L. Kriewald, Madison

Joseph Kromholz, Whitewater

John Krueger, Middleton

Patricia Krueger, Madison

Matt Kussow, Madison


Leslie Ladd, Madison

Barbara La Follette, Madison

Mark Landgraf, Madison

Judith Landsman, Madison

Bob Lange, Columbus

Carl Lange, Fort Atkinson

Gayle Langer, Madison

Dan LaRocque, Madison

Larry Larson, Madison

Marcia Larson, Madison

Nancy Larson, Mineral Point

Rick Larson, Monona

Madeline Laufenberg, Middleton

Timothy Lauri, Madison

Barbara Lawton, Madison

Cindy Lease, Cottage Grove

Danny Leavenworth, Mount Horeb

Philip B. Leavenworth, Mount Horeb

Merle Lebakken, Stoughton

Rich Leffler, Madison

Lindsay Lemmer, Madison

Joseph T. Leone, Brooklyn

Lisa Leuker, Madison

Robert Lewin, Madison

Cliff Lewis, Madison

Steve Lewis, Fitchburg

David Ley, De Pere

Ron Leys, Prairie du Chien

Jan Libby, Middleton

Jane Licht, McFarland

Jennifer Limbach, Madison

Nathan Lindgren, Madison

Ron Lins, Blue Mounds

Thomas E. Lister, Black River Falls

Chuck Litweiler, Madison

Carol Lobes, McFarland

Bruce Longfield, Middleton

Juan Jose Lopez, Madison

Tim Lopez, Madison

Richard Lovell, Madison

Stephanie Lowden, Madison

Samuel Ludke, Wisconsin Rapids

David Ludwig, Madison

Karen Lund, Mount Horeb

Louise Lund, Madison

Willard E. Lund, Madison

Bill Lunney, Sun Prairie

Jerry Lynch, Madison

Michael Treble Lysenko, Lodi


James Maas, Weston

Jim Maas, Madison

Mark Maas, Whitewater

Tim Macy, Sun Prairie

Emily Maiers, Madison

Penny Majors, Edgerton

Paul Malischke, Madison

James Malmberg, Merrimac

Erin Malone, La Farge

Robert Manwell, Madison

John Markson, Madison

Susan Marquez, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Margaret Marriott, Madison

Carol Martell, Madison

David Martin, Madison

Marie Martini, Mount Horeb

Paul Martorell, Milwaukee

Carol Masanz, Stratford

Richard Masanz, Stratford

Michelle Maslowski, Ettrick

Steve Mason, Madison

John Mathwick, Madison

Jerzy Matian, Mauston

Neil Matts, Verona

Henry St. Maurice, Columbus

John Mauritz, Madison

Mike Maxwell, Madison

Julie McAllister, Madison

Patrick McBride, Madison

Mike McCabe, Madison

Diane McCallum, Stoughton

Michael McCann, Milwaukee

Darryl McCants, Madison

John McCarthy, Madison

Joyce McComish, Madison

James McCoy, Madison

Susan McCurdy, La Crosse

John McDermott, Madison

Marilyn McDole, Oregon

Patrick McDonald, Janesville

Barbara McFarland, Middleton

Anne McGill, Lodi

Bryan McGinnis, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Cassidy McGowan, Green Bay

Ed McGrath, Oregon

Dean McGuire, Madison

Karen McKim, Waunakee

Rod McLean, Monona

Joel McNair, Brooklyn

Joe McNeil, Madison

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

Linda O. Medland, Fitchburg

Gerald W. Meier, Watertown

Steve Meiers, Madison

Libbey Meister, Madison

Tim Melin, Verona

Joellen Splinter Metzdorf, Horlcon

Carolyn Meuer, Dodgeville

Charlotte Meyer, Madison

Kris Meyer, Madison

Wally Meyer, Madison

Walter Meyer, Madison

Denny G. Meyer Sr., Belleville

David Michlig, Cross Plains

Susan Michmerhuizen, Dodgeville

Paul Mickey, Madison

Mark Midbon, Madison

Pamela Midbon, Madison

Halvard Midelfort, Monona

Bill Mielke, Poynette

John Mielke, Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin

Rosalie Migas, Madison

Bob Miller, Madison

Jim Miller, Madison

Michael M. Miller, Madison

Robert E. Miller, Madison

Thomas Miller, Madison

William R. Miller, Janesville

Emily Mills, Madison

Joseph E. Mimier, Madison

Dave Minden, Madison

George Mitchell, Fountain Hills, Arizona, and Sturgeon Bay

John Mix, Madison

Paul Moberg, Maple Bluff

Renee Moen, Madison

David Mollenhoff, Madison

Wyatt Molling, West Salem

Timothy Molony, Lodi

John Montgomery, Madison

Greg Moon, Fitchburg

Ellen Adams Moore, Madison

Anna Morgan, Lodi

John Morgan, Madison

Stefanie Moritz, Madison

Gregory A. Moses, Madison

Suzanne Moynihan, Milwaukee

Dawn Mozgawa, Madison

Lindsay Muenchow, Neenah

Ali Muldrow, Madison

Katie Mulligan, Madison

Judith Munaker, Fitchburg

Bob Munson, Lodi

John Mutschler, Dodgeville


Emile Nadeau, Madison

Art Naebig, La Valle

Frederick W. Nagle, Madison

Kent Napralla, Montello

Karen Natoli, Middleton

Rachel Navarre, Madison

Richard Nawratil, Monona

Philip M. Neis, Madison

Michael Nesemann, Lake Mills

Mark Nesslar, Madison

Aileen Nettleton, Madison

Al Nettleton, Madison

Mark Neumann, La Crosse

Tom Neuser, Madison

Daniel Nevers, Madison

Bruce Nichols, Fitchburg

Glenn Nielsen, McFarland

Meg Nielsen, McFarland

Hans Noeldner, Oregon

Lyn Noeldner, Oregon

Jane Noffke, Madison

Paul Nonn, Deerfield

Kenneth Nordlund, Madison

Mike Norton, Oshkosh

John Norwell, Oregon

Len Nosal, Madison

Briant Novinska, Madison

Mariette Nowak, East Troy

Joan Nugent, Madison

Dennis Amadeus de Nure, Madison

Lily Nussbaum, New York City


Janet Oakley, Cottage Grove

Michael Obershaw, Janesville

Patricia Obletz, Milwaukee

Chris O’Brien, Watertown

Kevin O’Brien, Madison

Joseph Ohler Jr., La Valle

Terry O’Laughlin, Madison

Elizabeth O’Leary, Stoughton

Jeffrey Ollikainen, Montreal

Jim Olmsted, Verona

Benjamin Olneck-Brown, UW-Madison

Patrick M. O’Loughlin, Madison

Gaila Olsen, Black Earth

David Olson, Fitchburg

Howard Olson, Cambridge

Norman Olson, Madison

Patricia Olson, West Bend

Peter Olson, Monona

Robert Olson, Gays Mills

Maureen Oostdik, Madison

Derek Orth, Grant County

Tim Osswald, Madison

Shaun Ouradnik, Madison

Robert H. Owen Jr., Middleton

Richard Owens, Madison


Joshua Pade, Milwaukee

David Pagel, Verona

Rob Palmer, Oregon

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh

Madeleine Para, Madison

Kathy Park, Madison

Andrew Parker, Middleton

Brian Parks, Madison

Phil Parmenter, Fort Atkinson

Steve Parrott, Madison

Joseph Passaniti, Madison

Marjorie Passman, Madison

Susan K. Pastor, Madison

Georgia Pate, Madison

Steven Pate, Madison

Maria Patt, Waunakee

Patrick L. Patterson, Mount Hope

Jon Patzlsberger, Stone Lake

Charles Pauls, Wauwatosa

Mike Paulus, Monona

Lynn Pauly, Madison

Trisha Peach, New London

Catherine Pearson, Madison

Dave Pearson, Dodgeville

Steve Pearson, La Crosse

Jim Pease, Middleton

Tom Pedretti, Mount Horeb

James Penczykowski, Madison

Audrey Pendergast, Sun Prairie

Greg Perkins, Marshall

Diane Perris, Madison

Joy Perry, Larsen

Robert Persons, Madison

Beverly Pestel, Richland Center

Bob Petersen, Fitchburg

David Peterson, Madison

Kristen Peterson, Madison

Nan Peterson, Madison

Rock Peterson, Madison

Roger Pettee, Monona

Judie Pfeifer, Sun Prairie

Stacia Pfeiffer, Stoughton

Mike Pfrang, Madison

Mary Ann Phalen, La Crosse

David Phillips, Madison

Judy Phillips, Cottage Grove

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

Linda Pils, Madison

Judy Pincus, Barneveld

Lester Pines, Madison

Stephen Piotrowski, Madison

Frank Piraino, Waunakee

Ann Plata, Columbus

Jill Plonka, Cazenovia

Sheila Plotkin, West Bend

Sam Pocernich, Baraboo

Ed Pohlmann, Madison

James Polewski, Madison

Sena Pollock, Madison

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

Steven Porter, Sun Prairie

Lew Posekany, Middleton

Stosh Potocki, town of Linden

Mary Powell, Madison

Mary Power, Fitchburg

Lauren Bernstein Powers, Mineral Point

Liam Powers, Madison

Shirley M. Powers, Hancock

Martin A. Preizler, Madison

Ron Prust, Verona

Robert Pundsack, Plover


Ellen Quinn, Madison

Jennifer Quinn, Madison

Mark Quinn, Madison


Dennis Rahkonen, Superior

Steve Rankin, Madison

Nancy Rathke, Madison

Jean M. Rawson, Madison

Fran Raymond, La Farge

Michael Redmond, Madison

Randy Ree, Stoughton

Robby Ree, Stoughton

Elaine Slater Reese, Spring Green

Michael Reichert, Madison

Robert Reid, Wisconsin Dells

Mary Lou Reisch, Madison

Steven Reusser, Eau Claire

Jim Rice, Middleton

John M. Rice, Madison

Mindy Rice, McFarland

Robert Rich Jr., La Farge

John Richard, Madison

Tom Richards, Madison

Ken Richardson, Lodi

Mary Richardson, Madison

William Richardson, Middleton

Al Rickey, Madison

Angie Rieger, Madison

Andy Ringquist, Madison

Chuck Ripp, Dane

Mike Ripp, Waunakee

Michele Ritt, Madison

David Rizzo, Fitchburg

Jan Robbins, Madison

Jim Roberts, New Glarus

John Roberts, Oregon

Rich Roberts, Brooklyn

John Robinson, Madison

Christopher J. Rodel, Sun Prairie

Patricia S. Rogeberg, Madison

Richard A. Rogers, Fennimore

Denise H. Rohan, American Legion

Timothy Rookey, Middleton

Arnie Roper, Platteville

Jim Roseberry, Madison

Marilyn Ross, Madison

Anthony Rossi, Waukesha

Jen Roth, Madison

Ingrid Rothe, Madison

Kathy Rothering, Madison

Matt Rothschild, Oregon

Mary K. Rouse, Madison

Sharon Roy, Muskego

Ron Royston, Mount Vernon

Alan Rudie, Madison

John Ruffolo, Kenosha

Bud Rumpf, Cambridge

Richard S. Russell, Madison

Annette Ruth, Madison

Connie Ryan, Madison


Jack Salzwedel, American Family Insurance

Pat Sammataro, Madison

Nancy Sanborn, Madison

Eric Sandgren, Madison

Norman Sannes, Madison

Sherie Sasso, Madison

Dave Sauer, Fitchburg

George Savage, Madison

Joesph Schappel, Madison

Rolliana Scheckler, Madison

William Scheckler, Madison

Carrie Scherpelz, Madison

Shawn Schey, Madison

Jeffrey Schimpff, Madison

Paul W. Schlecht, Madison

Susan Schlub, Mount Horeb

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska

Alyson Schmeisser, Lake Mills

Glenn Schmidt, Sun Prairie

Gregory Schmidt, Madison

Greta Schmidt, Verona

Irene Schmidt, Mount Horeb

Julie Schmitt, Verona

Steve Schmitt, Madison Mallards owner

Maynard “Skip” Schneider, Madison

Wendy Schneider, Madison

Randy Schramm, Madison

John A. Schrandt, Madison

Lee Schuchardt, Madison

Dan Schuette, Sun Prairie

Murray Schukar, Fitchburg

Eric Schulenburg, Madison

Marnie Schulenburg, Madison

Barbara Schultz, Madison

Craig Schultz, Madison

Dick Schultz, Fort Atkinson

Ken Schuman, Sun Prairie

Randall Schumann, Madison

Preston Schutt, Madison

Don Schwab, Verona

Rita Schwan-Zeier, Madison

Stuart Seaborne, Madison

Dave Searles, Brodhead

Dale D. Secher, Oregon

Ben Seigel, Madison

David Selby, Phelps

Gene Selke, Lake Mills

Jeff Seltz, Middleton

Jonathan Senchyne, Madison

John Senseman, Verona

Erica Serlin, Madison

Mark Severtson, Oregon

Lynne Sexten, Madison

Ryan Sheahan, Madison

Robert Shear, Nekoosa

Barb Sheehy, Middleton

Greg Sheehy, Middleton

Barbara Sheeran-Hill, Madison

Mike Shelton, Madison

Anna Shen, Madison

Gary Sherman, Madison

Margaret Sherman, Beaver Dam

Paul Sherman, Madison

Jacque Shimko, Fitchburg

Mike Shivers, Madison

Wayne Shockley, Brooklyn

Barbara Shoemake, Fitchburg

Raj Shukla, Madison

Dan Sidney, Madison

Eric Siegal, Fitchburg

Dean Siewert, Madison

Donna Silver, Madison

Carl Silverman, Madison

Joseph V. Simon, Richland Center

Lisa Simpson, McFarland

Carl A. Sinderbrand, Middleton

Daryl Sisson, Madison

Tom Sitter, Madison

Bobby Skelton, Dallas, Texas

Ald. Paul Skidmore, Madison

Bob Skloot, Madison

Judy Skog, Madison

Judy Skupien, Oregon

Nancy Slavik, Mazomanie

Claude Clayton Smith, Madison

Dick Smith, Madison

Dr. Judian Smith, Madison

Elaine Smith, Madison

Greg Smith, McFarland

Joseph Smith, Madison

Kevin Smith, Neillsville

Melissa Smith, Madison

Samuel Smith, Madison

Thomas R. Smith, River Falls

Thomas Smith, Madison

Tricia Smith, Madison

Myrna Sokolinsky, Madison

Brook Soltvedt, Madison

Jan Somerfeld, Madison

Edwin Sommers, Windsor

Diane Nicks Sorensen, Madison

Jodie Sorenson, Waunakee

Alyssa Spaanem, Jefferson

Jim Sparks, Madison

Phillip Speth, Oregon

Scott Spoolman, Madison

Anaka Srinivas, Madison

Steve Staton, Oregon

Aaron Stauffacher, Green Bay

Ron Stauter, Madison

Mike Steele, Cottage Grove

Kevin Steffens, Cottage Grove

Paul Stein, Verona

Carol Steinhart, Madison

Ron Steinhofer, Madison

Gerald Sternberg, Madison

Dianne Stevens, Madison

Terrance Stewart, Madison

Tom Stoebig, Madison

Elizabeth Stoikes, Fitchburg

Marihelen Stoltz, Madison

Kevin Stone, Janesville

Rick Stone, Monona

Gary Storck, Madison

Jean Stover, Madison

Mary Strait, Fitchburg

Ken Streit, Madison

Staci Strobl, Platteville

Rich Strohm, Burlington

David Sulman, Madison

James Sundquist, Shorewood Hills

Mark Sundquist, Madison

Marilee Sushoreba, Madison

George Sutton, Fitchburg

Olivia Swain, Verona

Kathie Swanson, Mineral Point

Sherri Swartz, Madison

Michael Sweet, Madison

Joseph Swinea, Madison

Bert Sylvander, Wisconsin Dells

Edith Sylvester, Middleton


Charlie Talbert, Monona

Chuck Tennessen, Dodgeville

Andrea Thalasinos, Madison

Zach Thennes, Madison

Dan Theno, Green Bay

Carol Thiel, North Freedom

Richard Thies, The Villages, Florida

Marcel Thoma, Oregon

Jennifer Thomas, Franklin

Dan Thomson, Madison

Guy Thorvaldsen, Madison

Erica Throneburg, Madison

Ron Thronson, Edgerton

Rhiannon M. Tibbetts, Madison

Rex Tilley, Brooklyn

William H. Tishler, Fitchburg

John Tobie, Verona

Michael Tomski, Madison

Myrna M. Toney, Richland Center

Dave Topp, Madison

John Torgerson, Wisconsin Dells

Marilyn Townsend, Madison

Kim Travis, Williams Bay

James Tretheway, Madison

Gary Tribbey, Sun Prairie

Charles Trimberger, Milwaukee

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland

Rev. Frederick Trost, Sheboygan

Karisa Trudgeon, Madison

Cadin Truesdale, Madison

Kim Tschudy, New Glarus

Helena Tsotsis, Madison

Diane Michalski Turner, Madison

Jan Tymorek, Madison


Robert Ulfig, Middleton

Tom Umhoefer, Stoughton

Raymond Unger, Madison

Charles Uphoff, Fitchburg

Marilynn Uselman, DeForest


Diana Vance, Monroe

Ron Vandeberg, McFarland

Bob Vetter, Madison

Chuck Vetzner, Madison

Pete Vickerman, Sun Prairie

Regina Vidaver, Madison

John D. Vieth, Mauston

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac

Cliff Voegeli, Madison

John Voeltner, Marshall

David Vogt, Fitchburg

Maxine Volkman, Madison

Shane Vondra, Poynette

Bob Voss, Monticello

Barbara Voyce, Lone Rock

Jo Vukelich, Madison


Greg Wagner, Middleton

Karen Wagner, Wautoma

Mike Wagnitz, Madison

Babette Wainwright, Madison

Joyce I. Waldorf, Madison

Lindsay Wallace, Madison

Mark Wallner, Pleasant Prairie

Mike Walsh, Prairie Du Sac

Phil Walsh, Madison

Alexandra Walter, Madison

Brian Walter, Madison

Rafia Mansoor Waraich, Altoona

Donna Wasley, Monona

J. Denny Weaver, Madison

Clare Weege, Madison

Craig Wehrle, Madison

Kathy Wehrle, Madison

Anita Weier, Madison

Robert L. Wells, Wisconsin Rapids

Topf Wells, Madison

Eric Wendorff, Middleton

Dave Wennlund, Readstown

Steve Wessel, Madison

David R. Westbury, Madison

Dave Wester, Baraboo

Nancy Wettersten, Madison

Ginny White, Madison

Larry White, Madison

Robert White, Waukesha

Tim White, town of Springdale

Scott Whitney, Platteville

Lyman Wible, Middleton

Lyn Wible, Middleton

Jessica Wieczorek, Dodgeville

Steve Wilcox, Madison

Nancy Wild, Columbus

Kris Wilke, Middleton

David Wilken, Blue Mounds

Pete Wille, Fitchburg

Becky Williams, Pardeeville

Dr. Brian Williams, Madison

Janice Williams, Sun Prairie

Kathleen Williams, Monona

Bill Windels, Cross Plains

Johnny Winston Jr., Madison

Joe Winters, Middleton

Peggy Wireman, Monona

Trudi Witonsky, Madison

Marti Witt, Madison

Ron Wolfe, Waunakee

James Wollenburg, Lake Mills

Adam Wood, Madison

Jack Wood, Madison

Richard Wood, Cottage Grove

Tammy Wood, LaValle

Jackie Woodruff, Madison

Jon Woods, Madison

Rosalind Woodward, Madison

Jonathan Woolums, Verona

Katherine van Wormer, Madison

Sheila Worthen, Columbus

Gerry Wrench, Marinette

Janet M. Wright, Madison

Pamela Wright, Sun Prairie

Mimi Wuest, Reedsburg

Laura Wyatt, Madison

Sandi Wysock, Madison


Thomas Yager, Fitchburg

Duane Yanna, Mineral Point

James D. Yeadon, Madison

Jonathan Yoon, Madison

John Young, Baraboo

Sally Young, Madison


Steve Zahn, Madison

Michael Zaleski, Madison

Steve Zanon, Middleton

Lila Zastrow, Seymour

Joan Zavoral, Lodi

Deborah Zdinak, town of Verona

Kurt Zemke, Rice Lake

Allegra Zick, North Freedom

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center

Ervin Ziegler, Monroe

John Zillmer, Madison


Capital W: Plug in to Wisconsin politics

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