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Thank you to the 1,228 readers whose letters to the editor were published during 2020
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Thank you to the 1,228 readers whose letters to the editor were published during 2020

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Even in the digital age with countless social media sites available to the public, your daily newspaper is still the best and most impactful way to have your say and influence others — especially elected officials.

That’s because every letter to the editor that’s published in the Wisconsin State Journal lands in tens of thousands of people’s driveways across south-central Wisconsin with our printed edition.

Your letter to the editor also is posted on and across our digital platforms for many more people to see. The whole world can read your take on politics, the pandemic or any other issue that’s on your mind, from global conflicts to the latest debate at the state Capitol to whether your neighborhood needs sidewalks or a stop sign. Occasionally, a letter to the editor even goes viral.

And you can further expand your audience by sharing your published letter to the editor with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere else that you engage with others online.

Sending your view to the State Journal gets noticed in ways that other posts do not. Public officials and their staff read the State Journal. We know that because when a reader criticizes an alderman, state representative or U.S. senator, we often get a phone call or formal response. Sometimes the leader’s reaction is for publication. Sometimes it’s just to let our editors know what the elected official is thinking and why they took a controversial position on a bill or community project. Some staffers for state and national leaders have told us it’s part of their job to read the letters to the editor to gauge constituent views.

The State Journal has been publishing reader opinions for more than 180 years and counting. Like a town square, we strive to let everyone have his or her say in a lively and freewheeling way that encourages free speech while respecting civility and the facts.

Today we celebrate the more than 1,800 letters to the editor from 1,228 letter writers that appeared in print and online during 2020. We honor them by publishing the name of each author below. We thank every reader who contributed to the community conversation, and urge them to continue engaging in the coming year.

If you haven’t written a letter to the editor during the last year or maybe ever, give it a try. It’s easy and fun to see your name in print, and it’s good for others to know what you are thinking — even if they don’t agree or are skeptical. That’s how we all learn, by engaging and thinking harder and being challenged about our beliefs. You might learn you were right all along. Or you might rethink things, given more information.

Just send about 200 words to, and please include your address and phone number for verification purposes. You also can submit a letter online at We get about 10,000 submissions a year. So only about 1-in-5 are published.

Don’t get discouraged if your first letter isn’t published. Just send something else a few weeks later. Some of our most energetic letter writers submit multiple submissions every week, even though we limit publication to no more than once per month per writer. That way, more people get to have their say.

Make it your New Year’s resolution this year to let your community know what you’re thinking by sending a letter to the editor to the Wisconsin State Journal. We appreciate all those who did so during 2020. Their names appear below and on subsequent pages.


Barry Abrams, Madison

Dolores Ace, Mount Horeb

Susan Adams, Cambridge

Judith Adler, Janesville

Debra Ahrens, Middleton

Cynthia Albrecht, Madison

Wayne Alden, McFarland

Mark K. Allen, Madison

Jane M. Allen-Jauch, Madison

Tawsif Anam, Madison

Andy Anderson, Blue Mounds

Dennis Anderson, Madison

Joyce Anderson, Madison

Marge Anderson, Madison

Mary Lu Anderson, Madison

Michael Anderson, Oregon

Michael R. Anderson, Madison

Stacy Anderson, Madison

Tim Andrews, Mazomanie

Mackenzie Andropolis, Madison

Jim Angevine, Madison

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

Dennis B. Appleton, Madison

Judy Archibald, Verona

Colleen Armacanqui, Madison

Barbara Arnold, Madison

Emily Auerbach, Middleton

Carlton Austin, Fennimore


Jim Bach, Dodgeville

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach, Florida

Stuart Baker, Madison

Marci Baldwin, Verona

Mary Baliker, Middleton

Benjamin Balk, Sun Prairie

Jasmine C. Banks, Madison

Robert Barger, Columbus

Rachael Barrett, Sun Prairie

Grace Bartel, Madison

Thomas Bartell, Verona

Dave Baskerville, Madison

Bob Bates, Madison

Jim Bauer, Goodman

William Bauer, Fitchburg

John Baumann, Madison

Jeff Baylis, Cross Plains

Carousel Bayrd, Madison

Joseph Bazler, Madison

Richard Beal, Madison

Bruce Beck, Madison

Roger Beck, Cottage Grove

Denise Beckfield, Verona

Butch Beedle, Evansville

Joan Ellis Beglinger, Cross Plains

Daniel Behrens, Muscoda

Steve Beier, Madison

Robert Bellman, Richland Center

Isaia Ben-Ami, Madison

Margaret Benbow, Madison

David Benforado, Madison

Daniel D. Bennett, Madison

Carolyn Michaelis Berard, Madison

Vicki Berenson, Madison

Ken Berg, Watertown

Richard Berg, Middleton

Dorit Bergen, Madison

Ron Berger, McFarland

Dr. Charlie Bergstrom, Madison

Caleb Bernhardt, Allouez

Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

Brian Berninger, Sun Prairie

Bill Bessire, Sun Prairie

Sharon Beyer, Cottage Grove

Paula Bezark, Madison

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Madison

Ron Biendseil, Middleton

Vicki Bier, Madison

Gene Bier, Milton

Tracey Bietz, Madison

Fawn Bilgere, Madison

Joyce Binder, Madison

John Birkholz, Madison

Rohn Bishop, Waupun

Benjamin Bishop, Madison

Jim Blair, Madison

Stephen Blake, Oxford

Elaine Blanchette, Madison

Cheryl A. Blankenship, Wauzeka

David Blaska, Madison

Max Blaska, Madison

Adrienne Blow, Madison

Aaron Bock, Cross Plains

Ron Boehnen, Blue Mounds

Leonard Bohlman, Waterloo

Joe Bonin, Portage

Steve Books, Madison

Marsha Borling, Stoughton

Richard Bosanko, Bristol

Whitman Bottari, Madison

Joe Boucher, Madison

Robert Boulton, Madison

Dee Boyd, Madison

Adam Brabender, Madison

Tylor Brackett, Madison

Hailey Bradshaw, Madison

Ali Bram, Madison

Paul Brammeier, Stoughton

Rich Braun, Reedsburg

Sheila Bredeson, Darlington

Alan L. Breed, McFarland

Sherry Breisch, Verona

Peter Brenner, Madison

Charles Brentner, Monroe

Nan Brien, Madison

Barbara Brochtrup, Madison

David Brockert, Madison

Diane Brockman, McFarland

Karl Broman, Madison

Daniel W. Bromley, Madison

Rev. Roger Brooks, Madison

Richard Brouillard, Waterloo

Barbara Brown, Verona

Steve Brown, Madison

Brian Brown, Hill Point

Laura J. Brown, Madison

Judy Brownrigg, Lodi

Wayne Bruno, Merrimac

Marlene Buechel, Verona

Jac Bulk, La Crosse

Mike Bunch, Washburn

Mike Burns, Madison

Delores Burrington, Palmyra

Tim Busche, Mazomanie

Betty Bush, Madison

Robert Bush, Madison

Will Busse, Fitchburg

Pat Butler, Madison

Debra Byars, Poynette


Patricia Callaway, Stoughton

Todd Callister, Madison

Gerald Campbell, Madison

Mario Canacasco, Madison

Laura Canapa, Stevens Point

Greg Cannon, Madison

Andy Cardinal, Cottage Grove

Angela Cardinal, Janesville

Joyce Carey, Madison

Daniel Carey, Madison

Doug Carlson, Madison

Isaiah Carlson, Monroe

Dennis Carlson, Fitchburg

James L. Carney, Madison

Tess Carr, Lodi

Maggie Carrao, Madison

Robin Carre, Madison

Tom Carroll, Madison

Vince Caruso, Madison

Bill Carver, Spring Green

Doc Casey, McFarland

Dick Cates, town of Wyoming

Sandra Cechvala, Waunakee

Laureen Chagnon, Madison

Robert F. Chapman, Middleton

Joy Rosenberry Chase, Madison

Byron Chase, Madison

Steve Chomor, Waunakee

Iris Christenson, Madison

Roy Christianson, Madison

Ed Churchwell, Madison

Dave Cieslewicz, Madison

Jack Cipperly, Madison

Carol Cizauskas, Madison

David Clarenbach, Madison

Deb Clark, Monroe

Steve Clark, Madison

Lindsay Clark, Neenah

Larry Classen, Madison

Bonnie Clayton, Marshall

Christine Clements, League of Women Voters of Dane County

Peter Cleven, Fitchburg

Derek Clevidence, Cottage Grove

John W. “Jack” Coe, Madison

Charles Cohen, Madison

Dr. Devlin Cole, Madison

David Cole, Baraboo

Jane Coleman, Monona

Max Coller, Monona

Sgt. Fred Coller, Baraboo

Orie Coller, Baraboo

Jerry Collins, Madison

Mark Collins, Madison

Joan Collins, Madison

Michael Collins, Madison

Mary Beth Collins, Milwaukee

Ann Collins, Madison

Randall S. Coloni, Madison

Eric Compas, UW-Whitewater

Mark Condon, Madison

Alexander K. Converse, Madison

Pat Conway, Mount Horeb

Sara Conzemius, Fitchburg

Tanya Cook, Madison

Claudia Cooper, Madison

Anthony B. Cooper Sr., Madison

Matthew Coppens, Madison

William Corse, Eau Claire

John Costello, McFarland

Cal Couillard, Deerfield

Frank Court, Madison

Claude Covelli, Madison

Rob Cramer, Verona

Sean Cranley, Burlington

Vivian Creekmore, Milton

Samantha Crowley, Madison

James Crubaugh, Princeton

Ricardo Cruz, Middleton

Dick Cullen, Madison

Pam Culviner, Madison

Bill Curran, Waunakee

Nancy Currell, Waunakee

Linda Curry, Platteville

Deborah Cutler, Cross Plains


Bill Dagnon, Baraboo

Paula Dáil, Spring Green

Jack Daily, Milwaukee

Dr. Huong DangVu, Shorewood

Richard Daniels, Madison

John Danielson, Madison

Marcella Danti, Livingston

Jerry Darda, Madison

Bonnie Darda, Madison

Alex Davis, Sun Prairie

Abigail Davis, Madison

Peter Davis, Madison

Kathryn Deck, Madison

Paul Dekker, Lodi

Bill Delaney, Madison

Catie DeMets, Madison

Paula Dent, Madison

David Devereaux-Weber, Madison

Susan De Vos, Madison

Candace Diaz, Madison

Ulrike Dieterle, Madison

Ruth Dobson, Mount Horeb

Mary Doeringsfeld, Platteville

Bonnie Dohm, Dane

Jerome Donohoe, Milwaukee

Matthew Donovan, Madison

Joe Dooley, Madison

Michael Dorl, Belleville

Cathy Douglas, Madison

Thomas Dowd, Middleton

Robin Downs, Cross Plains

Joan Downs, Madison

Jed Downs, Cross Plains

Bob Drane, Middleton

Eve Drury, Middleton

Dennis Duane, Madison

Joan Duerst, Madison

John Duffe, Madison

Jeanne Duffy, Madison

Douglas Dulli, Madison

Mark Dunavan, McFarland

Reggie Dunlap, Madison

Michelle Dunphy, Madison

Janice Durand, Madison


David Ebert, Madison

Arthur Eggert, Sun Prairie

Joan Eggert, Sun Prairie

Kathryn Eichelman, Madison

Joseph Eichenseher, Madison

Linda Eisele, Madison

Marilyn Elliott, Sun Prairie

John Ellis, Muskego

Lynne Emerick, Middleton

Gilbert Emmert, Madison

Joyce E. Endres, Madison

Myra Enloe, Dodgeville

Susan Erickson, Green Bay

Ryan Erickson, Madison

Mauricio Escobeda, Sun Prairie

Katherine Esposito, Madison

Bill Evans, Stoughton

Marianne Ewig, Madison

Jerry Ewings, DeForest


Tyler Fahey, Dubuque, Iowa

Kathleen Falk, Madison

Gregory M. Farnham, Delafield

Eric Farnsworth, Middleton

Brenda Farrell, Madison

Eric Fatzinger, Platteville

Astrid Faust, Waunakee

David Faust, Poynette

Scott Favour, Madison

Wendy Fearnside, Madison

LuAnne Feik, Madison

Marilyn Feil, Madison

Ellis Felker, Muscoda

Howard Fenton, Madison

Erik Ferguson, Edgerton

Lindsay Feuling, Mount Horeb

Joanne Fiedler, Madison

Ruby Mumm Fillian, Fitchburg

Jeffrey Fillian, Fitchburg

John Finkler, Middleton

Susan Fiore, Verona

Bruce Fischer, McFarland

Timothy Fisher, Waunakee

Christa Fisher, Milwaukee

James Fitzpatrick, Fort Atkinson

Paula Fitzsimmons, Madison

Steve Fitzsimmons, Madison

Alice Flaherty, McFarland

Jim Fleischmann, Middleton

Carey Fleischmann, Middleton

Erik Flesch, Platteville

Rudie Flietner, Madison

Wesley Foell, Madison

Jerry Folk, Madison

Milton Ford, Madison

Kevin Foreyt, Fitchburg

Virginia Foulk, Mazomanie

Charles Foulke, Madison

Peter D. Fox, Milton

Melanie Foxcroft, Madison

Donald Foy, La Farge

Victoria Frank, Madison

Scott Freeman, Madison

Logan Frei, Janesville

Bruce Frey, Madison

David Friedrichs, Madison

Chuck Friedrichs, Madison

Jacob Frost, Madison

Laurie Frost, Madison


Molly Gage, Fitchburg

Geoff Gallagher, Fitchburg

Adam Gallagher, Madison

Kent Gallaway, Readstown

Jim Ganther, Madison

Casey Garhart, Madison

Roberta Gassman, Madison

Phillip Gathright, Madison

Thomas Gebhart, Madison

Steve Gehrmann, Sun Prairie

Yael Gen, Madison

Gabriella Gerhardt, Fitchburg

Laura Gerow, Madison

Dr. Claire Gervais, Madison

Brad Geyer, Madison

Thomas Gibson, DeForest

Lucy Gibson, Madison

Patricia M. Giesfeldt, Cottage Grove

Bill Gillen, Madison

Cameron Gillie, Madison

Will Gilmore, Columbus

Gary Gimmestad, Stoughton

Andrew Ginsburg, Southport

Thomas Gitter, Madison

Steve Glass, Madison

Sylvia Gleiter, Sun Prairie

Michyle S. Glen, Fall River

Dave Glomp, Madison

Alan Gold, Madison

James P. (Pat) Goldschmidt, Verona

Harold Gollman, Madison

Louis Goodhart, Madison

Dave Gorak, La Valle

Warren J. Gordon, Madison

Laura Gottlieb, Madison

Lea Gough, Madison

Dale Goytowski, Waunakee

Toby Grabs, Sauk City

Joylynn Graham, Dodgeville

Emily Grambsch, Madison

Jim Graves, Albany

John Gray, Stoughton

Laura Green, Madison

Karen Greenler, Madison

Dick Greffin, Waunakee

Michael Grenier, Berlin

Lauren Grimm, Madison

Janet “JB” Grosse, Madison

Alex Gruber, Plover

Tanya Gruter, Windsor

Rob Gundermann, Madison

Adolf Gundersen, Madison

Thomas Gundlach, Monona

Gary Gundlach, Wauzeka

Kevin Gundlach, South Central Labor Federation

Robert Gutsche, Tomah


Marina Haan, Madison

Darcy Haber, Madison

Mark Hackler, Appleton

Jamie Hagenow, Mount Horeb

Shirley Haidinger, Madison

Greg Hakala, Wisconsin Rapids

Robert Hall, Madison

Heidi Hallett, Oconomowoc

John Hallinan, Stoughton

Robert Haman, Madison

Eileen Hamele, Madison

John Hamilton, Madison

Peter Hamon, Madison

Camille Haney, Monona

John Hansen, Middleton

Dr. Marc F. Hansen, Fitchburg

Bruce G. Hanson, New Richmond

Karin Hanson, Fitchburg

Matt Hanson, Pleasant Prairie

Mike Hanson, Madison

Patrick Hardyman, Blanchardville

Harry Harris, Madison

Judy Harris, Madison

David Harth, Fitchburg

William Hartje, Evansville

Bruce Harville, Madison

Dianne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Kristin Haugen-Wente, Madison

Judith Havens, Madison

Louisa Havlik, Stoughton

Kayla Haynes, Sarona

James Heg, Chelan, Washington

John Heim, Madison

Tom Heine, Madison

Valerie Heinzen, Madison

Muggs (Margaret) Helin, Madison

Sallie Helmer, Ripon

Aaron Helmer, Ripon

Lila Hemlin, Madison

Steve Henningfield, Madison

Todd Henreckson, Sun Prairie

Kathleen Henry, Madison

Gabby Henshue, Madison

Melissa Her, Madison

Jess Herbers, Hillsboro

Susan Hermanson, Baraboo

Michael Herring, Madison

Dan Herro, Beloit

David Higgens, Racine

Don Hilbig, Muskego

Linda Hilker, Cross Plains

Esther Hill, Dodgeville

Kristine Hillmer, Madison

Tom Hirsch, Madison

Mary Hoeft, Rice Lake

Bill Hoekstra, Waukesha

Kay Hoff, Minocqua

Ryan Hoffman, Cedarburg

Frances Hoffman, DeForest

Florence Hoffman, Fitchburg

Judy Hoffman, Fitchburg

Steve Hogseth, Menomonie

William Holland, Monroe

Howard Holmburg, Sun Prairie

Larry Holterman, Milton

Amy Holterman, Milton

Linda Holthaus, Madison

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo

Diane Hornung, Middleton

Julie Houg, Sauk City

Beth Houlahan, Madison

Kermit Hovey, Middleton

Eric Howland, Madison

Ed Huck, Oregon

Mark Hudziak, Oregon

Dr. Jeff Huebner, Madison

Leo Hull, Mount Horeb

Geri Hummer, Madison

Gregory Humphrey, Madison

Drew Hunkins, Madison

Bob Hunt, Lodi

Mark Huntsman, Madison

William Hutchison, Madison

Ellen Hutzler, town of Middleton


Kristian Iliev, Madison

Roy Innis, Oconomowoc

Michele Isaacson, Prairie du Sac

Tehmina Islam, Madison

Dale Ivarie, Marshall


Karen Jackson, Madison

Peter C. Jackson, Madison

Jennifer Jackson, Cassville

Laurelin E. Jacobus, Madison

Marge Jacoby, Madison

Jeff Jadel, Madison

Jayquan Jaeger, Madison

Pia Kinney James, Madison

Charles J. James, Madison

Bruce Jamison, Madison

Tiffany Jan, Madison

Cheryle Janasiak, Milwaukee

Brad Javenkoski, Middleton

Tom Jeffris, Janesville

Teri Jendusa-Nicolai, Waterford

David Jenkins, Middleton

Alice Jenon, Fitchburg

Jackie Jensen, Madison

Jon Jenson, Madison

Adrianna Jereb, Kendall

Miriam Rodriguez Jimenez, Madison

Chris Jimieson, Fitchburg

Richard Johannesen, Platteville

Bruce A. Johnson, Madison

Charlie Johnson, Oregon

Dan Johnson, Middleton

Jenell Johnson, Madison

Kirsten Johnson, Madison

Lance Johnson, Lake Mills

Mary Johnson, Middleton

Nancy Johnson, Windsor

Paul Johnson, Madison

Paul Johnson, Spooner

Richard Johnson, Madison

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac

Tim Johnson, Beloit

Jodi Johnston, Fitchburg

Emily Jones, Madison

Greg Jones, NAACP, Dane County

Brig. Gen. Jerome Jones, Madison

Jessica Jones, Madison

Michael Jones, Madison

Terry Jones, Deerfield

Jerome Joyce, Madison

Jaime Junker, Forest


Alan Kalker, Madison

Dick Kalnicky, Madison

Nela Kalpic, Madison

Jerald Kaminski, Deerfield

Chuck Kamp, Madison

George Kamperschroer, Fitchburg

Howard Kanetzke, Madison

Lucetta Kanetzke, Madison

Christian Karabas, Fontana

Irwin Kass, Madison

Lisa Kass, Madison

Ira Kastenberg, Poynette

Jill Kastner, Madison

Ron Kaufman, Marshall

Sam Kaufmann, Waunakee

Joanne Keane, Madison

Judy Keel, Verona

Shannon Kehoe, Madison

Nancy Kelly, Fort Atkinson

Jeanette Kelty, Monroe

Amanda Kemnitz, Madison

Marc Kennedy, Middleton

Sharon Kennelly, Madison

Amy Kerwin, Madison

Andrew Khitsun, Madison

Olivia Kiefer, Cottage Grove

Susan Kies, Platteville

Elizabeth Kingston, Madison

Jeff Kingston, Madison

Josephine Kischer, Platteville

Robert Kiser, Madison

Wayne Kjar, Madison

Steven Klafka, Madison

Fred Klancnik, Middleton

Diana Klang, Madison

Bob Klebba, Madison

Rebekah Klemm, Madison

Don Klongland, Madison

Janice Knapp-Cordes, Madison

Patti Knoche, Madison

Allen Knop, Madison

Dan Knox, Albany

Richard Knudtson, Evansville

David Knutzen, Waunakee

Cliff Koehler, Madison

Mark Koerner, Madison

Andrew Kohrs, Fitchburg

Steve Kokette, Madison

Andrew Kosseff, Madison

Christopher Kox, San Francisco, California

Richard Kraemer, Cambridge

Lyle Krall, Madison

Dr. Douglas A. Kramer, Middleton

Terry M. Kramer, Baraboo

Virginia Kravik, Madison

Gary L. Kriewald, Madison

Paul Kristoffersen, Fontana

John Krizek, Hudson

John Krueger, Middleton

Warren C. Krueger, Jefferson

John Krug, DeForest

Abbi Kruse, Madison

Alexa Kummrow, Wales

Kevin Kuzdas, Middleton


Denise LaBudda, Lancaster

Andrew Ladd, Madison

Susan LaFlash, Middleton

Peter Lalley, Monona

Lisa Lamkins, Madison

Kristine Lamont, Madison

Tom Landgraf, Madison

Howard Landsman, Madison

Judith Landsman, Madison

Lee D. Van Landuyt, Hillsboro

Laura Lane, Waunakee

Paul Lane, Madison

Larry Larmer, Madison

David Larsen, Madison

Jennie Larson, Madison

Larry Larson, Madison

Mary Lathrop, Madison

Douglas Laube, Madison

Deb Lauder, Madison

Scott Lauder, Webster

Madeline Laufenberg, Middleton

Tim Lauri, Madison

Leon Lawrenz, Lodi

Barbara Lawton, former lieutenant governor

Kristi Leathers, Weyauwega

Bill Lee, Fitchburg

Sally Lee, Monona

Janice Lehmann, Madison

Ed Lehr, Madison

Julie Lehr, Madison

Marla Leverich, Sparta

Steve Lewis, Fitchburg

Herbert Lewis, Madison

Cliff Lewis, Madison

Marilyn Lewis, Madison

Cathy Ley, Beaver Dam

Jane Licht, McFarland

Eugene Lillge, Madison

Lisa Lindel, Waukegan, Illinois

Tom Lindow, Madison

Michael Lindsay, Eau Claire

Chuck Litweiler, Madison

Bruce Longfield, Middleton

Alix Loniello, Madison

Dean Loumos, Madison

Mary Loving, Middleton

Stephanie Lowden, Madison

Paul Lucas, Madison

Teresa Ludeking, Milton

Samuel Ludke, Stevens Point

Gabriela Lues, Madison

Louise Lund, Madison

Bill Lunney, Sun Prairie

Emily Lupton-Metrish, Madison

John Luther, Stoughton


Rock Mackie, Verona

Tim Macy, Sun Prairie

Griff Madigan, Verona

Ellen Magee, Madison

Jen Maggio-Laack, Reedsburg

Arden Mahlberg, Madison

David J. Mahoney, Dane County sheriff

Jane Mahoney, Oregon

Joe Maldonado, Fitchburg

Paul Malischke, Madison

Pat Malloy, Madison

Jim Malmberg, Merrimac

James Mand, Madison

Valerie Mangion, Muscoda

Bonnie Manning, Baraboo

Mike Maresh, Madison

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Madison

John Markson, Middleton

Margaret Maroney, Madison

Isatou Marong, Madison

Tony Marquez, Madison

Margaret Marriott, Madison

David O. Martin, Muscoda

Lex Martin, Madison

John Mather, Blue Mounds

John Matthews, Fitchburg

Jesse Maupin, Madison

Steve Maurice, Oregon

Mike McCabe, Madison

Jamie McCarville, Madison

Bruce McClellin, Madison

Ron McClintic, Madison

Haven McClure, Madison

James McCoy, Madison

Susan McCurdy, La Crosse

Patrick McCutcheon, Fitchburg

John McDermott, Madison

Lynn McDonald, Madison

Bryan McDowell, Hartford

Mary McEniry, Madison

Margaret McEntire, Madison

Barbara McFarland, Middleton

Anne McGill, Lodi

Dennis McGilligan, Madison

John McGreal, Appleton

Dean McGuire, Madison

Edward McIlveen, Brookfield

Peter McKeever, Monona

Karen McKim, Waunakee

Robert McLaughlin, Black Earth

Todd McMahon, Madison

Daniel McMeen, Blue Mounds

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

Noah McVay, Dodgeville

Steve Meiers, Madison

Libbey Meister, Madison

Tim Melin, Verona

Bruce Meredith, Madison

Bruce Meyer, Fort Atkinson

Hans Meyer, Pewaukee

Heather Meyer, Waunakee

Walter Meyer, Madison

Maggie Mezera, Boscobel

Susan Michaud, Black Earth

Susan Michetti, Mount Horeb

Pamela Midbon, Madison

Robert Mielke, Waunakee

Rosalie Migas, Madison

Susan Millar, Madison

Bob Miller, Madison

Jim Miller, Madison

Marilynn Miller, Sun Prairie

Regis B. Miller, Madison

Thomas Miller, Madison

Emily Mills, Madison

Dave Minden, Madison

Bill Minser, Fitchburg

Greg Misfeldt, Fort Atkinson

Dale Mitchell, Madison

Frank Mixdorf, New Glarus

Angie Moen, Madison

Renee Moen, Madison

Tony Moen, Sturgeon Bay

Rudy Molinek, Madison

Doris Montague, Madison

John Montgomery, Madison

Tom Mooney, McFarland

Peter Moreno, Madison

Barbara Morford, Spring Green

Anna Morgan, Lodi

Jon Morgan, Madison

Mel Morgenbesser, Madison

Brenda Morris, Madison

George Morrison, Waunakee

Marcela Morrow, Madison

Philip Morrow, Madison

Tom Mortenson, Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Stephen D. Morton, Madison

Alyssa Moulton, Deforest

Ellie Mueller, Madison

Mick Mullee, Madison

Judith Munaker, Madison

Louise Murphey, Richland Center

Janet Murphy, Madison

Jerry Murphy, Monona

John Murphy, Madison

Tim Murray, Madison

John Mutschler, Dodgeville


Art Naebig, La Valle

Frederick W. Nagle, Madison

Karen Natoli, Middleton

Richard Nawratil, Monona

Maxine Nehmer, Windsor

Tom Neises, Patch Grove

Anita Nelson, Wisconsin Dells

Paul Nelson, Madison

Jason Neton, New Glarus

Aileen Nettleton, Madison

Al Nettleton, Madison

David Neuhaus, Madison

Michael Neuman, Madison

Tom Neuser, Madison

Brent Nicastro, Madison

John Niesen, Middleton

Charles Nodich, Appleton

Jane Noffke, Madison

Paul Nonn, Deerfield

Gail Nordheim, Madison

Darryl Norton, Madison

Len Nosal, Madison

Ed Nowicki, Madison


Allyson Obermeier, Darmstadt, Germany

Elizabeth Oftedahl, Lincoln City, Oregon

Chris Ogden, Madison

Masaru Oka, Madison

Rabbi Avi S. Olitzky, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Benjamin Olneck-Brown, Madison

Gaila Olsen, Black Earth

David F. Olson, Fitchburg

Fredrick Olson, Madison

William C. Olson, Mount Horeb

Alice O’Mahar, Madison

Brett O’Neal, Madison

Marshall Onellion, Stoughton

Mikii Opahle, Baraboo

Ken Opin, Middleton

Tim Osswald, Madison

Bill Otten, Madison

Gary Overby, Sun Prairie

Robert Owen Jr., Middleton


Dave Page, McFarland

Douglas Pahl Jr., Monona

Warren Palmer, Madison

Thomas Palmtag, Sun Prairie

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh

Madeleine Para, Madison

Joe Parisi, Dane County executive

Robert Parisi, Madison

Sara Park, Madison

David Parker, Madison

Jennifer Parker, Madison

Brian Parks, Madison

Joseph Passaniti, Madison

Marjorie Passman, Fitchburg

Mariana Pasturczak, Madison

Georgia Pate, Madison

Mahee Patel, Madison

Sue Paulson, DeForest

Catherine Pearson, Madison

Dave Pearson, Madison

Steve Pearson, La Crosse

George Perkins, Madison

Kato Perlman, Madison

Jason Pertzborn, Middleton

Beverly Pestel, Richland Center

Craig Peterman, Middleton

David Peterson, Madison

Mary Peterson-Smith, Richland Center

Phillip Petit, Pine River

Erik Pettersen, Madison

Roger Pettersen, Madison

Carol Phelps, Middleton

Virginia Pickerell, Madison

Merrilee Pickett, Madison

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

Rita M. Pieroni, Monona

Linda Pils, Middleton

Allen Pincus, Barneveld

Michael Pinkert, Madison

Bill Piper, Oregon

John Pleuss, Madison

Jill Plonka, Cazenovia

Richard Plotkin, Madison

Allyson Pochant, Madison

Michael S. Pochowski, CEO, Wisconsin Assisted Living Association

Michael Pomeroy, Poynette

Russell Pope, Middleton

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

Susan Porter, Madison

Betty Poskie, Madison

Bob Postel, Oregon

Richard Potter, Fitchburg

John Powell, McFarland

Mark Powell, Madison

Mary Power, Fitchburg

Erik Pratt, St. Paul, Minnesota

Charles Pratt, Madison

Gary Prisbe, Madison

Michael A. Procknow, Mount Horeb

Max Puchalsky, Madison

Tom Puchner, Fitchburg

Nancy Pullen, Madison

Alice Punwar, Madison


Mary H. Quamme, Waunakee

Mark Quinn, Madison


Maddie Raffel, Monona

Ken Ragland, Madison

Kalyani Rama, Madison

Frances Ramsey, Madison

Connie Ramthun, Campbellsport

Steve Rankin, Madison

Al Rappe, Sun Prairie

Dave Rasmussen, Madison

Nancy Rathke, Madison

Michael Ray, Madison

Danalyn Rayner, Madison

Michael Read, Arlington

Stephanie Rearick, Madison

Dan Redmond, Madison

Margo Redmond, Madison

Randy Ree, Stoughton

Dr. William Reed, Holmen

Janis Reek, Madison

Michael Reeser, Madison

Michelle Regier, Madison

Mike Reilly, Fitchburg

Claire Reinke, Prairie Du Sac

Mary Lou Reisch, Madison

Sheri Reiter, El Paso, Texas

Patrick Remington, Madison

Wayne Reschke, Madison

William Rettig, Madison

Steve Reusser, Eau Claire

R.K. (Bernie) Rhodes, Madison

Norman Richards, Oregon

Ken Richardson, Lodi

Mary Richardson, Madison

Mark Richmond, Madison

Jeffrey Richter, Madison

Al Rickey, Madison

Daisy Riley, Madison

Dave Riley, Middleton

Rev. Jim Riley, Galesville

Michael Riley, Madison

Mike Ripp, Waunakee

Sue Riseling, Madison

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairire

David J. Rizzo, Fitchburg

Jan Robbins, Madison

Louise Robbins, Madison

Samantha Robbins, Mount Horeb

Jim Roberts, New Glarus

Rich Roberts, Brooklyn

Sara Roberts, Fitchburg

William Robichaud, Barneveld

Jeff Rodgers, Merrimac

Paul Roehrig, Belleville

Patricia S. Rogeberg, Madison

John Rolling, Madison

Timothy Rookey, Middleton

Ray Ropers, Waunakee

Max J. Rosenbaum, Madison

Ed Ross, Lancaster

Marilyn Ross, Madison

Terry Ross, Madison

Carrie Rothburd, Madison

Kathy Rothering, Madison

Robin Rouby, Monroe

Naomi Rousekugel, Madison

Amy Rudersdorf, Madison

Stan Ruesch, Lodi

Allen Ruff, Madison

John Rusch, Hayward

Jeff Russell, Madison

Richard Russell, Madison

Paul Rux, Mount Horeb

Dean Ryerson, Madison


Steve Saffian, Middleton

David Sahakian, Madison

Steven Salmon, Madison

Nancy Sanborn, Madison

Norm Sandmire, Richland Center

Norm Sannes, Madison

Rick Sanson, Lancaster

Sinikka Santala, Madison

Sherie Olson Sasso, Madison

Tim Saubers, Madison

George Savage, Madison

William R. Sayre, Jefferson

John Scepanski, DeForest

Colleen Scerpella, Madison

Elaine Schenborn, Middleton

Valerie Schend, Madison

Carrie Scherpelz, Madison

Susan Schlub, Mount Horeb

Alyson Schmeisser, Lake Mills

Christina Gomez Schmidt, Madison School Board member

Roger Schmidt, Sun Prairie

Warren Schmidt, Madison

Lynn Schmitt, Madison

Steve Schmitt, Madison Mallards

Linda Marty Schmitz, Waunakee

John Schmitz, Madison

Carolyn Scholten, Cambridge

Virginia Scholtz, Madison

Rachel Schramm, Madison

Randy Schramm, Madison

John A. Schrandt, Madison

Renae Schroeder, Madison

Murray Schukar, Fitchburg

Alison Schulenburg, Madison

Marnie Schulenburg, Madison

Kate Schulte, Madison

Barbara Schultz, Madison

Dick Schultz, Fort Atkinson

Sarah Schulz, Cambridge

Willi Schultz, Madison

Courtney Schumacher, Madison

Jared Schumacker, Madison

Don Schwab, Verona

March Schweitzer, Madison

Heidi Schwoch, Watertown

Richard Seaman, Madison

Dave Searles, Brodhead

Ben Seigel, Madison

Jan Severson, Madison

Rev. Larry Sexe, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

Alan Shackelford, Madison

Mark Shahan, Madison

Lynn Sharkey, Beaver Dam

Heather Shatdal, Madison

James Shaw, Madison

Rev. Ben Sheets, Plover

Julie Shinnick, Madison

Wayne Shockley, Brooklyn

Richard Shropshire, Monona

Raj Shukla, Madison

Dan Sidney, Madison

G. Jeanie Sieling, Madison

William Siems, Windsor

Dean Siewert, Madison

Donna Silver, Madison

George Silverwood, Madison

Tom Sinclair, Madison

Carl Sinderbrand, Middleton

Martha Siravo, Madison

Daryl Sisson, Madison

Bonita Sitter, Blue Mounds

Ellen Skatrud, Madison

Judy Skog, Madison

Peter Skopec, Madison

John Skyrms, Neenah

Debra Skyrms, Neenah

Roger Slack, Stoughton

Michael Slana, Madison

Edna Slayback, Richland Center

John Smalley, Kenosha

Claude Smit, Madison

Claude Smith, Madison

Cheryl Smith, Arena

Connor Smith, Madison

Dan Smith, Madison

Don Smith, Evansville

Greg Smith, McFarland

Dr. Jeremy Smith, Madison

Joseph Smith, Madison

Dr. Judian Smith, Madison

Kevin Smith, Neillsville

Matthew Smith, Blue Mound

Sam Smith, Madison

Shirley Smith, Madison

Terrell Smith, Madison

Joe Sokolinsky, Madison

Richard Soletski, Madison

Tom Solheim, Madison

Susan Solomon, Madison

Jan Somerfeld, Madison

Kim Sorbet, Fitchburg

Gary Spaeni, Madison

Sally Jo Spaeni, Madison Senior Center

Robert Spargo, Wisconsin Dells

Jane Speer, Delafield

Phil Speth, Oregon

Jason Spielbauer, Madison

Bob Spurlock, Phoenix, Arizona

David Stalowski, Verona

Tom Stalowski, Oregon

Jacob Stampen, Waunakee

Jon Standridge, Madison

George Stanek, Edgerton

Sandra Stanfield, town of Vermont

Julia Stanley, Madison

Robert Stanley, Middleton

Kathleen Statz, Waunakee

Mark Stauffer, town of Lisbon

Gail Steckel, Lodi

Morgan Stecklein, Platteville

Mike Steele, Cottage Grove

Beth Steffen, Fitchburg

Jason Steinberg, Lake Mills

Susan Steinberg, Carrboro, North Carolina

Kevin Steiner, Grafton

Lisa Steiner, Madison

Carol Steinhart, Madison

Sabrina Stencil, Madison

Gary Stern, McFarland

Gerald Sternberg, Madison

Merle Sternberg, Madison

Terrance Stewart, Madison

Dan Stier, Madison

Jordan Stoecklin, Beloit

Tom Stone, Oregon

Gary Storck, Madison

Bob Storer, Bigfork, Montana

Brian Stouffer, Madison

Andrea Straus, Madison

Diane Streck, Fitchburg

Steve Streck, Fitchburg

Ken Streit, Madison

Rich Strohm, Burlington

Charles Strother, Madison

Mary Subkoviak, Middleton

Kelly Sullivan, Oregon

Reilly Sullivan, Saukville

Tom Sullivan, Cottage Grove

Mark Sundquist, Madison

Robert Sundquist, Madison

Linda Svanoe, Waunakee

Coral Swanson, Janesville

Tim Sweeney, Mount Horeb

Michael Sweet, Madison

Joseph Swinea, Monona

Edith Sylvester, Middleton

Linda Syth, Oregon


Charlie Talbert, Monona

Robin Taylor, Madison

Henry Teloh, Madison

Donald Ternus, Sun Prairie

Jean Teter, Fitchburg

Bao Thao, Madison

Jeffrey Theisen, Sun Prairie

Zach Thennes, Madison

Kathy Thiemke, Endeavor

Marcel Thoma, Oregon

Chet Thomas, Brooklyn

Donna Thomas, Brooklyn

James Thomas, Madison

Dan Thomson, Madison

Michael Thompson, Fitchburg

Jon Thorell, Wonewoc

Don Thornton, Madison

Guy Thorvaldsen, Madison

Erica Throneburg, Madison

Rex Tilley, Brooklyn

William H. Tishler, Fitchburg

Dave Topp, Madison

Nancy Topp, Madison

Marilyn Townsend, Madison

Marie Trest, Madison

Andrea Treviso, Madison

Gary Tribbey, Sun Prairie

Joe Tripalin, McFarland

Sara Tripalin, Madison

Helena Tsotsis, Madison

Elizabeth Tuttle, Fitchburg


Susan Udelhofen, Verona

Tom Umhoefer, Stoughton

Steven Urso, Sun Prairie


Susan Valentine, Madison

Maria Van Cleve, Mazomanie

Doris Van Houten, Madison

Carol Van Hulle, Madison

Katherine van Wormer, Madison

Diana Vance, Monroe

Sandra A. Vandervest, Middleton

Thomas A. Vandervest, Middleton

Alan Vangen, Pardeeville

Mark VanLaeys, Delavan

Nancy Vedder-Shults, Madison

Jeff Veesenmeyer, Sun Prairie

Chris Ventura, Columbus, Ohio

Mary Verzal, Bristol

Bob Vetter, Madison

Chuck Vetzner, Madison

Jose Villalobos, Milwaukee

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac

Thomas Virgilio, Cross Plains

Cliff Voegeli, Madison

John Voeltner, Marshall

Shane Vondra, Poynette

Louie Vosberg, Cuba City

Ruthie Vosberg, Cuba City

Bob Voss, Monticello

John Voss, Madison

Barbara Voyce, Lone Rock


Karen Wagner, Wautoma

Joyce Waldorf, Madison

Sid Waldorf, Madison

Dan Walker, Madison

Mary A. Wallace, Madison

Jennifer Wallskog, Madison

Alexandra Walter, Madison

Peggy Leary Walters, Madison

Kate Waterman, Madison

Dave Watts, Madison

J. Denny Weaver, Madison

Mary Weber, Middleton

John L. Wedberg, Verona

Mary Weeks, Verona

Craig Wehrle, Madison

Steve Wehrley, Verona

Anita Weier, Madison

Willem Weigel, Madison

Wyatt Weigel, Waukesha

Bailey Welch, Madison

Sherylanne Welch, UW-Whitewater

George Wen, Delavan

Eric Wendorff, Middleton

Bill Wenzel, Stoughton

William A. Werch, Berlin

Jennifer Werre, Sun Prairie

Gary Wesley, Mountain View, California

Robert Westcott, Madison

Dave Wester, Baraboo

Ginny White, Madison

Larry White, Madison

Susan White, Madison

Tim White, Verona

John Whitesel, Pardeeville

Scott Whitney, Platteville

Nancy Wiegand, Madison

Steve Wilcox, Madison

Nancy Wild, Madison

Patricia Wildgen, Madison

David Wilken, Monona

James A. Will, Columbus

Thomas Willan, Cottage Grove

Rollie Willan, Sun Prairie

Dr. Brian Williams, Madison

Patrick Wilson, La Crosse

Robert Wilson, Fitchburg

Jennifer Winner, Blue Mounds

Peggy Wireman, Monona

Philip Wiseley, Madison

Jayne Wisler, Dodgeville

Mike Wissen, Madison

Marti Witt, Madison

Carl Wogsland, Madison

Mark Wohlferd, Middleton

Barbara Wollmer, village of Cross Plains

Mike Wollmer, village of Cross Plains

Stephen Wolter, Middleton

Christian Wood, Lodi

Richard Wood, Cottage Grove

Jonathan Woods, Madison

Laura Woodworth, Brooklyn

Gerry Wrench, Marinette

Carol Wright, Oregon

Ron Wroblewski, Madison

Bill Wuerger, Madison


Tom Yager, Fitchburg

Tim Yaroch, Beaver Dam

Daniel Young, Madison

Karen Young, Madison


Kurt Zemke, Baraboo

Crystal Zhao, Madison

Dr. Lin Zhao, Madison

Allegra Zick, North Freedom

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center

John Ziegler, Madison

Natalie Ziehr, Madison

Randy Zink, Madison

Christina Zordani, Madison


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