Thank you to all 1,130 of our letter writers

Thank you to all 1,130 of our letter writers


Letters to the editor are as important and influential as ever. They appear prominently in the printed Wisconsin State Journal, just as they have for the last 180 years.

Letters to the editor also are posted on south-central Wisconsin’s top news website — — where they can be read around the globe and shared across countless digital platforms and apps.

In fact, 76.6 percent of adults in the Madison market — more than 400,000 people — have read the State Journal or during the past week, according to research by Coda Ventures of Nashville, Tenn.

Public officials and their staffs pay attention to letters to the editor. We know that because they often respond to praise and criticism. The same goes for leaders in the private sector, and experts on myriad topics.

Letters to the editor can even influence the outcome of elections. They are a civil exchange of ideas — something we need more of in today’s society and politics.

The Wisconsin State Journal receives thousands of submissions from its readers each year, most by email, though some still arrive via the U.S. Postal Service. We look at every one and select a lively and diverse mix to feature every day on the Editorial Page and at

Today we honor the 1,130 people who sent us the nearly 1,700 letters to the editor we published in print and online during 2019. Thank you to all of our letter writers for your contribution to your newspaper and community. You engaged, challenged and in many cases called for action with your words.

Let’s keep the conversation going in 2020. Send your view, 200 words or less, to, and please include your address and phone number for verification.

You don’t need to agree with the views of our State Journal editorial board to have your letter selected. In fact, we give preference to publishing opinions that differ from our own.

Other ways to improve your chances of being publish include being clear and concise. Get right to your point and stick to the word limit. If you include data or other facts that we’ll need to check, please include links to your sources. The only editing of letters we do is for length, clarity and accuracy.

Though some readers submit multiple letters a week, we generally limit publication to no more than once every month, which allows for more voices to have their say.

If you haven’t written a letter to the editor before, give it a try. And if you are one of our regulars, please keep those emails coming.

Thank you for your involvement and commitment to your community.


Muhammad Abdullah, Madison

Sandra Abitz, Madison

Steve Abitz, Madison

Barry Abrams, Madison

Dolores Ace, Mount Horeb

Steve Ackerman, Madison

Mary Berryman Agard, Madison

David Ahrens, Madison

John Ainsworth, Shawano County supervisor

Wayne Alden, McFarland

Pat Alea, Madison

Dave Alexander, Hillsboro

Douglas Alexander, Madison

Mark K. Allen, Madison

Jane M. Allen-Jauch, Madison

Robert L. Alt, Madison

Liz Amundson, Madison

Tawsif Anam, Madison

Andy Anderson, town of Vermont

Carl (Bill) Anderson, Madison

Dennis Anderson, Madison

Marge Anderson, Madison

Peter Anderson, Madison

Mike Andrie, McFarland

Rachel Angel, Oregon

Jim Angevine, Madison

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

Richard Appen, Madison

Dennis B. Appleton, Madison

Arthur Arango, Madison

Chris Vander Ark, Madison

Joan Arnold, Rudolph

Mary Arnold, Columbus

Mary Ashley, Oregon

Abby Asmuth, Madison

Robert Auerbach, Middleton

Carl Austin, Fennimore

Stephen Austin, Madison

Kenneth Axe, Stoughton

Jan Axelson, Madison

Alyssa Ayen, Madison


Barbara Babcock, Madison

Cmdr. Daniel Bach, Fitchburg

Laurene Bach, Waunakee

Gail Bailey, Jefferson

Ralph Bailey, Pardeeville

Amy Baillies, Waunakee

Ald. Samba Baldeh, Madison

Michael D. Barrett, Madison

Thomas Bartell, Verona

Mary Bartkowiak, Brookfield

Dave Baskerville, Madison

Richard Bates, Baraboo

Jane Batha, Mineral Point

Ed Batton, Webb Lake

Mary Jane Bauer, Madison

William F. Bauer, Fitchburg

Dennis Baumann, Ridgeway

John Baumann, Madison

John Bayley, Madison

Robert G. “Bob” Beahm, Portage

Peter A. Beatty, Middleton

Bruce Beck, Madison

Roger Beck, Cottage Grove

Denise Beckfield, Verona

Joan Ellis Beglinger, Cross Plains

Steve Beier, Madison

Eva Klaus Bellinger, Sun Prairie

Robert L. Bellman, Richland Center

Jayne Belsky, Necedah

Margaret Benbow, Madison

Dave Benforado, Madison

Merle Bengston, Madison

Daniel D. Bennett, Madison

John Berg, McFarland

Richard Berg, Middleton

Dorit Bergen, Madison

Ron Berger, McFarland

Allison Bell Bern, Madison

Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

Brian Berninger, Sun Prairie

Daniel Berns, Hillpoint

James Berzowski, Glendale

Sharon Besser, Madison

Bill Bessire, Sun Prairie

Richard Betz, Madison

David Beyer, Morrisonville

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Madison

Gene Bier, Milton

James Billings, Black Earth

Philip Blackwell, Whitewater

Jim Blair, Madison

Stephen Blake, Oxford

David Blaska, Madison

Judd Blau, DeForest

Wil Bloy, Madison

David Blum, Monroe

Jim Bolitho, town of Middleton

Steve Books, Madison

Melvin Boone, Oneida

Dorothy Borchardt, Madison

Jill Borsuk, Baraboo

Jim Borth, Madison

Andy Boryczka, Madison

Adam Brabender, Madison

Daniel Bradley, Madison

Doug Bradley, Madison

Kathy Brady, Whitewater

Ali Bram, Madison

Terry Brenny, Stoughton

Jane Breun, town of Springdale

Ann Brewer, Madison

Maria Bries, Naperville, Illinois

Barbara Brochtrup, Madison

David Brockert, Madison

Adria Brooks, Madison

Jeffrey L. Brooks, Madison

Roger Brooks, Madison

Richard Brouillard, Waterloo

Brian Brown, Hill Point

Paul Browne, Rhinelander

Pat Bruden, Madison

Bradley Brunker, Mazomanie

Martha Brusegar, Middleton

Anthony Brylski, Madison

Marlene Buechel, Verona

Jac D. Bulk, La Crosse

Barbara Burczyk, Deerfield

Mary Burke, Madison

Darin Burleigh, Madison

Bruce Burnett, Sun Prairie

Steve Busalacchi, Madison

Will Busse, Fitchburg


Eric Cabot, Madison

Bruce Calhoun, Dodgeville

Mark Cambier, Madison

Robert Capridette, Madison

John Carey, Madison

Molly Carey, Madison

Angie Carlson, Madison

Art Carlson, Spring Green

Harry Carnes, Madison

James L. Carney, Madison

Grace Carpenter, Madison

Robin Carre, Madison

Ed Carroll, Maple Bluff

Jeff Carroll, Madison

Tom Carroll, Madison

Vince Caruso, Madison

Bill Cary, Richland Center

David Certa, Shullsburg

Phillip Certain, Madison

Jordan Chao, Sauk City

Robert F. Chapman, Middleton

Naomi Chesler, Madison

Ed Churchwell, Madison

LuAnn Clausen, Cambridge

Bonnie Clayton, Marshall

Cory Clifcorn, Waunakee

Gene Coates, Sun Prairie

Amber Cohen, Madison

Dan Cole, Lodi

David W. Cole, Baraboo

Jim Cole, Waunakee

Max Coller, Monona

Denis Collins, Madison

Mark Collins, Madison

Michael Collins, Madison

Mark Condon, Madison

Colin Conn, Madison

Rick Connolly, Montfort

Kristina Coopman, Prairie du Sac

Dan Cornwell, Madison

John Costello, McFarland

Mark Courchane, Madison

Willow Cozzens, Madison

Julie Crego, Middleton

Dan Crowley, Fitchburg

Kim Crowley, Windsor

Ricardo Cruz, Middleton

Cathy Cuccia, Madison

Mike Cunningham, Madison

Connie Curley, Madison

Ron Curran, Madison

Marijane Curry, Madison

Aaron Curtis, ITC Midwest


Bill Dagnon, Baraboo

Paula Dáil, Spring Green

Cal Dalton, Endeavor

John Danielson, Madison

Liz Dannenbaum, Madison

Marcella Danti, Livingston

Bonnie Darda, Madison

Jerry Darda, Madison

Peter Davis, Madison

Wesley K. Davis, Janesville

William Davis, Fitchburg

Barbara Dearth, Fitchburg

Nancy DeCori, Middleton

John Deininger, Waunakee

Paula Dent, Madison

Ross DePaola, Madison

Brian Derr, Madison

Calvin DeWitt, Oregon

Candace Diaz, Madison

Neil Diboll, Cambria

Cari DiTullio, Middleton

Ron Dobie, Stoughton

Leighanne Dockerty, Sun Prairie

Tom Dorner, Baraboo

Edward H. Downs, Madison

Joan Downs, Madison

Amie Dragoo, Madison

Betsy Draine, Madison

Bob Drane, Middleton

Eve Drury, Middleton

Cheri Dubiel, Madison

Dick Dubielzig, Madison

Mark Dunavan, McFarland

Larissa Duncan, Madison

Phil Duncan, Madison

Michelle Dunphy, Madison

Mike Dupor, Madison


Glen Ecklund, Madison

Dave Edgerton, Madison

Karen Edson, DeForest

Tom Eggert, Madison

Rich Eggleston, Fitchburg

Louise Elbaum, Madison

Michael Elliott, Edgewood High School president

Mollie Elliott, Sub Prairie

Joan Ellis, Cross Plains

Nada Elmikashfi, Madison

David Elsass, Madison

Joe Engesser, Red Wing, Minn.

Brad Van Epps, Lancaster

Pat Erickson, Blanchardville

Peter Erk, Madison

Bill Esbeck, Madison

Katherine Esposito, Madison

Dave Evans, Middleton


Jonathan Farris, Madison

Scott Favour, Madison

Barbara Feeney, Brooklyn

Gary Feest, Madison

Ellis Felker, Muscoda

Don Ferber, Madison

Jayer Fernandes, Madison

Kay Fijalkiewicz, Stoughton

John Finkler, Middleton

Terry Finman-Pince, Stoughton

Dr. Ken Finn, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Tim Fisher, Madison

Emma Fisher, Madison

Walter Fitzgerald, Madison

Julie Fitzpatrick, Madison

Steven Fitzsimmons, Madison

Paula Fitzsimmons, Madison

Frank Fleres, Madison

Rev. Jerry Folk, Madison

Mary Foote, Madison

Jay Ford, Madison

Virginia Foulk, Mazomanie

Charles Foulke, Madison

Ryan Fox, Prairie du Chien

Peter D. Fox, Milton

Melanie Foxcroft, Middleton

Curran Frank, Madison

Tom Frazier, Middleton

Martha Frey, Middleton

Chuck Friedrichs, Madison

Charles Frisk, Green Bay

Laurie Frost, Madison

Andrew Frucht, Madison

Nila Frye, Waunakee

Bruno Fuller, DeForest

Kathleen Fullin, Madison


Kay Gabriel, Madison

Sandra Gajic, Overture Center

Joel Garb, Black Earth

Ed Garvoille, Madison

Amy Garvoille, Madison

Sharon Gaskill, Black Earth

Lee Gasper-Galvin, Sun Prairie

Phillip Gathright, Madison

Otto Gebhardt, Madison

Dr. Claire Gervais, Madison

Bradley Geyer, Madison

Eunice Gibson, Madison

Lucile A. Gibson, Madison

Lucy Gibson, Madison

Thomas Gibson, DeForest

James Giesen, Middleton

Patricia M. Giesfeldt, Cottage Grove

Casey Gilbert, Madison

John Gillis, Maple Bluff

Thomas Gitter, Madison

Mary Gjermo, Cambridge

Edward Gleason, Muskego

Allen Gleckner, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Dave Glomp, Madison

Daniel Goilden, Madison

James P. Goldschmidt, Verona

Pat Goldschmidt, Verona

Don Golembiewski, Madison

Harold Gollman, Madison

Louis Goodhart, Madison

Bob Goonin, La Farge

Warren J. Gordon, Madison

Scott Gordon, Madison

Stephen S. Gosch, Madison

Michael Gourlie, Madison

Stephen Graham, Madison

Jim Graves, Albany

Laura Green, Madison

Gerald Greenfield, Fitchburg

Tom Greenhalgh, Madison

Jennifer Greenwald, Madison

Marsha Gregg, Madison

Michael Grenier, Berlin

Leta Gribble, Adams

Linda Grice, Stitzer

Ken Grosse, Madison

Janet Grosse, Madison

Bob Growney, Madison

Gary E. Gundlach, Wauzeka

Ed Guziewski, Oregon

John Gwinn, McFarland


Marina Haan, Madison

Bill Haight, Madison

Laurie Talbot Hall, Middleton

Robert Hall, Madison

John Hallinan, Stoughton

Donald Halverson, Stoughton

Bruce Halverson, Mountain

Mark S. Hamel, town of Fulton

John Hamilton, Madison

Dan Handel, Evansville

Peter Haney, Madison

Margo Hansen, Middleton

John Hansen, Middleton

Marc F. Hansen, Fitchburg

Pete Hanson, Middleton

Mike Hanson, Madison

Patrick Hardyman, Blanchardville

Wayne Harris, Madison

Harry Harris, Madison

William Hartje, Evansville

Bob Hartwig, Madison

Sophia Harvey, Cottage Grove

Patrick Hasburgh, Madison

Dianne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Wayne Haskins, Mount Horeb

James Hatcher, Fitchburg

Holly Hatcher, Middleton

Curt Haugen, Madison

Diana Haverberg, Middleton

Betty Havlik, Hillsboro

Janel Hebl, Verona

Emily Heck, Chicago

Keith Heimforth, Madison

Linda Hein, Madison

Tom Heine, Madison

Sonja Heiser, Evansville

Diana Heisler, Middleton

Sallie Helmer, Ripon

Lila Hemlin, Madison

Jeff Henriques, Madison

Jerry Herbst, McFarland

James Herrick, Madison

Dan Herscher, Birchwood

Buzz Hetzer, Waunakee

Linda Hilker, Cross Plains

Paul Hodgson, Mount Horeb

Florence Hoffman, Fitchburg

Carolyn Hogg, Madison

Robert Holets, Richland Center

Jeffrey Holloway, Madison

Howard Holmburg, Sun Prairie

Kilton Holmes, Baraboo

Larry Holterman, Milton

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo

Joan Hornung, Sauk City.

Marti Houge, Columbus

Kermit Hovey, Middleton

Stan Howald, Madison

Jeanne Howard, Madison

Gary Howards, Oregon

Michael Howe, Madison

Mary Howick, Madison

Greg Hubanks, Merrimac

Jim Hubing, Belgium

Edward Huck, Oregon

Geoff Hudson, Madison

Jeanne Huebner, Delavan

Ed Hughes, Madison

Jerry Hui, Eau Claire

Leo Hull, Mount Horeb

Gregory Humphrey, Madison

Bob Hunt, Lodi

Duane Hunter, Madison

Thomas H. Hurst, Fitchburg

Macklyn Hutchison, Madison


Jack Idlas, Madison

Grace Anne Ingham, Madison


Nick Jackson, Madison

M.W. “Jake” Jacobs, Watertown

Al Jacobs, Egg Harbor

Torrey Jaeckle, Madison

Isabelle Jaeckle, Madison

Catherine Jagoe, Madison

Kim Jalbert, Reedsburg

Linda Jallings, Sun Prairie

Dianne Jenkins, Madison

Norman Jensen, Madison

Robert Jensen, Oregon

Joanne Jensen, Fitchburg

Theresa Jensen-Hendricks, Baraboo

Bennett Jester, Verona

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac

Christian R. Johnson, Darlington

Michael Johnson, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Ron Johnson, Lodi and Madison

Eric A. Johnson, Madison

Dan Johnson, Madison

Tia Johnson, Beloit

Richard Johnson, Madison

Dan Johnson, Middleton

Victor Johnson, Evansville

Jodi Johnston, Fitchburg

Bob Jokisch, Sun Prairie

Terry Jones, Deerfield

George Jordan, Columbus

Joanne Juhnke, Madison


Pam Kahler, Madison

Bruce Kahn, Madison

Bob Kaiser, Madison

Alex Kalfayan, Pleasant Springs

Jerald Kaminski, Deerfield

Lucetta Kanetzke, Madison

John Karcher, Verona

Noah Karpelenia, Madison

Irwin Kass, Madison

Ron Kaufman, Marshall

Michael Kauper, Middleton

Helen Keenan, Middleton

Steven Keip, Waunakee

David C. Keller, Madison

Linda Kelly, Middleton

Ald. Rebecca Kemble, Madison

Amanda Kemnitz, Madison

Brian Kennedy, Richland Center

Jerry Kennedy, Madison

Daniel Kennedy, Madison

Bill Kennelly, Madison

Kyle Kepler, Mazomanie

Kaye Ketterer, Monona

Earl Kielley, Madison

Patrick J. Kiernan, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sue Kies, Platteville

Bruce Kimball, Edgerton

Amy Kinast, Madison

Rick Kirkpatrick, Madison

Wayne Kjar, Madison

Steven Klafka, Madison

Robert Klebba, Madison

Sanford A. Klein, Madison

Tom Klement, McFarland

Kathryn Klement, McFarland

Ian Klepetar, Madison

Harald Kliems, Madison

Mike Klimkosky, Mequon

Brian Kline, Fitchburg

Chris Klopp, Cross Plains

Martin Knapp-Cordes, Madison

Janice Knapp-Cordes, Madison

Monte Knetter, Baldwin

Allen Knop, Madison

Elizabeth Koehl, Dane

Bill Koenig, Middleton

Gerald Koerner, Ridgeway

Robert Kolb, Dousman

Eric Korbitz, Whitefish Bay

Jennifer Kowalkowski, Madison

William Kox, Madison

Paul Koziar, Madison

Lyle Krall, Madison

Terry M. Kramer, Baraboo

Steve Krieger, Madison

Gary L. Kriewald, Madison

John Krogman, Fitchburg

Jeane Kropp, Madison

Naomi Kroth, Madison

Jeff Kuchenbecker, Madison

Andrea Kuehn, Fitchburg

Brandon Kulas, Almond

Chris Kunkle, Sun Prairie

Kathy Kuntz, Madison

Joel Kurth, Waunakee

Kevin Kuzdas, Middleton

Cathie Kwasneski, Brodhead


Taylor LaBorde, Oregon

Andrew Ladd, Madison

Max Lagally, Madison

Jim LaGro, Madison

Kristine Lamont, Madison

Judith Landsman, Madison

Carl Landsness, Madison

Maddie Langland, Madison

Bill Lanz, New Glarus

Sharon Larson, South Beloit, Illinois

Rick Larson, Monona

Jennie Larson, Madison

Larry Larson, Madison

Nancy Larson, Mineral Point

Josie Lathrop, Madison

Douglas Laube, Madison

Scott Lauder, Webster

Tim Lauri, Madison

Chris LaVallee, Brookfield

Deb Lawrence, Madison

Merle Lebakken, Stoughton

Ramsey Lee, Hudson

Sally Lee, Monona

Dennis Lee, Waunakee

Janice Lehmann, Madison

Sally Lehner, Madison

Michele Leighton, Madison

Joseph T. Leone, Brooklyn

Wilson Leong, Milton

Tim Leung, Fitchburg

Steve Lewis, Fitchburg

Marilyn Lewis, Madison

Patricia Liebl, Madison

Carl Lindner, Racine

Paul Lindquist, League of Women Voters of Dane County

Thomas E. Lister, Middleton

Norm Littlejohn, Madison

Chuck Litweiler, Madison

Carol Lobes, McFarland

Neil Lonergan, Madison

Bruce Longfield, Middleton

Alix Loniello, Madison

Joanne Looze, Madison

Carmen Lopez, Winnipeg, Canada

Janice Lorch, Madison

Jim Lorman, Madison

Stephanie Lowden, Madison

Melina Lozano, Madison

Samuel Ludke, Wisconsin Rapids

Jean Luecke, Dodgeville

Lisa Luedtke, Madison

Bill Lunney, Sun Prairie

Erik Lurquin, Arlington


Joe Maassen, Madison

Tim Macy, Sun Prairie

Eric Madsen, Portage

Arden Mahlberg, Madison

Mike Malesevich, Brownsville

Paul Malischke, Madison

Pat Malloy, Madison

Jim Malmberg, Merrimac

Ann Malone, Madison

Dr. Daniel Malone, Madison

Kriss Marion, Blanchardville

Sen. Howard Marklein, R-Spring Green

Mary Maronek, Madison

Margaret Marriott, Madison

Kathleen Martens, Fitchburg

Todd M. Martin, Madison

David Martin, Madison

Jonathan Martin, Madison

Javier Martinez, Madison

Carole Mason, Stoughton

Donna Mather, Marshall

Jerzy Matian, Mauston

Paul Matyas, Madison

John Mauritz, Madison

Richard Maxwell, Monona

John McCarthy, Madison

Joe McClain, McFarland

Bruce McClellin, Madison

John McCracken, Madison

Jane McCurry, RENEW Wisconsin

Marilyn McDole, Oregon

Sister Maureen McDonnell, Madison

Anne McGill, Lodi

Dennis McGilligan, Madison

Terry McGinnity, Middleton

Michael J. McGoff, Brodhead

Dean McGuire, Madison

Natalie McIntire, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Jody McIntyre, Madison

John McKay, Waterloo

Dave McLean, DeForest

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

Jim Meitner, Neshkoro

Tim Melin, Verona

Bob Menamin, Verona

Tom Merfeld, Fitchburg

Jonathan Mertzig, Madison

Karen Mesmer, Baraboo

Nicki Vander Meulen, Madison School Board member

Charlotte Meyer, Madison

Ruth Meyer, Madison

Stephen J. Meyer, lawyer

Kevin Meyers, McFarland

Lauren Meyers, Fitchburg

Susan Michaud, Black Earth

Paul Mickey, Madison

Pamela Midbon, Madison

Jim Mikalson, town of Burke

Bob Milbourne, New Albany, Ohio

Jim Miller, Madison

Bob Miller, Madison

Brian Miller, Madison

Michelle Miller, Madison

Thomas Miller, Madison

Pamela Minden, Madison

Dave Minden, Madison

Donald Miner, Madison

Kathy Miner, Madison

Marcie Minter, McFarland

Brad Minter, McFarland

Oscar Mireles, Madison

Nancy Mistele, Waunakee

Cari Mitchell, Spring Green

Mano Mohanram, Madison

Barbara Monroe, La Farge

Steve Moran, Madison

Daniel Moran, Waunakee

Merritt Moreno, Madison

John Morgan, Madison

Stef Moritz, Madison

Lauri Morris, Waunakee

Tom Mortenson, Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Stephen D. Morton, Madison

Debora Morton, Spring Green

Debra Moses, Plain

Gregory Moses, Madison

Jasmine Mosly, Madison

Brian Moyer, Stoughton

Dawn Mozgawa, Madison

Charles Mueller, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Dale Munger, Madison

Bob Munson, Lodi

Julie Murphy, Fitchburg

Ed Murphy, Fitchburg

John Murphy, Madison

Jerry J. Murphy, Monona


Art Naebig, La Valle

Frederick W. Nagle, Madison

Karen Natoli, Middleton

Richard Nawratil, Monona

Coreen Nelson, Naalehu, Hawaii

Jim Nelson, Barneveld

Jon Nelson, Verona

Paul M. Nelson, Madison

Aileen Nettleton, Madison

Michael Neuman, Madison

Kimberley Neuschel, Madison

Tom Neuser, Madison

John Newman, Madison

David Newman, Madison

Kathy Newport, Madison

Brent Nicastro, Madison

Karissa Niederkorn, Madison

Russ Niesen, Cottage Grove

James Nilles, Cross Plains

Jane Noffke, Madison

Paul Nonn, Deerfield

Len Nosal, Madison

Mariette Nowak, East Troy

Darlene Nowak, Mount Horeb

Pete Nowicki, Madison

Kathleen Nussbaum, Middleton


Justin O’Brien, Mineral Point

Christopher O’Brien, Watertown

Brent Odell, McFarland

Masaru Oka, Madison

David Olien, Williamsburg, Va.

Patrick O’Loughlin, Madison

Laura Olsen, Fitchburg

Andy Olsen, Madison

Charlie Olson, Madison

Peter Olson, Monona

David Olson, Fitchburg

Thomas O’Neil, Colfax

Maureen Oostdik, Madison

Ken Opin, Madison

Patrick Osterbrink, Jefferson

Robert Owen, Middleton


Amitabh Pal, Madison

Pete Papageorge, Oshkosh

Carol Parisi, Monona

Brian Parks, Madison

Rob Parmentier, Pulaski

Niha Patankar, Fitchburg

Patrick L. Patterson, Mount Hope

Francis Pauc, Oak Creek

Adam Paul, Madison

Brad Paul, Madison

Dennis Pauli, Edgerton

Lance Paulson, Waunakee

Sue Paulson, DeForest

Lynn Pauly, Madison

Olivia Pax, Monona

Sharon Payne, McFarland

Catherine Pearson, Madison

Jim Pease, Middleton

Sandy Pelc, McFarland

Greg Perkins, Waterloo

George Perkins, Madison

Kato Perlman, Madison

Tracy Persinger, Madison

Beverly Pestel, Richland Center

Ralph Peters Jr., Fort Atkinson

Mary Peterson-Smith, Richland Center

Sam Petricca, Madison

Roger Pettee, Monona

Jill Pfeiffer, Madison

Mike Pfrang, Madison

Carol Phelps, Middleton

Merrilee Pickett, Madison

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

Joanne Piepenburg, Madison

Craig Piersma, Waunakee

Stephen Piotrowski, Madison

Frank Piraino, Waunakee

Pierre La Plante, Oregon

John Pleuss, Madison

Jill Plonka, Cazenovia

Michael Pomeroy, Poynette

Rick Pomo, Madison

Russell Pope, Madison

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

Bruce Porter, Middleton

Betty Poskie, Madison

Brian Potts, Madison

Jim Powell, Madison

Martin A. Preizler, Madison

Caleb Price, Madison

Tom Puchner, Fitchburg


Mark Quinn, Madison

Jenny Quinn, Madison

Vicki Quint, Brookfield


Dick Radtke, Madison

Fritz Ragatz, Middleton

Dennis Rahkonen, Superior

Peggy Rakow, Madison

Tom Raschke, Madison

Laurel Ravelo, Madison

Harry Read, Madison

Dorothy Rebholz, Portage

Warren Rebholz, Portage

Doug Rebout, Janesville

Paul Reckwerdt, Madison

Elmer Redford, Fort Atkinson

Margo Redmond, Madison

Dan Redmond, Madison

Robby Ree, Stoughton

Randy Ree, Stoughton

Michael Reichert, Madison

Mary Lou Reisch, Madison

Derek Reisdorf, Middleton

David Relles, Madison

Bill Rettig, Madison

Steven Reusser, Eau Claire

Mary Rose Reynolds, Madison

Regina Rhyne, Fitchburg

Jeff Rich, La Crosse

Evan Richards, McFarland

Tom Richards, Madison

William Richardson, Middleton

Todd Richmond, Platteville

Al Rickey, Madison

Bruce Rideout, Madison

Richard Riley, Columbus, Ohio

Andy Ringquist, Madison

Keith Ripp, Dane

Kate Ripple, Madison

Sue Riseling, Madison

Wolfgang Risop, Madison

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairie

David Rizzo, Fitchburg

Elmo Roach, Pelican Lake

Louise Robbins, Madison

Ogie Roberts, Madison

Sara Roberts, Fitchburg

Laurie Robertson, Madison

Peter Robertson, Madison

John Robinson, Madison

Barbara Roeber, Madison

Patricia S. Rogeberg, Madison

Charlie Rogers, Cottage Grove

James Rohan, Middleton

James Rollins, Madison

Jim Roloff, Madison

Timothy Rookey, Middleton

Mitch Rosefelt, Verona

Vicky Rosenbaum, Mount Horeb

Roland Rosenkranz, Madison

William M. Rosensteel Jr., Pismo Beach, California

Terry Ross, Madison

Kathy Rothering, Madison

Naomi Rouse-Kugel, Madison

Darrell Roy, Stoughton

Joseph Roy, Madison

Jen Rubin, Madison

Stan Ruesch, Lodi

Allen Ruff, Madison

Ellen (Elena) Rulseh, Madison

Meg Ruoff, Madison


Richard S. Russell, Madison

Bruce Russell, Madison

Diane Sagunsky, Westfield

David Sahakian, Madison

Evan Salentine, Madison

James Sampson, Madison

Nancy Sanborn, Madison

Steve Sanborn, Madison

Helen Sandwick, Duluth

Ben Sanzen, Madison

Sherie Sasso, Madison

George Savage, Madison

Christopher Schaefer, Madison

Thomas Schaub, Verona

Andrew Schauer, Madison

Monsignor Roger J. Scheckel, Richland Center

Judd Schemmel, Madison

Elaine Schenborn, Middleton

David Schendlinger, Middleton

Paul W. Schlecht, Madison

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska

Glenn Schmidt, Sun Prairie

Christina Gomez Schmidt, Madison

Hugh Schmidt, Madison

Linda Schmitt, Sun Prairie

Steve Schmitt, Madison Mallards

Melody Schmitt, Madison

John Schmitz, Madison

Susan Schmitz, Madison

David Schneider, Madison

Donald Schoechert, Montello

Randy Schramm, Madison

John A. Schrandt, Madison

Paul Schrepfer, Madison

Allan R. Schroeder, Oregon

Jim Schuessler, Madison

Alison Schulenburg, Madison

Emmett Schulte, Madison

Craig Schultz, Madison

Dick Schultz, Fort Atkinson

Robert Schultz, Darlington

Lynn Schultz, Verona

James Schumacher, Eau Claire

Jared Schumacker, Madison

Don Schuster, Madison

Preston Schutt, Madison

Nick Schweitzer, Madison

March Schweitzer, Madison

James Schwenn, Middleton

Karl Schwoerer, Belleville

Tom Scott, Middleton

Amy Scott, Madison

Lori Seaborne, Madison

Dave Searles, Brodhead

Brooke Seeliger, Madison

Barbara Seguin, Beloit

John Seidl, McFarland

Gene Selke, Lake Mills

Jeff Seltz, Middleton

Annie Senecal, Madison

John Senseman, Verona

Linda Serafini, Sun Prairie

Rob Severson, Madison

Larry Shapiro, Madison

Margaret Sherman, Beaver Dam

Daryl K. Sherman, Madison

Eric Sherman, Madison

Paul Sherman, Madison

Terri Shewczyk, Roberts

Jacque Shimko, Fitchburg

S. Michael Shivers, Madison

Jacklyn Shivers, Madison

Wayne Shockley, Brooklyn

Dan Sidney, Madison

Marilisa Sieczkowski, Madison

William Siems, Windsor

Dean Siewert, Madison

Donna Silver, Madison

George Silverwood, Madison

Monica Simpson, Madison

Patti Sinclair, Madison

Tom Sinclair, Madison

Carl Sinderbrand, Middleton

Daryl Sisson, Madison

Judy Skog, Madison

James Slavens, Madison

Edna Slayback, Richland Center

Connie Palmer Smalley, Madison

Melissa Smith, Madison

Dick Smith, Madison

R. Martin Smith, Madison

Robert Smith, Madison

Mary Smith, Richland Center

Greg Smith, McFarland

Daniel Smith, Arena

Alan Smithback, Cottage Grove

Judy Snyderman, Madison

Peter Sobol, McFarland

Myrna Sokolinsky, Madison

Richard Solberg, Verona

Brook Soltvedt, Madison

Jan Somerfeld, Madison

Ed Sommers, Windsor

Gary Spaeni, Madison

Leona Sparky, Middleton

David J. Spengler, Madison

Phil Speth, Oregon

William Spira, Madison

Kevin Spitler, Middleton

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, Madison

Bill Spofford, Platteville

Scott Spoolman, Madison

Larry Gundlach Sr., Cottage Grove

Tom Stalowski, Oregon

David Stalowski, Verona

Ray Stalowski, Oregon

Robert Stanley, Middleton

Mark Starik, Madison

Chuck Stathas, Madison

Joe Stauffacher, Platteville

Mark Stauffer, town of Lisbon

Peter Stebbins, Madison

Georgie Stebnitz, Madison

Gary Stebnitz, Madison

Richard Steeves, Madison

Sheila Steeves, Madison

Larry Steinborn, Madison

Mark Steingraeber, La Crosse

Carol Steinhart, Madison

Eunice Steinke, Beloit

Michelle Crean Stellner, Madison

Hunter Stephenson, Madison

Lianne Stephenson, Madison

Man-John Stern, Madison

Gerald C. Sternberg, Madison

Terrance Stewart, Madison

Kathleen B. Stilling, lawyer

Robert Stockton, Madison

Hannah Stone, Waterloo

Chuck Stonecipher, Monona

Gary Storck, Madison

Mary Strait, Fitchburg

Ann Stratton, Stoughton

Andrea Straus, Madison

Steve Struss, Cambridge

Mary Subkoviak, Middleton

Gene Summers, Black Earth

Bill Sumner, Madison

Tom Sundal, Madison

Robert Sundquist, Madison

Marilee Sushoreba, Madison

George Sutton, Fitchburg

Wayne Svec, Madison

Fred Svensson, Madison

Sherri Swartz, Madison

Abigail Swetz, Madison

Joseph Swinea, Madison

Edith Sylvester, Middleton

Luke Szczykutowicz, Madison


Peter Taglia, Madison

Charlie Talbert, Monona

Will Taylor, Madison

Rep. Chris Taylor, Madison

Ellen Taylor-Powell, Madison

Eric teDuits, Fitchburg

Margaret Teeters, Ellicott City, Maryland

David Teiwes, Richland Center

Zach Thennes, Madison

Carol Thiel, North Freedom

Richard Thies, the Villages, Florida

Marcel Thoma, Oregon

Maggie Thomas, Madison

Ethan Thompson, Waunakee

Chuck Thompson, Dairyland Power Cooperative

Donald J. Thompson, Edgerton

Scott Thompson, Madison

Don Thompson, Edgerton

Dustin Thompto, Madison

Dan Thomson, Madison

Jon Thorell, Wonewoc

Kurt Thorson, Cassville

Guy Thorvaldsen, Madison

Rhiannon Tibbetts, Madison

Rex Tilley, Brooklyn

William H. Tishler, Fitchburg

Bianca Tomasini, Madison

Steve Tomasko, Middleton

Mary Beth Tomlinson, Madison

Ralph Tomlinson, Madison

Col. Bob Topel, Madison

Dave Topp, Madison

John Torgerson, Wisconsin Dells

Jay Toser, Middleton

Neil Traubenberg, Sun Prairie

Ralph Trentadue, Madison

Gary Tribbey, Sun Prairie

Joe Tripalin, McFarland

Sara Tripalin, Madison

Dane Trodahl, Wonewoc

Rev. Frederick R. Trost, Sheboygan

Dick Tschanz, Monroe

Helena Tsotsis, Madison

Ellen Turgasen, Madison

Diane Michalski Turner, Madison

John J. Tuten, Madison

Mark Tyler, Sauk City


Tom Umhoefer, Stoughton

Jason Unseth, Eau Claire

Charles Uphoff, Fitchburg

Marilynn Uselman, DeForest

Rev. Nick Utphall, Madison


Jacob Valentine, American Transmission Co.

Katherine van Wormer, Madison

Diana Vance, Monroe

Scott T. VanderSanden, AT&T Wisconsin

Nancy Vedder-Shults, Madison

Taylor Vehlow, Reeseville

Shana Verstegen, Madison

Bob Vetter, Madison

Harrison Vey, Milwaukee

Regina Vidaver, Madison

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac

Thomas Virgilio, Cross Plains

Cliff Voegeli, Madison

Nancy (Schumann) Vogt, Sun Prairie

David Vogt, Fitchburg

Shane Vondra, Poynette

Jean Voss, Stoughton

John Voss, Madison

Barbara Voyce, Lone Rock

Donna Vukelich-Selva, Madison


Sharon Wachholz, Middleton

Kenneth Wade, Blue Mounds

Loren Wagner, Mazomanie

Jude Wagner, Madison

Alex Wagner, Madison

Tim Wagner, Madison

Steel Wagstaff, Madison

Diane Walder, Madison

Joyce Hasselman Waldorf, Madison

Sid Waldorf, Madison

Dan Walker, Madison

Kate Wallner, Madison

Tova Walsh, Madison

Jenny Walter, Madison

Brian Walter, Madison

Jacob Walters, Madison

Greg Walters, Madison

Thomas Waltz, Madison

David Wandel, Madison

Ella Wapneski, Sun Prairie

Douglas K. Ward, Middleton

J. Denny Weaver, Madison

Steven Weber, Madison

Stephen Webster, Madison

Kathy Wehrle, Madison

Craig Wehrle, Madison

Anita Weier, Madison

Gary Weiten, Waunakee

S.A. Welch, Fort Atkinson

Kurt Welke, Madison

Eric Wendorff, Middleton

Danielle Wendricks, Madison

Allan Wessel, Madison

David R. Westbury, Madison

Dave Wester, Baraboo

Sandy Whisler, Lake Mills

Carl White, Madison

Susan White, Madison

Ginny White, Madison

Robert White, Waukesha

Doug White, Madison

Tim White, town of Springdale

Scott Whitney, Platteville

Tom Whittaker, Madison

Barbara Widder, Madison

Lt. Col. Frances Wiedenhoeft, Madison

Kyle Wiegand, Sun Prairie

Nancy Wiegand, Madison

Nancy Wild, Columbus

Doyle Wilke, Madison

Thomas Willan, Cottage Grove

Dr. Brian Williams, Madison

John Wilson, Dane

Bob Wilson, Fitchburg

Bill Windels, Cross Plains

Jim Winn, South Wayne

Donna Winter, Madison

Peggy Wireman, Monona

Hal Wissink, Waunakee

Cheryl Wittke, Madison

Mark M. Wohlferd, Middleton

Kathryn Wolf, Middleton

Ron Wolfe, Springfield

Richard Wood, Cottage Grove

Pamela Woodruff, Madison

Jonathan Woods, Madison

Ted Woodstock, Madison

Jonathan Woolums, Verona


Thomas Yager, Fitchburg

Duane Yanna, Mineral Point

Sally Young, Madison

Ronald Youngbauer, Boulder Junction

Jon Yttri, Madison


Steve Zanon, Middleton

Tony Zappia, Madison

Deborah Zdinak, Belleville

Kurt Zemke, Baraboo

Pete Zenz, Middleton

Brooke Zibell, Reedsburg

Allegra Zick, North Freedom

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center

Dwight Ziegler, DeForest

Jonas Zuckerman, Madison

Gabriela Zumwalt, Verona

Steven B. Zwickel, Madison


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