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Letters art

Some 1,165 State Journal readers doubled as writers last year.

Each of them sent us at least one letter to the editor during 2016 that we published in print and online.

Today we honor their contribution by listing their names. Thanks to these engaged citizens for adding their voice and ideas to the community conversation.

We actually received many more submissions than the roughly 1,800 we featured in the newspaper and on About 10,000 letters filled our email inbox, and hundreds more arrived as paper letters through the U.S. Postal Service.

The huge volume gave us plenty of views to choose from and helped to ensure a diverse and healthy mix of opinion.

That is the highest goal of our Editorial Page every day: To encourage a wide-ranging and free-wheeling discussion about the direction of our city, state, nation and world. This is the place for a civil exchange of ideas — without the nastiness, anonymity and misinformation that too often spoils debates on the internet and social media.

We firmly believe that publishing your views in the State Journal helps lead to a better capital city and state.

If you haven’t submitted a letter to the editor, please give it a try. Send 200 words to or to Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 8058, Madison, WI 53708. You also can type your letter into an electronic form by going to Please include your address and phone number for verification.

We don’t have room to print everything we receive. But the more you send us, the more likely you are to be published.

Letters to the editor make a difference. Local and state leaders read them. We know that because they often respond to or cite them. And appearing in the newspaper dramatically amplifies your message, reaching tens of thousands of readers in print and more online.

The State Journal has been publishing letters to the editor for more than 175 years, and that dedication to allowing the people to have their say will always continue. In fact, we give preference to publishing letters that disagree with our editorial board’s opinions.

Thanks again to all of you, listed here, who appeared on our Editorial Page during 2016. Please continue to offer your insights in the coming year.


Mario Ademaj, Cudahy

Suresh Agarwal, Madison

Masood Akhtar, Middleton

Jerry Albrecht, Monroe

Wayne Alden, McFarland

Josh Alexander, Madison

Robin Alexander, Madison

Janet Alfonso, Madison

Robert Alt, Madison

Elsa Althen, Madison

Moses Altsech, Middleton

Anne Altshuler, Madison

Andy Anderson, Madison

Conrad Anderson, town of Spingdale

Dave Anderson, Madison

Dennis Anderson, Madison

John Anderson, Madison

Larry Anderson, Middleton

Lee D. Anderson, Middleton

Michael R. Anderson, Madison

Roger Anderson, Madison

Tammy Andries, Waunakee

Jim Angevine, Madison

David Ankley, Madison

Janice Antoniewicz-Werner, Madison

Dennis B. Appleton, Madison

Jennifer Argelander, Madison

Colleen Armacanqui, Madison

Jason Armstrong, Cottage Grove

Steve Armstrong, Rockford, Illinois

Barbara Arnold, Madison

Frederick M. Arnold, Madison

Steve Arnold, Fitchburg

Dennis Atkinson, Albany

Evan August, Platteville

Pat Ausse, Fitchburg

Jorge Avalos, Fitchburg

Ann Axe, Fitchburg

Kenneth Axe, Fitchburg


Laurene Bach, Waunakee

Anne D. Bachner, Dodgeville

Rita Bailles, Pardeeville

Lee Balek, Couderay

Gary Barber, Waunakee

Thomas Bartell, Verona

Marci Bartelt, Johnson Creek

Dan Barth, Mosinee

Nancy Bartlett, Verona

Dave Baskerville, Madison

John Baumann, Madison

Jeffrey Baylis, Cross Plains

Jeanette M. Beard, Milton

Peter Beatty, Middleton

Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Madison

Bruce Beck, Madison

Eve Siegel Beck, Madison

Denise Beckfield, Verona

Hazel V. Beighley, Lone Rock

Roland C. Beiswanger, Madison

John Belknap, Madison

T. Greg Bell, Madison

Robert L. Bellman, Richland Center

Dave Bellrichard, Cuba City

Royce Belzung, Madison

William R. Benedict, Madison

Renee Benell, Fitchburg

Ingo Bensch, Madison

Kenneth L. Benzel, Reedsburg

Joanne Berg, Madison

Richard Berg, Middleton

Ron Berger, McFarland

Caleb Robert Bernhardt, Allouez

Caleb Bernhardt, Green Bay

Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

Steve Bernhardt, Cuba City

Frank Berryman, Madison

Bill Bessire, Sun Prairie

Pamela Best, Waukesha

Karl Bethke, Madison

Jimmy Bickle, Port Orchard, Washington

Alan Bickley, Fitchburg

Ron Biendeil, Middleton

Gene Bier, Milton

Shary Bisgard, Madison

Philip Blackwell, Whitewater

Phil Blake, Fitchburg

Stephen Blake, Oxford

David Blaska, Madison

Max Blaska, Madison

Bruce Bloedorn, Middleton

Sally J. Blum, Prairie du Sac

Aaron Bock, Cross Plains

Michael Boerger, Madison

Ellen Bogner, Fort Atkinson

Leonard Bohlman, Waterloo

Arlen L. Bohlmann, Chippewa Falls

Robert Borne, Prairie du Chien

Jim Borth, Madison

Richard A. Bosanko, Bristol

Lloyd Bostian, Madison

Lewis Bosworth, Madison

David R. Bouril, Lodi

Steve Bower, Lake Mills

Daniel Bradley, Madison

Ali Bram, Fitchburg

Mike Braun, Oshkosh

Tim Brechlin, Madison

Alan Breed, McFarland

Samara Breidenbach, Madison

Jim Brigham, Lake Mills

Joey Brockert, Madison

Bruce Broker, Madison

Jeffrey L. Brooks, Madison

Stephen Brooks, Monona

Richard Brouillard, Waterloo

Brian Brown, Hill Point

Joanne Brown, Madison

Steve Brown, Monona

Judy Brownrigg, Lodi

Pat Bruden, Madison

Dennis J. Bruenig, Prairie du Sac

Lester Bruns, Sun Prairie

Martha Brusegar, Middleton

Jeffrey Buchholz, Cross Plains

Marlene Buechel, Verona

Denise Buenzli, Madison

Rick Buffington, Madison

Chico Buller, Sun Prairie

Ken Burbach, Middleton

George Burgess, Baraboo

Dale Burke, Fitchburg

Richard Burnham, Madison

Jack Burris, Madison

Jacob Burris, Madison

Steve Busalacchi, Madison

Sue Bush, Fitchburg


Jeremiah Cahill, Madison

John Callister, Ithaca, New York

Marsha Cannon, Madison

Peter Cannon, Madison

Jackie Captain, Fitchburg

Andy Cardinal, Cottage Grove

Karen Carlson, Madison

James L. Carney, Madison

Mike Carr, Madison

Jeff Carroll, Madison

Tom Carroll, Madison

Jeannine Carta-Hanson, Green Bay

Joe Carter, Madison

Vince Caruso, Madison

Anthony Carver, Madison

DeAnna Caspers, Richland Center

Sherry Caves, Middleton

Sandra Cechvala, DeForest

Arnold Chandler, Madison

Larry Chatman, McFarland

Billie Chavez, Sun Prairie

Judy Childers, Madison

Tom Chojnacki, Lake Mills

Brent Christianson, Madison

Erica Christman, Madison

Michael R. Christopher, Madison

Nancy Chung, Sun Prairie

Dave Cieslewicz, Madison

David Clason, Black Earth

Larry Classen, Madison

David Cleek, Madison

Shirley Clements, Fond du Lac

Don Cleven, Madison

Cory Clifcorn, Waunakee

Larry Cobb, Madison

David W. Cole, Baraboo

Rebecca Cole, Madison

Ann Collins, Madison

Joan Collins, Madison

Mark Collins, Madison

Paul Collins, Madison

Mark Condon, Madison

Colin Conn, Madison

Mary Conroy, Madison

Tom Consigny, Madison

Marshall J. Cook, Madison

Scott Cooper, Madison

Jim Coors, Madison

Mathew Coppens, Montello

John Costello, McFarland

Tracy Coward, Madison

Beth L. Cox, Oregon

Michael Cox, Oregon

Vivian Creekmore, Milton

Trisha Crinkley, Madison

Laura Croft, Monona

Jim Crossen, Madison

Joel Cryer, Madison

Nancy Currell, Waunakee

Marijane Curry, Madison

James D. Curtin, Madison

Doug Curtis, Gleason

Karl Curtis,


Paula Dail, Spring Green

Nancy M. Daly, Madison

John Danielson, Madison

Bonnie Darda, Madison

Jerry Darda, Madison

Ryan Darley, Newport News, Virginia

Wendy Dart, Maiden Rock

Donald A. Daugherty Jr., River Hills

Bill Davis, Evansville

Peter Davis, Madison

Sally Ann Davis, Madison

Thayer Davis, Tomahawk

David F. Deininger, Monroe

Craig Deller, Madison

Steve Deminsky, Sun Prairie

Allen C. Demmin, Middleton

Gina Dennik-Champion, Madison

Paula Dent, Madison

Maribeth DeRocher, Waunakee

George Diak, Madison

Neil Diboll, Cambria

Pete DiPiazza, Madison

Ronald Disher, Poynette

Henry Doane, Madison

Ron Dobie, Stoughton

Nancy Dodge, Madison

Don Dolphin, Madison

Cal Donovitch, Madison

Dennis Doren, Madison

Rev. Doug Dowling, Madison

Robin Downs, Madison

Bob Dran, Madison

Bob Drane, Middleton

Eve Drury, Middleton

Dennis Duane, Madison

Wayne Duddleston, Madison

Theresa M. Duello, Madison

John Duemler, Madison

Helen Duffy, McFarland

Jack Duffy, McFarland

Ian D. Duncan, Madison

Joseph DuPont, Towanda, Pennsylvania


Susan Earley, Madison

Dr. Frederick Edelman, Madison

Arthur Eggert, UW-Madison

Joe Elder, Dane County

Charity Eleson, Fitchburg

Henry C. Ellingson, town of Lodi

Darrell Elliot, Baraboo

Brandon Elsing, Stoughton

Natalie Emmerich, Whitewater

Maureen Engelberger, Madison

Marge Engelman, Madison

Ronald Engerman, Madison

Sarah Engle, Marshfield

Don Ennis, Reedsburg

Dan Erdman, Madison

Larry Eriksson, Madison

Robert Ervin, Madison

Rita Esch, Dodgeville

Beth Esser, Monona

Paul Esser, Sun Prairie

Pat Eulberg, Marshall


Michael Faas, Windsor

Tim Faber, New Glarus

John Fabie, Waunakee

Eric Farnsworth, Middleton

Astrid “Chris” Faust, Waunakee

John Ferrick, Madison

James H. Fetzer, Oregon

Joanne Fiedler, Middleton

John Finkler, Middleton

Robert H. Finn Jr., Madison

Beth Fiore, Madison

Michael Fiore, Madison

John A. Fiorello Sr., Madison

Robert Firlus, Mauston

Julie Fitzpatrick, Madison

Paula Fitzsimmons, Madison

Steve Fitzsimmons, Madison

William Flader, Madison

Judge David Flanagan, Madison

Patrick Flannery, Madison

Frank Fleres, Madison

Guy Flint, Viroqua

Alyssa Florack, DePere

William Folz, Madison

Jackson Foote, Madison

Jeff Ford, Madison

Joshua Forehand, Madison

Erin Forrest, Emerge Wisconsin

Mary Foster, Middleton

Pearl Foster, Poynette

Virginia Foulk, Mazomanie

Jan Marshall Fox, Monona

Melanie Foxcroft, Madison

Karen Foxgrover, Madison

Dale J. Fraaza, Palmyra

Todd J. Frank, Wausau

Tom Frazier, Middleton

Kimberly Freeman, Madison

Bruce Frey, Madison

Dr. Richard Friday, Madison

Fred Frommelt, Janesville

Nila Frye, Waunakee

Todd Fuhrmeister, Stoughton

Kathleen Fullin, Madison

Luke Fuszard, Middleton


Darlene Gakovich, Madison

Robin Ganzert, Washington, D.C.

Joel Garb, Black Earth

Denise Garlow, Madison

Ed Garvoille, Madison

Lee Gasper-Galvin, Sun Prairie

Lornne D. Gates, Stoughton

Thomas Gearing, Merrillan

Thomas Gebhart, Madison

Barb Gehin, Middleton

Terry Genske, Waunakee

Nick George, Madison

Cassidy Gerothanas, Cottage Grove

John Gibbs, Gays Mills

Thomas C. Gibson, Madison

David Giffey, Arena

Nancy Giffey, Arena

Thomas Gilbert, Middleton

Cameron Gillie, Madison

Rex Gilligan, Plain

Tobin Gilligan, Madison

Thomas Gitter, Madison

Michyle S. Glen, Fall River

Dave Glomp, Madison

Jorgen N. Goderstad, Black Earth

Jim Goetz, Madison

Chad Allen Goldberg, Madison

Gil Gonzales, Madison

Annalee Good, UW-Madison

Dave Gorak, La Valle

Lyn Gordh, Madison

Warren J. Gordon, Madison

Paul Gottschalk, Waunakee

Michael L. Gourlie, Madison

Adam Grabski, Mazomanie

Ginny Graham, Waukesha

Donna Grahn, Madison

John Granahl, Madison

Norman C. Granvold, Stoughton

Gary Graper, Madison

Jim Graves, Albany

John Gray, Stoughton

Walter Gray, Middleton

Laura Green, Madison

Jan Greenquist, Richland Center

Dick Greffin, Cross Plains

Michael Grenier, Berlin

Janet Griffin, Portage

Nicholas Griffiths, Madison

Charlie Grimm, Madison

Kenneth Groehler, Madison

Janet “J.B.” Grosse, Madison

Ned Grossnickle, Mosinee

JoAnn Gruber-Hagen, Belleville

Joanne Grunau,

Tom Grunwald, Prairie du Sac

Edward Gryzynger, Madison

Gerald Guenther, Pardeeville

Gary Gundlach, Wauzeka

John Gwinn, McFarland


Jason Haack, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lee Haas, Madison

Natalie Hagen, Madison

George Hagenauer, Madison

Shirley Haidinger, Madison

Michael J. Hall, Middleton

Robert A. Hall, Madison

John Hallinan, Stoughton

Mark Hamel, town of Fulton

Richard Hampton, Monona

the Rev. Jerry Hancock, Madison

Camille Haney, Monona

Marc F. Hansen, Fitchburg

W. Lee Hansen, Madison

Jerry Hanson, Elkhorn

Mary P. Hanson, Madison

Pete Hanson, Middleton

Steve Hanson, Phillips

Emily Harbison, Madison

Carol Hardin, Hudson

Patrick Hardyman, Blanchardville

Annika Harley, Madison

Lori Lea Harms, Viroqua

Eileen Harrington, Madison

Harry Harris, Madison

William Hartje, Evansille

Ronald Hartl, Medford

Bob Hartwig, Madison

Phyllis Hasbrouck, Madison

Dianne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Wayne Haskins, Mount Horeb

Loren Hatleberg, Waunakee

Judy Havens, Madison

Betty Havlik, Hillsboro

Rich Hayes, Madison

Gary M. Hazen, Cuba City

Janel Hebl, Verona

Andy Heidt, Madison

Steve Heiman, Marshall

Tom Heine, Madison

Melissa Heinemann, Plover

Ann Hellickson, Stoughton

Sallie Helmer, Ripon

Lila Hemlin, Madison

Marci Henderson, Madison

Kurt Hendrickson, Madison

David Henige, Madison

Ellen Henningsen, Madison

Mike Henry, Edgerton

Vanessa Hensey, Verona

Dan Herscher, Birchwood

Buzz Hetzer, Waunakee

Pat Hext, Oconomowoc

Don Hilbig, Beloit

Linda Hilker, Cross Plains

Pat Polak Hillestad, Lodi

Paul Hinds, Webster

Helen Hoar, Ashland

Robert Hodge, Madison

Mary Hoeft, UW System

Steve Hoffenberg, Madison

April Hoffman, Madison

Florence Hoffman, Fitchburg

Judy Hoffman, Fitchburg

Owen Hoitomt, Madison

Bob Holets, Richland Center

Susan Holiday, Oregon

John Holloway,

Amy Holterman, Milton

Larry Holterman, Milton

Jon Holtzman, Cambridge

Daniel Holzman, Baraboo

Connie Hoogerland, Bayside

Julie Horner, Mazomanie

Len Hornung, Madison

Pat Hotter-Becia, Mount Horeb

Kermit Hovey, Middleton

Margaret Hrncirik, Madison

Phillip H. Hubble, Fitchburg

Edward J. Huck, Madison

Tim Huegerich, Madison

Gay Huenink, Monona

Jerry Huffman, Fitchburg

Leo Hull, Mount Horeb

Carol Hundley, Kenosha

Drew Hunkins, Madison

Bob Hunt, Lodi

Mark Huntsman, Madison

Jack Hurst, Madison

Kevin Huska, Oregon

Ed Hutchins, Stoughton

Megan Hyland, Madison


Dale Ihland, Madison

Harriet Irwin, Blue Mounds

Taylor Iwaszko, Madison


Pastor Jeff Jacobs, Verona

Jeff Jadel, Madison

Thomas Jeffris, Janesville

Norman Jensen, Madison

Billie Johnson, Madison

Dan Johnson, Madison

Eric A. Johnson, Madison

Evan Johnson, Waunakee

Gareth R. Johnson, Fitchburg

Mary Johnson, Middleton

Norma Johnson, Fitchburg

Ray Johnson, Evansville

Roger Johnson, Prairie du Sac

Ruth G. Johnson, Madison

Jodi Johnston, Madison

Charles J. Jonas, Madison

Eric Jones, Madison

Paul Jones, Verona

Terry Jones, Deerfield

Thomas B. Jones, Madison

Bill Jordan III, Madison

Sue Jorgenson, Stoughton

Jerome Joyce, Madison

Peter Joyce, Madison

Gary Jugenheimer, Madison


Dick Kalnicky, Madison

Dan Kalvig, Fitchburg

Jerald Kaminsky, Deerfield

Lucetta Kanetzke, Madison

Stephen Kantrowitz, Madison

Stephen Kapitan, Madison

Thomas Kapper, Madison

Margaret Karsten, Platteville

Irwin Kass, Madison

Lisa Kass, Madison

Dave Kastberg, Fitchburg

Ron Kaufman, Marshall

Michael Kauper, Middleton

Jim Kazmierczak, Lodi

Pete Kechele, Madison

Ken Kehlenbrink, Randolph

Rita Kelliher, Madison Festivals

Joan Kemble, Madison

Sharon Kennelly, Madison

Kyle Kepler, Mazomanie

Lynn Ketchum, Madison

Kenneth W. Kickbusch, Lodi

Tim Kiefer, Waunakee

Laura Kiefert, Green Bay

Chris Kilber, Madison

Alison Kilday,

Bruce Kimball, McFarland

Alex Kimbel, Verona

Alexander King, Madison

Diane King, Fort Atkinson

Malcolm Mandela King, Madison

Elizabeth Kingston, Madison

Richard Kinnamon, Edgerton

Michael Kissick, Madison

Carter Klaas, McFarland

Steven Klafka, Madison

Fred Klancnik, Middleton

Dolores Klein, Madison

Philip E. Klein, Madison

Jim Kleinhans, Whitewater

Rebekah Klemm, Middleton

Butch Klug, Johnson Creek

Janice Knapp-Cordes, Madison

Isaac Knoflicek, Madison

Allen Knop, Madison

Dan Knox, Albany

Woody Knox, McFarland

Isadore Knox Jr., Madison

Todd Knutson, Argyle

Cliff Koehler, Madison

Michael Kohn, Neshkoro

Kevin Konopacki, Sun Prairie

Richard Kovac, Stevens Point

Richard Kraemer, Middleton

Dr. Douglas A. Kramer, Middleton

Terry Kramer, Baraboo

David Krause, Twin Oaks

David Krause, Madison

Mel Krc, Middleton

Rep. Jesse Kremer, Kewaskum

Gary L. Kriewald, Madison

Rachel Krinsky, Madison

Patricia Krueger, Madison

Chuck Kudrna, Friendship

Mark Kufahl, Fitchburg

Dr. John M. R. Kuhn, Weston

Emily Kuhn, Madison

Carlo Kumpula, Spooner

Jeff Kunz, Monona

Dr. Daniel F. I. Kurtycz, UW-Madison

Paul H. Kusuda, Madison


Andrew Ladd, Madison

Steve Lagman, Oregon

Anna Lee Landen, Mount Horeb

Howard Landsman, Madison

Judith Landsman, Madison

Lawrence J. Landwehr, Middleton

Stephen Lang, Madison

Robert Lange, Madison

Julie Langenberg, Madison

Mary Langer, Madison

Susan Lanius, Lodi

Kevan LaPorte, Madison

Bob Larsen, Monona

Jennie Larson, Madison

Larry Larson, Waunakee

Nancy Larson, Mineral Point

Rick Larson, Monona

Sara Lastusky, Jefferson

Richard Lathrop, Middleton

Doug Laube, Madison

Paul Lauer, Wisconsin Dells

Madeline Laufenberg, Middleton

Lynn M. Leazer, Verona

Merle Lebakken, Stoughton

Ramsey Lee, Hudson

Ken Leifheit, Soldiers Grove

Joseph Lempa, Oregon

David Lendved, Town of Westpoint

Michael Leon, Fitchburg

Joseph T. Leone, Brooklyn

Rosemarie K. Lester, Madison

Steven Levine, Madison

Cliff Lewis, Madison

Gary Lewis, Brooklyn

Steve Lewis, Fitchburg

Jeff Lewitzke, Verona

Ron Leys, Prairie du Chien

Jane Licht, McFarland

Patricia Liebl, Madison

Gene Lillge, Madison

Nate A. Lindell, Boscobel

Rolf Lindgren, Middleton

Yvonne Lindl, Madison

Chuck Litweiler, Madison

Carol Lobes, McFarland

David Longseth, Sun Prairie

Dr. Donald J. Loomis, Madison

Lyn Young Lorenz, Poynette

Amanda Love, Madison

Mary Loving, Middleton

Stephanie Lowden, Madison

Randolph L. Lucey, Mazomanie

Bill Lueders, Madison

Mark Luetschwager, Cross Plains

Cherie Luke, Reedsburg

Karen Lund, Mount Horeb

Willard Lund, Madison

David A. Lunde, Cottage Grove

Mary Lybeck, Sun Prairie

Jane Lynk, Marshall

Treble Lysenko, Lodi


James Maas, Merrill

Mark Maas, Whitewater

Kevin J. Mack, Madison

Paul Malischke, Madison

Pat Malloy, Madison

James Malmberg, Merrimac

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Madison

Mary Maronek, Madison

Laird Marshall, Middleton

Jean Martinelli, Madison

Gerrie Martini, Monona

Mike Martino, Fort McCoy

Howard Marty, Madison

Salli Martyniak, Waunakee

John Mathew, Madison

Jerzy Matian, Mauston

Greg Matthews, Verona

Marian Matthews, Madison

Elana Matthews, Madison

Terri Mattingly, Janesville

Steve Maurice, Oregon

John Mauritz, Madison

Richard Maves, Stoughton

Richard Maxwell, Monona

Linda Mayfield, Stoughton

Sue Ann Maule McAbee, Plover

Jamie McCarville, Madison

Joe McClain, McFarland

Brian D. McCoy, Readstown

James J. McCoy, Madison

Marilyn McDole, Oregon

Mara McDonald, Madison

Barbara McFarland, Middleton

Anne E. McGill, Lodi

Dennis McGilligan, Madison

Tobin McGilligan, Madison

Cassidy McGowan, Green Bay

Dean McGuire, Madison

Yvonne McGuire, Madison

Theresa McIlroy, Sun Prairie

William J. McIntyre, Reedsburg

John McKay, Waterloo

Bob McLaughlin, Madison

Jim McMahon, Monona

Nancy McMahon, Madison

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus

Emily McWilliams, Chicago

Donna C. Meerdink, Madison

Amanda Meier, Verona

Gerald W. Meier, Madison

Tim Melin, Verona

Bob Menamin, Verona

Bruce Meredith, Madison

Debbie Metke, Milwaukee

David Mettille, Ashland

Teege Mettille, Ashland

Teresa Meyer, Madison

Walter Meyer, Madison

Robin M. Mezera, Wauzeka

Susan Michaud, Black Earth

Pamela Midbon, Madison

Jack Mielke, Poynette

Jim Mikalson, town of Burke

Dot Miller, Cross Plains

Eric Miller, Waunakee

Jim Miller, Madison

Robert E. Miller, Madison

Thomas M. Miller, Waupaca

Thomas Miller, Madison

Jerry Minnich, Madison

Anthony Miranti Jr., Hortonville

Cari Mitchell, Spring Green

George Mitchell, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Frank Mixdorf, New Glarus

Jack Molitor, McFarland

Katie Montgomery, Madison

Robert Montgomery, Madison

Daniel Moran, Waunakee

John Morgan, Madison

Terrell Morris, Sun Prairie

C. David Mortensen, Madison

Ruth Mortensen, Madison

Donald Moseley, Madison

Michael Moser, Madison

Dawn Mozgawa, Madison

Alice Mueller, Richland Center

Thomas Mugan, Sun Prairie

Michael Mullally, Middleton

Judith Munaker, Madison

Andrew Murdoch, Madison

Patrick Murley, Boscobel

Dick Murphy, Madison

Dr. John Murphy, Madison

Ed Murphy, Madison

John Murphy, Madison

Mario Musachia, Madison

Kevin Musgrave, Madison

John Mutschler, Dodgeville


Arthur Naebig, La Valle

F.W. Nagle, Madison

Robert Narf, Madison

Karen Natoli, Middleton

Jack Naughton, Madison

Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, Madison

Richard Nawratil, Monona

Maxine Nehmer, Windsor

Eric Nelson, Deerfield

Kristen Nelson, Madison

Susan Nelson, Madison

Gillian Nevers, Madison

Brent Nicastro, Madison

Jim Nichols, Madison

Laura Nichols, Fitchburg

Michael Nichols, Oregon

John Niesen, Middleton

Randy Ninmer, Monroe

Susan Nitzke, Cottage Grove

Bob Nodolf, Janesville

Hans Noeldner, Oregon

Jane Noffke, Madison

Ethan Noles, Madison

Robert Nomonicher, Fort Atkinson

Paul Nonn, Deerfield

Len Nosal, Madison

Russell Novkov, Madison

Tom Nueser, Madison


Katie O’Brien, Middleton

H. Paul O’Brion, Portage

Randy O’Connell, Omro

Theron O’Connor, Bayfield

Brent Odell, McFarland

Ross Oestreich, Sun Prairie

Elizabeth Oftedahl, Cross Plains

Genie Ogden, Madison

Nelia Olivencia, Cottage Grove

Ron Oliver, Madison

Alan Olson, Oregon

Ben Olson, Wisconsin Dells and Goodland, Florida

Catherine Erhard Olson, Madison

David Floyd Olson, Fitchburg

Peter Olson, Monona

Todd Olson, Lodi

Carlos Torrado Ortega, Cottage Grove

Patrick Osterbrink, Madison

Robert H. Owen Jr., Middleton


Donna Pahuski, Cambridge

Elizabeth Palay, Madison

Tom Palmtag, Sun Prairie

Eric H. Pangman, Madison

Jean Papalia, McFarland

Brian Parks, Madison

Gordon E. Parks, DeForest

Francis Pauc, Oak Creek

Michael J. Paul, Verona

Mary Paulauskis, Madison

Lynn Pauly, Madison

William Payne, Madison

Mike Pearsall, Columbus

John Peck, Madison

Tom Pedretti, Mount Horeb

James Penczykowski, Madison

Barb Perkins, Madison

Greg Perkins, Madison

Kato Perlman, Madison

Katherine Perreth, Middleton

the Rev. Dwight Perry, Madison

Robert Persons, Madison

Ralph Peters Jr., Fort Atkinson

David Peterson, Madison

Denise Peterson, McFarland

Derek Peterson, Monona

Gary Peterson, Rice Lake

Paul Petzold, Middleton

Kayla Pfeiffer-Mundt, Madison

Mike Pfrang, Madison

Emma Phillips, Edgerton

Virginia Pickerell, Madison

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

Linda Pils, Madison

Tad Pinkerton, Madison

Eric Piotrowski, Madison

Stephen Piotrowski, Madison

Frank Piraino, Waunakee

Rick Plonsky, Harshaw

Sheila Plotkin, McFarland

Claudia Grams Pogreba, Madison

Brad Pommerening, Madison

Mary Briggs Pomo, Madison

John Poole, Richland Center

Gabe Pope, Madison

Russell Pope, Madison

Julie Pophal, Fitchburg

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

Sylvia Poppelbaum, Madison

Greg Porter, Sauk City

Richard Douglas Porter, Evansville

John Powell, McFarland

Mary Power, Fitchburg

Nancy Price, Madison

Ron Prince, Madison

Jonathan Prine, Madison

Michael Prissel, Madison

James Protsman, Manitowoc

Ron Prust, Verona

Tom Puchner, Fitchburg

Robert Pulvermacher, Waunakee

Ray Purdy, Madison


Mark Quinn, Madison


M.A. Rackow, Madison

Bob Radford, Verona

Clare Radtke, Madison

Dennis Rahkonen, Superior

Jeanine Ramsey, Madison

Reg Rand, Lodi

Steve Rankin, Madison

Nancy Rathke, Madison

Rita Rausch, Madison

Richard Rauschenbush, Piedmont, California

Jean Rawson, Madison

Margo Redmond, Madison

Michael Redmond, Madison

Randy Ree, Stoughton

Mary Ann Reed, Monona

Elaine Slater Reese, Spring Green

Helen L. Regan, Madison

Michael Reichert, Madison

John Reindl, Madison

Jim Reinke, Monona

Richard Reinke, Madison

Renee Reinke-Wesenberg, Lake Mills

Nathan Relles, Madison

Roger Remus, Verona

Daniel Rendler, Middleton

Alex Renk, Sun Prairie

William Rettig, Madison

Ken Richardson, Lodi

William Richardson, Middleton

Allen M. Rickey, Madison

Bruce Rideout, Madison

Derek Rideout, Madison

Glenn Rindfleisch, Madison

Kay Ringelstetter, Prairie du Sac

Nick Ringelstetter, Prairie du Sac

Theron Ris, Madison

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairie

David Rizzo, Fitchburg

Louise Robbins, Madison

Jim Roberts, New Glarus

Christopher J. Rodel, Sun Prairie

Barbara Roeber, Madison

Patricia S. Rogeberg, Madison

Jodie Rohrer, Fitchburg

Timothy Rookey, Middleton

Marilyn Ross, Madison

Linn Roth, Madison

Eric Rothstein, Middleton

Kelda Royce, Madison

George L. Rueckert, Cross Plains

Stanley Ruesch, Lodi

Amanda Ruetten, Madison

LeRoy Rundhaug, Lyndon Station

Marvin Rupp, Belleville

Shelly Rush, Madison

Jon Russell, Monona

Gerald Ryan, Madison


Samara Safarik, Madison

Jeff Salzman, Oshkosh

Jack Salzwedel, Madison

Cynthia Samels, Iron River

Nancy Sanborn, Madison

Christina Sanchez, Madison

Kenneth Sand, Prairie du Chien

Jack Sanderson, Columbus

Pat Sanson, Fitchburg

Rick Sanson, Lancaster

Pamela Saulnier, Appleton

George Savage, Madison

Melanie Sax, Fitchburg

Joseph Schappel, Madison

Monsignor Roger J. Scheckel, Richland Center

David Schendlinger, Middleton

Bernard Schermetzler, Oregon

Carrie Scherpelz, Madison

Roger Schink, Middleton

Susan Schlub, Mount Horeb

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska

Eugene Schmid, Plain

Dennis Schmidt, Madison

Warren Schmidt, Madison

Linda Schmitt, Sun Prairie

Steve Schmitt, Madison Mallards

Norbert L. Schmitz, Middleton

David Schneider, Madison

Jeff Schneider, Middleton

David Scholten, Madison

Randy Schramm, Madison

John A. Schrandt, Madison

Kristopher Schroeder, Verona

Murray Schukar, Fitchburg

Barbara Schultz, Madison

Craig Schultz, Madison

Norma Schultz, Arlington

Dennis Schumacher, Madison

Donald Schuster, Madison

Donald Schwab, Verona

Paul Schwartz, Monona

Kathleen Scott, Verona

William Scott, Middleton

Mary Scullion, Madison

Richard Seaman, Fitchburg

Stacy Seiden, Middleton

Gene Selke, Lake Mills

Katie Sellner, Fitchburg

LaVonne Senn, Madison

Joe Severa, Waunakee

Martin Shackelford, Madison

Richard J. Shafel, Madison

David Sharpe, Stoughton

Elizabeth Shaver, Cottage Grove

Robert Shaw, Deland, Florida

Mike Shelton, Madison

Margaret Sherman, Beaver Dam

Jim Sherrell, Seattle, Washington

Marvin Shipley, Platteville

S. Michael Shivers, Madison

Wayne Shockley, Brooklyn

Margaret Shoup, Sun Prairie

Richard W. Shropshire, McFarland

Lisa Sieczkowski, Madison

Bill Siems, Windsor

Donna Silver, Madison

Carl Silverman, Madison

Beverly Simonds, Baraboo

Michael Simons, Madison

Patti Sinclair, Madison

Tom Sinclair, Madison

Tom Sinsky, Claremont, California

John Skille, Lake Delton

Richard Sleder, Madison

Mike Smale, Madison

Amy Smith

Claude Smith, Madison

David Smith, Verona

Dick Smith, Madison

Jacob Smith, Sun Prairie

Joseph Smith, Madison

Kevin Smith, Sun Prairie

Lindsay Smith, Irmo, South Carolina

Ron Smith, Madison

Judy Snyderman, Madison

Jason Socha, Madison

Joe Sokolinsky, Madison

Myrna Sokolinsky, Madison

Mary Lang Sollinger, Madison

Albert Solochek, Milwaukee

Brook Soltvedt, Madison

Jan Somerfeld, Madison

Barbara Sommerfeld, Madison

Susan Spahn, Madison

Donna Spangler, Mazomanie

Jim Sparks, Madison

Ray Spellman, Darlington

Phil Speth, Oregon

Bill Spevacek, Madison

Steve Sprague, Middleton

Henry St. Maurice, Columbus

Clarence Stanisch, Middleton

Mel Stark, Marshall

Ron Stauter, Madison

Georgianna Stebnitz, Madison

Paul Stein, Verona

Jess Steindorf, Oregon

Carol Steinhart, Madison

Eunice Steinke, Beloit

James L. Stellmach, Wisconsin Rapids

Dianne Stevens, Madison

Paul Stevens, Madison

Mark Stodghill, Duluth, Minnesota

Tom Stoebig, Madison

Roger Stoffel, Windsor

Bill Stokes, Mazomanie

Gary Storck, Madison

Ann Stratton, Stoughton

Ethan Strauss, Madison

Helen Streekstra, Wisconsin Rapids

Craig Strid, Rhinelander

Dawn Stucki, Waunakee

Lisa Subeck, Madison

Mary Subkoviak, Madison

Jim Suchomel, DeForest

Bill Sumner, Madison

Robert Sundquist, Madison

Don Svoboda, Cross Plains

Elaine Swanson, Pickett

Sherri Swartz, Madison

Tom Swenson, Madison

Leon Swerin, Madison

Dr. Charles Swisher, Evanston, Illinois

Edith Sylvester, Middleton

Gary Syring, Stoughton


Charlie Talbert, Monona

Jane Tarrell, Highland

Andrew Tauber, Madison

Brad Taylor, Madison

Jeff Taylor, Sun Prairie

Rep. Chris Taylor, Madison

Susan Taylor, Verona

William Tecku, Gordon

Erika Tecua, Madison

Henry Teloh, Madison

Chuck Tennessen, Dodgeville

Steven Tenney, Verona

Terry L. Terrell, Sparta

John Terry Jr., Madison

Zach Thennes, Madison

Richard Thies, The Villages, Florida

Marcel Thoma, Brooklyn

Bruce Thomadsen, Madison

Thomas J. Thommesen, Madison

Craig Thompson, Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

John Thompson, DeForest

Mark Thompson, Sun Prairie

Dan Thomson, Madison

Guy Thorvaldsen, Madison

Constance F. Threinen, Madison

Ron Thronson, Edgerton

Rhiannon Tibbetts, Madison

Rex Tilley, Brooklyn

James Timbers, Madison

William H. Tishler, Fitchburg

Larry M. Tobin, Tomahawk

Steve Tomasko, Middleton

Francis M. Tompkins, UW-Green Bay

Michael Tomski, Madison

Bob Topel, Madison

Dave Topp, Middleton

John Torgerson, Wisconsin Dells

Heather Townsend, Eagle

Gwen Treleven, Madison

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland

James Troha, Madison

Carole Troxel, Richland Center

Dick Tschanz, Monroe

Kim Tschudy, New Glarus

Helena Tsotsis, Madison

Diane Michalski Turner, Madison

John Tuten, Madison

Jan Tymorek, Madison


Robert Ulfig, Middleton

Ray Unger, Madison


Edith Valentine, Green Bay

Lynn Van Campen, Fitchburg

Maria Van Cleve, Mazomanie

Brad Van Epps, Lancaster

Doris J. Van Houten, Madison

the Rev. Bonnie Van Overbeke, Fitchburg

Brittany Van Remortel, Madison

Diana Vance, Monroe

Ron Vanderberg, McFarland

Sandra Vandervest, Middleton

Sue Veeder, Madison

Bob Vetter, Madison

Regina Vidaver, Madison

Chuck Vierthaler, Monroe

John D. Vieth, Mauston

Steve Vincent, Madison

Jeff Virchow, Prairie du Sac

Thomas Virgilio, Cross Plains

Shane Vodra, Poynette

Ken Vogel, Madison

Nancy Vogt, Sun Prairie

Chuck Volkey, Lake Delton

Shane Vondra, Poynette

Zachary Vosberg, Madison

Bob Voss, Monticello

John Voss, Madison

Donna Vukelich-Selva, Madison


Karen Wagner, Wautoma

Ruth E. Wagner, Madison

Michele Waldinger, Madison

Adele Walker, Poynette

Dan Walker, Madison

Michael A. Walker, Madison

Carol Walkowitz, Wisconsin Dells

Terrence R. Wall, Madison

Brian Walter, Madison

Bryan Walton, Spring Green

the Rev. David Wanish, Lake Mills

Josh Wanta, Verona

James Wargula, Fitchburg

Mona Wasow, Madison

Marcus Watson, Madison

Sarah Watson, Madison

David Waugh, Madison

J. Denny Weaver, Madison

Clare Weege,

Craig Wehrle, Madison

Kathy Wehrle, Madison

Karen Lee Weidig, Madison

Mark Weiss, Cambridge

Eric Wendorff, Middleton

Lonnie West, Madison

Dave Wester, Elroy

Jeanette Wheat, Cross Plains

Sandy Whisler, Lake Mills

Ginny White, Madison

Kathleen White, Madison

Sean J. White, New Lisbon

Stan White, Dillon, Colorado

Si Widstrand, Madison

Jessica Wieczorek, Dodgeville

Nancy Wiegand, Madison

Betsy Wilcox, Madison

Nancy Wild, Columbus

Doyle Wilke, Madison

Damien Wilson, Madison

Maia Wilson, Burlington

Peggy Wireman, Monona

Ed Wirka, Madison

Philip Wiseley, Madison

Walter Wisnewski, Platteville

Ernie Wittwer, Hill Point

Darlene Woldt, Madison

Jim Woller, Sun Prairie

Anya Wolterman, Madison

Richard Wood, Cottage Grove

Lyman Woodman, McFarland

Jackie Woodruff, Madison

Karen Wulff, Madison


Tom Yager, Fitchburg

Phil Yagow, Mount Horeb

Tim Yanacheck, Oregon

Keith Yefchak, Madison


Pete Zenz, Middleton

Allegra Zick, North Freedom

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center

Larry Ziegler, Waunakee

Doug Zwank, Middleton

Ann Zydowsky, Pardeeville

Editor's note: The first name of Lorrne D. Gates of Stoughton was misspelled in the original version of this list.

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