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I’m pretty lucky to work at the Wisconsin State Journal. Few newspapers value editorial cartooning the way this one does.

As the newspaper industry continues to change, the State Journal remains committed to cartoons as a way to keep readers informed, engaged and entertained.

Now, being an editorial cartoonist isn’t the hippest job in the world. I’m not designing the latest software or developing the next must-have app. But it might be the most fun job in the world.

Who else gets to wake up every morning with the mission of mocking powerful politicians? Cartoonists get to add humor and joy to the bitter practice to politics, and nowadays that’s needed more than ever.

Granted, I’d rather be using my cartoons to point out the peculiar quirks of local leaders. I like drawing Madison Mayor Paul Soglin’s epic ‘stache, and Gov. Scott Walker’s cabinet-induced bald spot (he told our editorial board he hit the top of his head on a kitchen cabinet, causing his hair to stop growing there). But instead of mocking our local officials, I find myself on the front lines defending our constitutional rights from a president who doesn’t care much for the freedom of the press that allows our democracy to thrive.

President Donald Trump presents a sort of double-edged sword for cartoonists. The only thing more ridiculous than his appearance is the stuff that comes out his mouth. It’s easy to draw lazy cartoons mocking his latest absurd comment or inflammatory tweet. What’s difficult is drawing something truly insightful about a man who seems to be a caricature of himself.

Figuring out how to properly make fun of our leaders is a job I take seriously.

Here are some of my favorite cartoons from the past year. Some are hard hitting and telling, others are simply silly. But they were all fun to draw. I hope you enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed creating them.

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