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Over the next 25 years, Dane County’s population is expected to increase by over 150,000 people, growing from 536,000 to about 686,000. This rapid and significant growth means we all need to think about some big questions:

  • Where should new housing be built?
  • What kind of housing do we need to best serve families, students and the elderly?
  • What is the best location for businesses? New industries? Shopping centers?
  • When the population grows by over 25 percent, how will people get from home to work? How will we meet the demand for transit and road maintenance?
  • How can we balance the demands of more people with the need to protect the Dane County environment, particularly the quality of the lakes?

This is your chance to be part of the discussion. Dane County leaders from business, government and nonprofits are asking residents and visitors to take the 10-minute “A Greater Madison Vision” survey to share their views on how the region should grow and develop.

The online survey lets you choose your preferred approach to housing, jobs, transportation, roads, rural preservation, water and the environment. Alternative futures focusing on innovation, conservation, community and self-reliance are detailed so you can determine which aspects appeal most to you. The survey is now live at and runs through Nov. 12.

Recent flooding underscores the interconnectedness of our choices and the need for meaningful regional planning. Over the past year, the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission gathered leaders to help create alternative future scenarios for the entire region.

The project is called “A Greater Madison Vision” and its purpose is to create a shared vision and plan that will be used by communities, companies, developers and transportation experts to guide public and private decisions about growth in the area.

At the heart of this effort is creation of a vision for our future grounded in an exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity and a healthy environment for all.

Please give us the privilege of your time and share your opinions by taking the survey now. We want to hear from people from all walks of life to learn what matters most to them about this area. In particular, I want to urge residents in high school and college to complete the survey because you will live tomorrow with the decisions made today.

Let us know your thoughts, because how we grow matters.

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Corrigan is chair of the Dane County Board: