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Dear President Trump,

When you drain the swamp, you must rid our nation of a monstrous falsehood that undermines our success and stops us at every level of government from building a great economy.

The lie is prevalent in the states of Wisconsin and Kansas, in the counties of Florida and Wyoming and in our nation’s capital.

Cutting income taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals does not lead to private investment and the creation of jobs. Cutting those taxes makes the 1 percent wealthier and screws the rest of us.

Quality jobs are created by public investment in bridges and roads, high-speed internet and public education, for only then does the private sector invest in new businesses. The history of this great nation since the Civil War has been periods of construction of dams, railroads, highways, airports, communication systems, education for veterans, and more. Each of these periods of public spending was followed by significant entrepreneurship and a more robust economy.

The past four decades, Washington, D.C., has been infested with lobbyists and politicians who took care of themselves, and left the nation to rot. You have a spectacular opportunity to rid the swamp of polluters, leeches, and snakes that poisoned the water, the air and the earth.

Now is your opportunity to create a new climate, a climate of investment and compassion that looks over all of the earth and its creatures, nurtures and grows the economy taking care of future generations.

Paul R. Soglin

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Soglin, a Democrat, is Madison’s longest serving mayor.