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Huge crowds in Boston celebrate Patriots' 6th Super Bowl

Fans gather on to watch the New England Patriots parade through downtown Boston, Tuesday to celebrate their win over the Los Angeles Rams in Sunday's NFL Super Bowl 53 football game in Atlanta.

Another Tuesday, another rolling rally in downtown Boston. We are blessed in this city — everyone knows it. ...

It is one of the rare occasions when so many people from all corners converge to celebrate something positive. Democrats, Republicans, independents, it doesn’t matter. ... They’re all thrown into the melting pot that is Patriots Nation. ...

This time next year we will be into election season, and, as a people, we will once again be divided and subdivided by our politics, ideologies and tribal assignments.

The same people high-fiving, hugging and toasting each other Tuesday will be torching each other on social media or face-to-face at political events. ...

It is too bad, too. We could take from the world champion Patriots a lesson or two in how to comport ourselves.

The Patriots employ the mantra, “Do your job.” It is nice and simple. Just concentrate on your tasks, your life and embark on doing it the best you possibly can day in and day out.

To Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman that might mean running a sharp route or adjusting to a situation on the field. For us that could mean being better as parents or in the workplace despite all of the obstacles and challenges that are thrown at us.

After the slog that was Sunday’s Super Bowl, the two teams that had spent hours brutalizing each other embraced and congratulated one another. A 300-pound man is hugged by an opponent he pancaked 10 minutes ago. It’s mutual respect.

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