Andrew Hitt: Young leaders are shaping the 'Grand Old Party' in Wisconsin

Andrew Hitt: Young leaders are shaping the 'Grand Old Party' in Wisconsin


Every election cycle, pundits discuss at length the Republican Party's supposed age problem. How many times you have heard those on the left say the Republican base is dying out? My guess is it's more than a few.

That’s because Democrats love to lay claim over the younger generation, all while conveniently ignoring that their two leading candidates for president in 2016 were a 75-year-old career politician and a 69-year-old embodiment of the political establishment.

The reality is that both parties face the same challenges. This year, millennials are expected to overtake baby boomers in population and, when they do, will become our country’s largest voting bloc. But unlike the left, Republicans understand this next generation of voters will not be won over by simply claiming dominion over them.

And while we will always stay true to our core beliefs and values, Republicans understand that with a new generation of voters comes a new generation of issues that matter, and the need for a new generation of leaders who can effectively address and engage voters on those issues. If our party is going to continue to be effective, we must continue to cultivate the next generation of party leaders -- and that is exactly what the Republican Party of Wisconsin is doing.

Last month, I had the privilege of being elected the new chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party. At 41 years old, I am one of the youngest chairmen our state party has ever had. More important, I lead a state party executive committee that is full of young, ambitious leaders dedicated to engaging and winning over the next generation of voters.

In fact, nearly one-third of our party leadership is now under age 44, with many in their 30s. And along with our College Republicans and our growing Young Professionals Coalition, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is committed to recruiting new, younger members as we continue to grow our party and develop the next generation of conservative leaders.

So the next time someone jokes that Republicans are the party of "Grand Old People," just point them in our direction. We’ll be happy to introduce them to our team of great young leaders and welcome them into the party.

Hitt is the newly elected chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin:


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