MOBILE, Ala. — Attorney General William Barr delivered a shameful performance on Thursday, just a few hours before releasing a redacted version of the special counsel’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. While the attorney general is appointed by the president …

CHICAGO — At the bottom of my list of the Democratic candidates I would like to see nominated in 2020 is Bernie Sanders. At the top of my list of the candidates I expect to see nominated? Same.

There’s good news and bad news for Bernie Sanders. The bad news is, 2020 is proving to be a lot more work than 2016 was. He’s no longer just a protest candidate who can dodge the demands of running for president in favor of vague promises and canned speeches.

For eight years, former Gov. Scott Walker and legislative Republicans in Wisconsin rejected the federal Medicaid expansion funding available under the Affordable Care Act. This shortsighted and purely ideological decision has cost state taxpayers a whopping $1.1 billion since 2014, while cov…

In this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands ask and answer the question: Would you buy your kid a Ryan Braun jersey, knowing his connection to baseball's doping scandal? Our editorial board members just watched the documentary "Screwball," playing this month at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison. The film reminds Milwaukee Brewers fans that their hero was a cheater and liar. But he's come clean and remains a clutch and durable hitter at age 35 as the Crew makes another run at the playoffs.

WASHINGTON — They say that guests are like fish; after three days they become a bit whiffy. By this measure, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange smelled like an overladen fishing vessel adrift in the searing sun.