Francis E. McGovern

Francis E. McGovern, a Milwaukee lawyer and Republican, served as Wisconsin's 22nd governor from 1911-1915.

This State Journal editorial appeared on May 7, 1913:

The Assembly last night sent the equal suffrage bill to the governor for his signature. There is but little doubt that he will sign it.

It is generally understood that he is either opposed to woman’s suffrage or thoroughly indifferent to the cause. Yet it is impossible to see how he can, as a Bull Mooser, veto one of the cardinal principles of the Bull Moose platform. ...

Moreover, Gov. (Francis E.) McGovern was elected on the state Republican ticket which platform also endorses equal suffrage. ...

Those who oppose this referendum are either linked with or subservient to some unworthy commercial power that fears it, such as the liquor interests, or else they are bound to a prejudice that is not consistent with the enlightened democracy of the 20th century. ...

This issue goes back to the fundamental principles of democracy — to the issue of the Boston tea party on which we fought our Revolutionary War. It is the question: Who are people and who are citizens? Beside it, all so-called progressive issues pale. ...

All shame on the legislator of the progressive state of Wisconsin in the year of our Lord 1913, who lacks either the political intelligence or the patriotism to accept and advance this fundamental principle of democracy and to take this step forward in the name of democracy as our forefathers took their step forward, disregarding all other issues to do so, 137 years ago.

(The editorial then listed, as “The Honor Roll,” the names of every Assembly member who voted for the bill).

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