Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln is pictured just before his inauguration in 1861. The Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Lincoln days before the 1860 election. Lincoln carried Wisconsin and most northern states to win.

The following endorsement of Abraham Lincoln for president appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal on Nov. 3, 1860:

It is manifest to all intelligent and observing men that the great political contest, which will close on Tuesday next, is narrowed down, and the fact is now standing out plain and clear that Abraham Lincoln will be elected by the people, or that (the House of Representatives failing to elect him) Joseph Lane, the Breckinridge candidate for Vice President, will become the President of the United States. ...

Lane... is a candidate for the Vice-Presidency on the most ultra pro-slavery and hence most obnoxious ticket in the canvass. ... It has never been pretended that Jo Lane possesses more than the most ordinary ability, or education. He has been a sort of wandering politician, but the world is without evidence of his having any knowledge of statesmanship, diplomacy or law. ...

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Abraham Lincoln is pledged to support the principles enunciated by the Chicago Convention. Does anyone think that he will fail when elected to carry out the principles faithfully and completely? From his first entrance upon the field of politics, every word, act, and sentiment of Mr. Lincoln, known or heard from, is not unworthy of the high position he now occupies. He has never talked or acted like a politician, but like a statesman and like a President. The arrows of envy and detraction that have been aimed at him have fallen blunted and harmless at his feet, and neither envy, interest or passion has ever denied to him every title to honor and greatness. ...

Abraham Lincoln would not tell a falsehood if by so doing he could be President for life. He cannot lie without changing his nature. ...

Next Tuesday night Abraham Lincoln will be President-elect of the United States! Those who want to take a share in the triumph must get aboard soon!

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