A pulseless, non-breathing man was revived at the State Patrol post in DeForest Thursday, after his wife drove him there while on the Interstate.

The unidentified man was taken to the hospital after suffering the heart attack, the State Patrol said.

The communications center at the DeForest post, located on North Street just east of Interstate 39/90/94, got a call from the woman as she was driving south.

"Her husband, the passenger in the vehicle, was having a heart attack and she was on the way to the DeForest post with him," the report said. "She reiterated over and over that he needed an AED (automated external defibrillator)."

A dispatcher at the post who's had EMT training called for help from any other personnel at the post, and grabbed an AED.

"Dispatchers continued to provide instructions to the caller, and instructed her with directions into the post," the report said.

When she arrived, State Patrol personnel applied the AED to the man and gave CCR, before DeForest EMS and paramedics from the Madison Fire Department arrived and took over.

"A heart rhythm was re-established on the patient, and he was transported to the hospital by DeForest EMS," the report said.

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