Pete Jensen knows from sandbags.

As chairman of the Eagle Spring Lake Management District in Waukesha County, Jensen and his team frequently find themselves in the position of helping residents in the area fend off rising lake water.

"The problem with filling sandbags is people try to fill them one at a time, and they overfill them," Jensen said.

Besides being slow and cumbersome, filling individual bags can result in a lot of hands getting hit by shovels.

Jensen has come up with a better way to quickly fill the canvas bags, using just some PVC pipes, scrap lumber and power tools found in most basement workshops.

The device involves attaching several 20-inch lengths of 6-inch tubing to a wooden frame. Sand is then shoveled into the pipes, bags are placed over them and then the whole works is inverted to quickly fill the bags with the proper amount of sand.

"If you have three people working on it, you can probably do 200 bags an hour," Jensen said.

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