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Gas Pump

Wisconsin motorists can expect to spend about $250 more this summer for gas, according to AAA.

Wisconsin motorists will be spending an average $65 more a month for gasoline this summer compared to last year, but the higher prices aren’t expected to slow summer travel plans.

AAA Wisconsin said motorists can expect to spend about $250 more in the summer months this year, but it doesn’t matter how much gas is.

“Summer is synonymous with road trips and vacation, and we are not going to see Americans giving up their pastimes this year,” said Nick Jarmusz, AAA Wisconsin director of public affairs.

Higher gas prices might mean shorter trips and less expensive or free activities for families are in the cards.

Nationally, gas prices hit the $3 a gallon mark in June, with about 25 percent of all stations selling gas for $3 or more per gallon.

Last year in June, about 5 percent of all stations had gas at the price point of $3 or above.

In Wisconsin, only 4 percent of all stations had gas at or above $3 a gallon this June, compared to none in June 2017.

In Madison, showed many stations selling regular at $2.73 a gallon Thursday.

Price trends at mid-month are showing a slight decline, but AAA said it’s too early to tell if this is a trend.

If demand is high all summer, AAA said gas prices could get higher.

Factors that could affect gas prices include how much oil OPEC produces; hurricanes that could shut down refineries; and how much gasoline the U.S. exports, mostly to Mexico.

Bill Novak is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.