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Hacked website

This screenshot of the Richland County Parks Commission's website captured by Zone-H shows an apparent hacking by "Team System Dz."

Internet vandals visited Richland County's website over the weekend, defacing it and other public domain websites.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department said no sensitive information or data was accessed. The invader identified itself in the messages on the website as "Team System Dz," the name used for hundreds of such breaches at random Internet sites over the past two years.

The "group" claims solidarity with the militant movement Islamic State, or ISIS. It posts anti-Israeli messages, too.

The sheriff's department said Richland Center's website and "numerous other sites" were also affected. The Wisconsin State Journal found several via the defacement-tracking website, Zone-H, including the site for the county fair and parks commission and the city EMS service. The hack adds an image of a masked man with an automatic rifle and the message "I am Muslim & I love jihad I love isis <3."

The department said it is working with its Internet server host, and that all websites are online and working.

"This was not an isolated attack and hundreds of other websites were compromised too," the department noted.

According to "Cryptosphere," which tracks hackers and "hacktivism" worldwide, "there is no discernible pattern to the websites targeted" by Team System Dz.

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