wild rose dairy

A manure spill at Wild Rose Dairy in Vernon County is being blamed for a fish kill in Otter Creek.

A manure spill at a Vernon County farm reached a trout stream Wednesday, with dead fish being found in the stream.

The Department of Natural Resources said the spill took place at Wild Rose Dairy on Highway D at Allen Road.

A manure transfer hose broke when manure was being taken from a holding lagoon to a field, resulting in the spill.

"DNR staff was on site to determine the amount of material that spilled, and the downstream impact of the spill," said Sarah Hoye of the DNR.

Some manure had been collected using septic trucks and a dam was built to contain the spill, but some manure reached Otter Creek.

"Impacts to the fishery are being assessed, but some dead trout have been reported," Hoye said.

The creek water will be tested by DNR water biologists and fisheries staff during the weekend.

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