Police Chief Mike Koval said Friday he was “desperately seeking forgiveness” after the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by a Madisonofficer.

Koval’s emotion-filled statements came at a community forum in Sun Prairie, one week after the March 6 shooting.

He later clarified he was speaking not to the actions of officer Matt Kenny, but to the death of a young man.

“I’m speaking to the tragic loss of a life left unfulfilled,” Koval said.

Representatives from many local churches and organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Madison, the Urban League of Greater Madison and the Young Gifted and Black Coalition, came together at the forum hosted by the African American Council of Churches of Greater Madison at the Faith Place Church.

Koval also commended the Robinson’s family “for their leadership in their difficult time.”

He described the forum’s atmosphere as “welcoming” and its purpose as grieving Robinson’s death and moving forward as a community.

“We have to mourn the loss of a young man, and in that loss we need to also be prepared to move forward in trying to create greater dialogue,” Koval said.

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