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Beltline traffic (copy)

Traffic moves along the Beltline toward the Rimrock Road overpass on Aug. 9, 2018 in Madison. A new report from Allstate ranks Madison drivers as the fifth safest in the nation.

Madison drivers are some of the best in the nation, but the quality is slipping, according to a new report from Allstate.

The insurance company ranked Madison drivers fifth among the nation’s 200 largest cities in its annual “Best Drivers Report.” That’s two slots down from last year.

The report ranks cities based on the frequency of property damage claims as well as the number of times drivers in a monitoring program slammed on their brakes.

Madison got the same ranking with rain and snow factored in and improved to fourth when adjusted for population density.

On average, Madison drivers went 11.8 years between claims, which is 15.4 percent better than the national average. If you include the surrounding suburbs, the time between claims is nearly 15 years.

Milwaukee ranked 67th, dropping 25 places from the previous year. Minneapolis was 127th and St. Paul was in the 145th spot.

The top-ranked city is Brownsville, Texas; the worst is Baltimore, Maryland.

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