Wisconsin’s Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund made 17 payments in 16 cases from fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2016, which ended June 30. The fund will offer compensation only after payment from a health care provider reaches $1 million, meaning the total award in each case is at least $1 million more than the amount shown.

Here are summaries of the cases:


Kenlyn Jacobs vs. Dr. Daniel Burns: $85,000. Jacobs, who had multiple myeloma, a type of cancer, said Burns, of Luther Midelfort in Eau Claire, mistakenly ordered weekly, instead of monthly, doses of a chemotherapy drug in 2010. That caused her burns and may have contributed to breathing troubles and other problems.

Lou Ann McCormack vs. Dr. David Brown: $280,269. McCormack said Brown, her primary care doctor in Ripon, failed to diagnose and treat transient ischemic attacks, or “mini-strokes,” before she had a major stroke seven months later in 2003, at age 48.

Thomas Jandre vs. Dr. Therese Gesteland: $1 million. Jandre saw Gesteland at St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend in 2003 for facial drooping and slurred speech. She ordered a CT scan and diagnosed him with Bell’s palsy. Eleven days later, he had a massive stroke. She should have told him he could have had a carotid ultrasound to rule out a stroke, the state Supreme Court said.


Chace Karschney vs. Gundersen Clinic and Tomah Memorial Hospital: $24 million. Carlyne Karschney said her daughter, Chace, was born with spastic cerebral palsy at Tomah Memorial Hospital in 2001 after certified nurse midwife Sharon Jolivette, a Gundersen employee, ignored warning signs and didn’t call for a doctor.

Blake Erdmann vs. Dr. Theodore Peck: $200,000. Billie Jo Erdmann said her son, Blake, was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and other complications at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse in 2007 after Peck failed to respond appropriately to warning signs.

William Westphal vs. UW Hospital: $2.5 million. Westphal said a UW Hospital nurse resident incorrectly removed his dialysis catheter after he received a liver transplant in 2010, causing a stroke and other brain injuries requiring him to use a wheelchair.


Josephine Lee vs. Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital: $3.5 million. Kimberly Lee said her daughter, Josephine, sustained permanent brain injuries, resulting in severe physical and cognitive impairments, when she was delivered at Froedtert in 2006.

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Miranda Jergenson vs. Dr. Charles Pratt: $9 million. Jergenson said Pratt gave her medication for a migraine but didn’t order tests when she saw him, at age 20, at Aurora Medical Center in Two Rivers in 2009. Later the same day, she returned to the emergency room, where another doctor ordered a CT scan that showed a cyst had ruptured in her brain, causing permanent damage.

Zonia O’Brien vs. Dr. Michelle Miller: $1 million. O’Brien said that during an annual exam at Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in 2011, Miller drained and shaved a vulvar mass but didn’t send tissue to pathology. A year later, O’Brien was diagnosed with vulvar cancer. She died in 2014 at age 45.


Tyree Roberts vs. Beaver Dam Community Hospital: $465,438. Roberts said that after surgery repaired a leg he broke during a high school football game, nurses at the Beaver Dam hospital didn’t recognize compartment syndrome, or swelling that cut off blood flow and left him with a loss of sensation in his lower leg.

Ascaris Mayo vs. Infinity Healthcare Physicians: $7.2 million. Mayo said Infinity doctors at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee failed to detect her strep infection in 2011. That caused sepsis, a systemic inflammatory reaction, which resulted in gangrene, requiring her arms and legs to be amputated at age 50.

Tiffany Waterman vs. Dr. Alice Haupt: $500,000. Waterman’s husband, William Waterman, said his wife died in 2011 at age 18 on the same day her daughter was delivered by Haupt through a scheduled Cesarean section at Boscobel Area Health Care. Haupt allegedly failed to properly treat problems after the delivery.

Todd Orvedahl vs. Dr. Cully White: $6 million. Orvedahl said he had pain and suffering after spinal surgery in 2007 by White, who was working in Milwaukee.

Nevaeh Crowe vs. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare: $1.5 million. Jennifer Hall said her daughter, Nevaeh Crowe, was born in 2012 with brain damage and other injuries after doctors at Wheaton Franciscan failed to recognize warning signs and perform a timely delivery.


Deshawn Gray vs. Dr. Jacqueline Mlsna: $1.1 million. Gray said that after surgery to repair a knee he injured in a motorcycle crash, Mlsna and nurses at St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee failed to respond appropriately to compartment syndrome, or swelling that cut off blood flow. His leg had to be amputated.

Travis Disch vs. St. Mary’s/Dean Ventures: $2.75 million. Donna Disch said her husband, Travis, 37, suffered an irreversible brain injury and died in 2013 after an endoscopy at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. Nurses allegedly gave Disch too much sedation medication and improperly monitored him.

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